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So I find it cool to hear everyone's lottery fantasies so we shall do a social experiment/awesome stuff post thingy.

So we shall set the theoretical jackpot at 500 mill (either in your home countries currency or USD whichever helps get you easier results just please mention somewhere.) nice round number and everyone has the only winning ticket of the full amount. Tax laws still apply to your country. What do you do?

I'll start with I would quit my job and purchase a truck and trailer of my own (either a peterbuilt 389 or a KW W900 Icon studio edition) first thing first I will turn the initial purchases into profit generating purchases such as real estate, the truck and trailer, maybe a few more trucks for a start to a fleet, and the remainder will be used for an oh shit fund and paying Kimberly Clark to make an adult sized goodnites design then fund a few productions runs a year and sell to public. Lol

Edit* lol I broke my own rule, mine is USD
Hmmm. I would go with receiving it in USD installments (if possible). I would keep about 25% each installment for myself, and give 75% to various wolfdog shelters. Not sure what I'd do with mine, but I'd keep living like how I have been. Don't really care for the finer things. I would also see if I have enough to fund challenge testing to confirm that the rabies vaccine works on wolfdogs, so owners don't have to do shady things to protect their animals from that deadly disease. It will also save a few wolfdogs from being put down just because some beaurocrats just wants their palms greased.

Sorry if I dampened anyone's mood, but that is what I would do.
Well, I would put it in a bank, that is used to handing large sums of money and live on the interest of it, also i would donate some to my church, as well as getting a financial adviser, then as soon as the interest comes in i would start moving out. (Mostly because i hear horror stories of people that louse there money the first year, and i don't want to be one of those people.) Then i would move out and get an apartment for myself and not touch the money for a few years while the money grows, then i would get a new house for my grandmother and for me, then i would by a house for me and then make my dream abdl nursery.

- - - Updated - - -

BTW, Mine would be in USD because well i live in America, Also i would start a game studio, or an animation company.
List time!

-Buy a house (4 - 5 bedrooms max)
-Furnish the house.
-Give each family member 1 million .... pennies, kidding ... dollars. :p
-Get drivers license.
-Buy a car ($20k - $30k max)
-Go to the dentist
-Go to the doctors
-Go to a therapist.
-Transition male to female
-Buy a new wardrobe
-Buy a ton of anime and manga
-Build an amazing computer
-Buy a ton of equipment for said computer
-Buy a ton of games
-Buy a pretty large supply of diapers and other AB/DL stuff
-Hire a butler and a maid.
-Get 2 or 3 cats
-I would donate to scientific research and some charities now and then.
-I would create a bunker underground filled with supplies that can survive a nuke.
-I might then build and open a private school.

I imagine all that would only be the start. I would probably then start investing in businesses and such.
As for what kind of currency it should be, I would say USD. But I don't see why it would matter considering you can just do a currency exchange afterward if you want to do something elsewhere.
Buy 200 acres and put solar and wind power on 100 acres of it and build me a machine shop/gunsmithing shop and place to park my motor home in a covered space in the middle of it.

This would allow me to go off grid with power,water and make money off the power i sell back to the power company.
The rest of the property i could use for what ever i wanted. like walking around in just a diaper anytime i wanted.
I honestly don't know what I would do with it, as I'm not really a person who cares about money.

1. I would spend the 200 million for myself, (in the bank) and donate the rest.

2. I would start a software company, with 50 million, 10 million towards my home, food, computers, books etc.

3. Get a sex change.

4. No clue.

5. get my body frozen when I die, so I can be brought back to life in 10,000 years (okay, maybe not...) lol
A problem I've long pondered as a Lotto player with few materialistic desires. A million or two would allow me to retire comfortably on the land I already own & love in a better built house. Five Hundred Million I think would wreck my life with unwanted fame and so called friends that would force me to flee the area in which I live and love. I bought no tickets for the big Power ball recently other than in the pool at work. The only idea I have had for a large win is to buy the industrial building on the hill behind my home, kick out the three business within and have a huge playground for my hobbies, It too has ocean views.
First I would hire a choir of children to sing for the peace of the world.
Second, I would find housing for all the homeless.
Third I would spend some of the money on myself and family.

No wait, First, I would hire a choir of children to sing for the peace of the world. Yeah sure. That would be the right thing to do.
Second, I would spend some on myself.
Third, I would use what's left to find housing for all the homeless.

No wait, let me think about this.
First, I would buy myself a big log cabin house, and put it right on some beautiful bay side summer property. Then I'd build a big stone castle like Gozeberry Manor in my story. Then I'd buy a bunch of priceless sports cars.

Second, if there was some money left, I would find housing for some homeless people, maybe two or three.

Third, I would hire a children's choir to sing for the peace of the world. But since that probably won't work, I'll use whats left to buy an army to protect all of my wonderful things.

Lastly, I would thank Steve Martin for his SNL Christmas routine which I just pirated.
After thinking about this more I would set up an experiment.
I would go around looking for teens and young adults who are trying to make it in life but can't seem to get a break and offer them an opportunity.

I would send them to college, all expenses paid. Living, food ... anything they need. They would work under me, as a maid or butler for the time they are going to college and they would even get paid an allowance on top of everything. The catch so to speak is that they would have to continue working for me after they graduate, for 5 years. However, they would now work in their field of study. They will continue to receive the benefits, but they would now pay rent and represent my family. If they are unable to keep up with the rent for 6 months, their contract will be void and they will be free, aka they failed and are now on their own. If they have been successful and their contract comes to an end they will have a choice to remain and become a part of the family, or leave and go out on their own. Keeping in mind that they would receive extreme benefits for staying within the family, even though it does mean combining assets and increasing our wealth and companies.

The overall goal being to create a sort of lineage. To create a family full of entrepreneurs and high ranking people.

There is probably a lot of kinks to work out, but the whole idea is to make investments in people rather than businesses.
I'm a pretty simple guy, I'd take the money (USD) all at once and put it in the bank. After that, I'd invest about half and keep the rest in the bank. I'd open up a small company (mostly so that my name isn't the one that shows up in the news) then I'd keep working. If I were to just quit work, I know I'd get bored within a year after doing all things humanly possible lol. Then I'd retire in style at 55.
No idea, first thing would be to buy my way into America... you can do that right? :p

Travel, invest an ideas I think have potential, set up some scholarships or what not.

Been then I'd also buy a baby cabin, somewhere where it snows, so I can have little white Christmas's, unfortunately living in NZ it's summer at Christmas and that sucks.
I have actually hit one of the lottery prizes in the past after taxes I got 14k,my wife and I had dreams of buying some better stuff with it,until the next day at work I got layer off and that money became needed for the basics,easy come easy go.
- Continue living in my family's current house (since I'd be able to afford it)
- Tell my parents the truth about who I am, what I like, etc
- Follow up by saying even if they disown me I'll still take care of them in their old age
- set aside some money for hard times, for parents' retirement, for my sisters, brother, and God son
- Invest in various stocks
- Still complete college
- Get a job and do charity work such as Feed My Starving Children
- Find/meet my dream girl or boy
- Have a nice family
- Put my kids through all levels of education
- host family reunion and even invite siblings who were kicked out of the family
- etc

- Fund my abdl side to some degree
- Get two more cockapoos Midnight (Black furred) and Aurora (Whitish Furred)
- See a trustworthy psychiatrist over signs of depression
- Throw a reunion for my graduating class from high school
- go to anime conventions
- Build Caitlyn Churak a proper butterfly garden
-> She was a young girl who attended my grade school and died at a young age due to a disease she had
brabbit1987 said:
List time!

I'm going to use brabbits list, but modify it for me a bit. I hope you don't mind :)

-Buy a house (8-10 bedrooms max, but with additional rooms for other things stated below) (When I was in 11th and 12th grade, I took a house building course, where we built houses. One of the projects we had to do, was think up and design a house and blueprint it. Well, I would build the house that I created back then.)
-Furnish the house
-Hire a few butlers and maids
Pay off family member debt, and build them new houses, if they want it.
Buy a multitude of cars, from my favorite (Subaru STi) to Lambo's, Mclarens and quite a few other super cars
-Go to the dentist
-Go to the doctors
-Buy a new wardrobe. I'm a simple person, blue jeans and T-shirts. But yeah, I'd get more.
-Buy a ton of anime and manga --- YESSSS ALL OF IT!!!
-Build an amazing computer - Not just one but a room full! There is a server that I want called the PETA-Rack I would want a few of them
-Buy a ton of games ---- I already have 500+ on Steam, I got plenty, but I would buy every game there is
-Buy a pretty large supply of diapers and other AB/DL stuff
-Get 2 or 3 cats and dogs
-I would donate to scientific research and some charities now and then. --- I would do this too. Especially with Space Exploration and Technology research. :D

Chemistry lab, a huge one, with all the glassware and hardware and everything that I need. 1000's of chemicals and so much more.

Giant swimming pool, the deepest part ~20 feet.

my computer/gaming room, would have a wall of monitors, 8x8 or so. huge 28" monitors, all connected :D

Entertainment room, a massive 150" TV and all the speakers that would put IMAX to shame... 20000 watts + and each seat would have bass thumpers, you'd feel the explosions :D

I would also donate thousands of dollars to each of my favorite YouTubers, gamers and chemists alike.

But for the most important. New Diaper company, that would compete with GoodNites and Pampers, and bring what people want XXL pull ups in multiple designs.
Not only that, but Adult diapers too, in every design possible. I would hire graphic designers I see here and other sites that do AB/DL and fur/baby fur designs. All diapers would come in sizes from Small to XXL (and one offs if necessary)

I would fund a few online friends who are starting/trying to start their own game companies.

And so much more than I can list here.
- Buy a house
- Travel a lot
- Build an ABDL nursery
- Go into Space
- Donate to good causes
- Invest and turn that money into even more money.
FluffyMastiff said:

Don't mind, I actually find it pretty funny how similar we are in this area XD. You even added a lab, which was something I was thinking about doing myself but took out lol. I am just a bit more reserved because I feel it tends to be unnecessary to buy things just because you can. Everything I buy would serve at least some purpose and wouldn't just sit there not being used. That is why I would only build one computer. I am only one person. Now obviously if I needed another computer or a server then I would get it.

I just feel too many people fall into the being rich trap and end up spending it all on unnecessary stuff, just because they can. Some even go so far that they don't realize how much they are spending and end up going broke.
With 500 million USD I would try to build my dream house for starters. Second I would work on building a constant flow of money. (Its never enough) I'm happy with my clothes and car, so they won't have money spent on them. After some time I would use the money to research some of my odd ball projects.
I'd buy a tiny house on a tiny plot of land in the mountains in the middle of nowhere. Then I'd donate some to charity, invest some to retirement, some to my business, and some to my employees. Then I'd go on a long vacation full of extreme sports and activities. After the vacation, I'd come back to work part time and generally look to spend money where I can have the most fun for as long as possible.
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