There back!!! Galactic:kids next door

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From the research I've been doing this might be a hoax as it's supposed to come out on april 1. but man what a promo I want to see this

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I wonder if they're still gonna use Flip Phones, GameBoy Advance SP's, CRT Televisions, Original XBox's, and Windows XP :)?
This is making me excited! KND was one of my favorite shows ever.
Hard core.
UPDATE:you'll laugh your ass off when you hear numbuh 3

omg i want this to happen
This last video definitely cements this as a fan creation. The original one looked kind of plausible as a sleeper release to see if there was viral interest, but considering this had a screenshot of Chrome and Numbuh 3 cursing I can't imagine this being official. Moreover the ending declaration sounded much like a fan request to the creators if this video generated enough popularity to get them to consider doing it.

Maybe the show's creator is behind these?...
The show's creator is actually behind it.
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