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In your opinion what brand/style of diaper do you find the thickest. Currently I use the PeekABU diapers and while they are so cute they don’t make me feel as babyish as a thick diaper would. I’ve tried double diapering and the boosters but I just wanted to see if there were thicker ones.
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The thickest I have worn are the Trest Elites and NRU STR8UPS.
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Rearz diapers are pretty damn thick. Many are 8000ml capacity.
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Generally a heavier diaper is going to be thicker. Here are the heaviest diapers I know of.

I bolded the ones people have already mentioned, the Trest, Str8up, and Rearz diapers in general.
  • 263 grams: Rearz Mermaid Tales, xl
  • 260 grams: Trest Elite Brief, l
  • 256 grams: AgePlay Outfitters Seaside Princess, l
  • 254 grams: Nappies R Us Str8up, l
  • 253 grams: Rearz Mermaid Tales, l
  • 252 grams: Tykables Koda Cubs, l
  • 247 grams: Tykables Cammies, l
  • 244 grams: Tykables Overnights, l
  • 244 grams: Tykables Waddler, l
  • 243 grams: NorthShore Supreme Brief, l
  • 243 grams: Rearz Princess, l
  • 242 grams: LittleForBig Little Circus, l
  • 242 grams: Tykables Camelots, l
  • 241 grams: Land of Genie Overnight Dinosaur, l
  • 240 grams: Rearz Alpaca Overnight Diapers, l
  • 240 grams: Rearz Taste of the Holidays, l
  • 239 grams: LittleForBig Little Dreamers, l
  • 239 grams: Rearz Building Blocks, l
  • 239 grams: Rearz Black Seduction, l
  • 239 grams: Rearz Snow Much Fun, l
  • 238 grams: LittleForBig Little Fantasy, l
  • 238 grams: Rearz Christmas Memories, l
  • 237 grams: Bambino Sun 'n Fun, l
  • 236 grams: Fabine Mega Booster Teddy Blue/Pink, l
  • 235 grams: Bambino X Plus Ultra Stretch All White Diaper, lxl
  • 235 grams: Bambino Magnifico, l
  • 235 grams: Fabine Mega Booster Dreamlike Jeans Blue, l
  • 235 grams: InControl Elite Hybrid Adult Incontinence Brief, xl
  • 235 grams: Rearz Princess Pink, l
  • 235 grams: Rearz Raven, l
  • 235 grams: Rearz Safari, l
  • 235 grams: LittleForBig ABDry, l
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Lately I have been enjoying rearz mega inspire with an overnight booster. That combination makes it very thick at the start and add multiple floods and it gets to be challenging to walk around.
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When I first try Crinkz I felt they was pretty think !
Interesting to see Mermaid Tales at the top of the list as they have been my 'go to' diaper for some time. I'll wear one most nights to bed then leave it on 'all' the next day. Love the hook and loop system to fasten them. They swell like crazy and after all that have yet to have one leak. AMAZING.
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Jorelaxed said:
The thickest I have worn are the Trest Elites and NRU STR8UPS.
I 2nd the Str8Ups. Also Waddlers.
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