This Has to by Far be the Cutest ABDL Outfit I own!


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So an update to this thread from a few months ago...
Thread 'I'm Looking for an ABDL Outfit Like This...'

I finally got it custom made from Cosy 'n' Dry and it arrived! I absolutely love it! It's everything I dreamed of and more! Which is funny because I LITERALLY dreamt about it! The made it to my exact specifications! Except in the dream it was a nude/tan brown so, when deciding on the color I went with my favorite color, green! However, she didn't have green fabric so, I chose a Pink Winnie the Pooh instead! I have a Pink Frozen outfit but not a Pink Winnie the Pooh outfit! So, this was a no-brainer! I only wish the legs were a bit shorter but I can just roll them up a bit so, it's not a big deal! I couldn't be happier with the results! When I first looked at it I was worried it was way too big and the legs were too long but once I actually put it on it fit perfectly! I cannot recommend Cosy 'n' Dry enough! This has to be by far the cutest ABDL Outfit I own! It even has a matching Bonnet because I was wearing a Bonnet in the dream! I've never worn a Bonnet as an ABDL before but I think I'm gonna like it! If you want a custom ABDL outfit go to them! Wonderful people to deal with. Just keep a few things in mind.

1. They're in the UK so it's a different timezone so, they may not email back right away. It took the span of multiple days because they emailed me at 4-6am my time, because they're 7 hours ahead of me. So, just be patient when emailing about an inquiry.
2. Custom ABDL clothing is VERY expensive! Especially for BIG Babies like me. Don't forget international Shipping cost. Do, altogether I paid $216 USD but it was so worth it!
3. They have to make it and may have other projects ahead of yours. Mine took a month before it was shipped off. So, don't pester them about the progress.
4. Delivery takes 7-10 business days.

But it's definitely worth it. Patience DOES REALLY pay off. Huge thank you to @Belarin for telling me about Cosy 'n' Dry! They really were the place to make my dream come true...LITERALLY! So, ADISC Community, what do you think of this outfit I dreamt up and drew? Are you gonna get you a custom outfit from Cosy 'n' Dry? Let me know in the comments below and
as always...stay Diapered!🧷:)
-ABDElsa ❄️🍼

Watch my video try-on/show-off on my ABDL YouTube channel here.

Get your own Custom Outfit made Here.

Or browse their inventory here.


The Drawing
A Dream/Drawing Made a Reality! 😊
Side-by-Side Comparison
Dreams are made to be made real.
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LittleAndAlone said:
Dreams are made to be made real.
Yes they are!