This is the tale of me getting a new toy.


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There once was a little boy called Sisi.

He like to go out playing with his freands.

One Saturday morning after he had sleep over at his freands house.

They all went for breakfast at a supermarket.

Doug, Sisi freand was very good at look after Sisi, and he made sure he had evey thing he needed to go and that he had been to the toilet.

Sisi usually wear's a nappy when he goes out. But the day before he was a very silly boy and haven't changed so now he had a rash, and now he had to wear big boy pants and he need to use the toilet so there was no accidents.

Doug know that Sisi would not use the toilet at the supermarket so he told him that he must have a wee before they left.

Once Sisi was all ready to go. Doug, put Sisi into the back seat of the car and made sure that he had done up his seat belt. Check the child lock was on and said "we don't won't you falling out." As he closed the door.

Sisi liked sitting in the back as he could see all the thing you miss when you are driving. In fact Sisi tryed not to drive if posable. There just seemed to be to many thing to think about. And being a pasager he could just look ont of the window and point out thing he saw on the way.

Once Doug had got in the car and started the engine.
Sisi Giggled to himself and asked. "are we there yet?"
Doug just smiled at Sisi and side "No not yet." He then said to Sisi. "I have a very important job for you, can you please tell me how many green cars you see on the way.
Sisi giggled and said "yea OK as long as there not more the 10, becouse I have only got 10 fingers."

Sisi soon forgot to count how many green cars there where, as he was looking at a building with no windows thought to himself how well ventilated it would be.
He then saw some children riding push bikes, and thought to him self how much better it would be if they were riding push bikes instead of driving.
They went pass a wooded bit and Sisi. Imagine that he was Tarzan swing through all the trees faster than all the car and getting to the supermarket before anybody else.

Soon they where there and they went in to the supermarket. It was still early so it was not busy. Doug ask if He was OK with it and there was not to many people. Sisi said that he be OK. He now that he would be OK and he was in a head space where if he need to he could Middle up. And he had Doug with him so he would be OK.

Doug help Sisi chouise from the menu biy cutting Sisi,s choices down to the things he would like. Sisi ask if he could have a milkshake but they did I not have them so he had tea with his big breakfast.

After Sisi. Had finish his breakfast and had been told that the baked bean that had fallen off his plat, was not there to be play with.
Sisi had decided to see if he can flick it through the handle of the teapot using his fingers.

Doug said that he was very pleased how well Sisi had done. And perhaps you'd like to choose a toy. Well Doug did not have to ask twice.

Sis I looked up and down the toy up tile but there was not really much choice. So a little disappointed Sisi Decided to leave it, on the way out they stopped at the reduced to clear section. And Sisi Saw a torch. It had magnets so it would attach to metal. And LSD lights and you could put it at different angles, because the handle moves. It was also the right size to pretend it was a lifesaver from Star Wars.

Sisi looked at Doug and ask if he could get it. Doug said that it was his pocket money. It had been reduced.

Sisi was all pleased with his toy as they went through check out. Sisi remembering to say thank you in a lowed voice so every one could hear. Sisi had found that being really polite same to make people smile, And that Sisi enjoyed making people happy.

And that was the story of how I got my new toy.