Thigh Highs with Bows

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They're cute, but I've always preferred tights myself.
I think they can definitely be cute! I have one pair of light blue (meant to go with one of my lolita dresses) but I haven't worn them out yet and I normally wear tights.
I love the one in the picture too, so cute, especially with the shoes!
Very cute! Not on me, but very cute!
I like both the thigh-high's and tights. I do have one pair of white thigh-highs with a black bow. I have several pairs of tights.
Marka said:
Those are cute, I just have tights myself too... where do you get these? -Marka

I got mine in a store that sold costumes for Halloween.
Those do look cute.
I do like OTK and thigh high socks, more so with cute designs.
I prefer opaque tights, tho the longer socks are fun to wear.

I like toe socks too, tho I wish I could find some that are OTK or thigh high size.
Where can we find "adult tights?" My SO is not an AB but she is an LG.
Marka said:
Those are cute, I just have tights myself too... where do you get these? -Marka

So I have gotten mine at a adult lingerie store called the Blue Boutique. But you can also find them for sale online at a number of places.
Another very acceptable alternative with amazing results is just to get some regular lace topped thigh highs and then get some satin or other type bows and attach them to the tops of the thigh highs. This is simple with either the clips, if they are hair bows, or a safety pin, sewing them on, or even hot glue. Makes an ordinary thigh high stocking into a little girl or sissy stocking pretty (very pretty :sissy:) easily.

The same goes for the adult tights . I have actually found adult sized tights even at Walmart. :blushie: They seem to be around more at wintertime for some reason.

I love those they look really cute and I would love to own a pair very soon. I have been wanting to buy some for a while now. this is the brand you usually find in Halloween shops.

You can also find them on ebay, amazon, ect.

As far as [inexpensive] tights for women = girls Lg/Xlg tights fit great and are like 1/2 the price of tights in the woman's section.
Walmart, Target usually have a nice selection of tights in both sections.

Its simple, winter tights are usually thicker [higher denier number] so not much need for them in warmer weather.
But both places do sell thinner "fashion tights" year-round thou.

If you are looking for fun tights, over the knee socks, thigh highs, toe socks, check Hot Topic.
Sadly, a lot of what you find on their website isn't always in the stores. :( So you're better off shopping them online.
Plus they ALWAYS have some of the most adorable and cute dresses for like cheap!
So cute! Though I like the more designed ones with like random characters and creatures on them.
I love thigh highs. Though I personally like a more gothic or punkish style. Also, little furry pom poms look cute hanging from them, though that's more of a winter thing :)
Ah i love stockings and socks all kinds! I like my white knee highs from the schoolie section in the department store because they have like little heart imprints on them and its a nice tight feel ...sometimes the otk socks r a bit loose on me i look like im going to go play hockey or something lol.
I like ankle socks with bows . I like lots of different colours and patterns stockings like put coloured wide fishnets over some different stockings or tights and make some cool kawaii looks that way....or at halloween i bought cheap witches tights and cut them and made stockings for my suspenders.
Love the shoes shown in the link too!
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