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This past week I had the weirdest dreams.
My first dream was that I was moving into a college dorm room and I was diapered under my clothes and the next thing I know my history professor walks in and starts giving a lecture and my pants are across the room while my diaper is exposed and I quickly try to hide it.
The next night I dreamed that I was in a pubic bathroom changing out of my clothes and I put on a diaper and one of my girls t-shirts before walking out of the bathroom not caring what people thought.
I thought that I would share this and if anyone has any thoughts on what it may mean please feel free to comment.
Sounds like you want to be more free with your diaper wearing and sissy side. Most dreams show what we want over what we know is possible.
Not entirely sure, but I have similar dreams, sometimes its me running around needing to pee and looking for a diaper, and when I find the diaper, I nearly pee the bed, or there are dreams where I'm in diapers, maybe it has something to do with you wanting to wear diapers more? or want to "break free" from having to hide your diaper side? I also have diaper dreams, so it is probably to do with your ABDL side.
could be its just your ab/dl side showing or it could be you do want to be more free. or it could mean nothing at all. only up to you to fully decide.
I too have had many dreams like this. I really think it's a combination of frustration over not being able to be free to express ourselves, and the fear of being discovered or exposed. It's the same scenario as dreaming that youre naked or in your underwear, only for us it's a diaper.
I tend to start to dream weird dreams after long stretches of not using diapers. My body and brain say at night like "put one on… put one on…"
Very strange, I dream things were diapers are involved, wake up on impossible times, etc. It is like a ticker in my body controlling me to put on a diaper and relax, un-stress...
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