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The Weird Scholarship


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Here is more story.

Chapter Thirty-Two: Decorating and Tea​

I woke up and it was still dark. Kara’s clock radio said it was 3:32 am. I almost went back to sleep when I heard it. Cassie had rolled on her back which was fortunate because I think she was wetting in her sleep. I didn’t really want her leaning against me especially if she leaked.

I rolled over to face her. I wondered if I should wake her. She wasn’t moving at all and I couldn’t even hear her breathing. It was almost as if she were a dead body lying next to me. I put a hand an inch from her face and felt a little bit of breaking coming from her. If she was sleeping that deeply, I wasn’t going to try to wake her before she needed to be up.

The purple diapers would hold up pretty good now that she was done going. When I leaked, it was usually while I was going and after two or three wettings. Fortunately no one caught me the few times that happened and now that Cassie and I only wore diapers to bed, it wasn’t a problem anymore.

I tried not to be disgusted. If it were me who wet, I would be thinking about how nice it felt, I lay back and wet too and then let sleep take me again.

When I woke up again, Kara was up and dressed already. Cassie had an arm around my belly. My pillow was wet and my cheek was covered in slobber. I rubbed my face and found that the source was from me drooling.

My face burned with embarrassment. Why did I drool every night. I didn’t slobber on myself in class or while I was awake. I didn’t spend the night with Jonah so he didn’t know and I was glad to keep both the drooling and the diapers from him.

Cassie woke with a start and then I felt her moving around. Her diaper crinkled as she reached a hand inside. She must have felt how wet she was because she sat up and frowned. “It happened again,” she said. She got up and ran to the bathroom. I heard the shower run.

“What’s with her?” asked Kara.

“What do you think happened?” I asked.

“Oh,” she said when she got it.

I gathered up my stuff for my bath. “I’m going to shower when Cassie gets back. Just don’t say anything to her about the diapers. She gets panic attacks because she had very abusive foster parants who didn’t care for it when she woke up wet. Now that she is incontinent, it feels worse for her.”

“Okay,” she said. “I knew the scholarship involved interacting with other incontinent people, but you go through a lot.”

“And all those girls are great and I love hanging out with them,” I said. “They are people,” you know.

Cassie came back wrapped in a towel; her pajamas and her diaper were held in her hand. She came in and sighed. “Sorry. I ran off without my stuff again. Your brother is cute.”

Kara sighed. “He didn’t see your diaper I hope.”

“No, but lighten up. You don’t have to deal with this every morning like I do.”

“I’m getting breakfast,” Kara said. “I’ll be back soon.” She hurried downstairs.

Cassie grabbed clean underpants and whatever clothes she was wearing and started changing. I went to the bathroom and showered.

The shower was warm and felt good after a long wet night. I cleaned myself, then dressed, being careful to do my makeup and dress in the best way I could.

When I returned, I heard arguing.

“Where was I supposed to put it. If I left it in the bathroom trash, your brother would have seen it.”

Kara answered Cassie. “My parents are going to see diapers in my trash and wonder what is going on.” She was angry.

We headed out to my car. Kara came to my car door. “I’m sorry I overreacted,” she said.

“It’s all right,” I said. “It’s over. We’ll be back by 8:00 pm tonight.”

She smiled and went back inside. I pulled out of the driveway and Cassie started in.

“I can’t believe I did that again. It was supposed to be a relaxing vacation and the stress was supposed to go away. And the way she treated me was like I was gross.”

“We dealt with it,” I said.

“I mean they were meaner about it in juvie, but—”

I gave her a look.

“Sorry, I was ranting again. Besides, I hate this.”

I looked at her. “I am sorry you have to deal with the whole remodel thing. I’ll just set you up on Wi-Fi and you can do some school work while Mom and I work on the remodel decisions.”

“That sounds good,” she said. “I always put these kind of things off.”

“And then you keep me up all night tapping out papers on your laptop late on Sunday nights.”

She laughed. “At least you got me to diaper up for bed before I started so I could just collapse after I finished.”

I frowned. Too many times she woke fully dressed in a pool of her own urine. I felt bad for her. This bedwetting thing was taking a toll on her and college kept getting harder and harder. I hoped that she was able to get past it. At least Milton was learning to deal with it or at least not belittle her about it, but he was not enjoying it.

While I was woolgathering about it, I ended up driving home and pulling in the driveway. We got out and went into the house. I took her into the living room and let her spread her stuff over the coffee table.

“Wifi is EaglesFan and the password is Bradford. Bradford is capitalized.”

“I guess your dad likes the Philadelphia Eagles,” said Cassie.

“You think?” I asked.

She giggled. “I usually use FBI Surveillance Van as my SSID.”

“No you don’t. You use “MITStudent and the Wi-Fi is open, so it doesn’t need a password.”

“But it checks our MAC Addresses,” she said.

I nodded and let her start working on her paper. I then joined Mom in the kitchen.

The table was covered in tiny carpet samples. A Pantone book lay on the table as well. I sighed, and then sat down.

“You were supposed to be here ten minutes ago,” said Mom.

I sighed. “Cassie is here with me and she’ll just be bored doing this. It’s not like I won’t be bored. But anyway. I set her up with Wi-Fi in the living room so she can work on her homework.”

“Well I suppose that is fine. I should have thought of her and wrote her something to do in the Steven’s Family Itinerary.” She looked at the carpet samples and paint. “Now you got to decide what you want the room to look like.”

“Well, not pink anymore. I hated the color.” I went through the Pantone book. “I like this goldenrod for the North and South walls. For the East and West walls let’s do this greenish color.”

“That’s too dark,” said Mom.

“It’s not when you combine it with the goldenrod walls. Besides, the ceiling will be white and so will the wood trim.” I thought for a minute. “See this, green carpet will match the walls and not show stains.”

We looked through the books and spent the next three hours discussing it. Finally we got grass green carpet and light blue paint. The accent wall on the west was an orange yellow color.

“Are you trying for a sunset?” asked Mom.

“You wouldn’t let me do a gradient on the North and South walls,” I said, “but I think that would be overkill.”

“Well I’ll get the order into the contractors and then you can’t just hang out until lunch time. We are having tea and finger sandwiches.”

I smiled. “Thank sounds good. Maybe I’ll work on my studying until lunch too.”

I left and rejoined Cassie.

“You don’t look messy at all,” she said. “I thought painting and laying carpet would be messy and take you a long time.”

I laughed. “I didn’t paint or lay carpet. We just picked out the carpet and the paint colors. Contractors are doing the actual painting and remodeling. Besides, they got to do drywall yet.”

I sat next to her and got my laptop going. I opened up a word processor and started working on my English paper. I was tired of Freshman Comp. I heard it got better in the second semester, but I didn’t think I believed that at all. I opened my reference books and then started to type.

Despite being engineering students, English was the most paper intensive class. I wondered how I would have done as a Penn State English major if I was struggling so much at MIT doing a simple Freshman Comp paper.

We sat and typed until noon. Then Mom carried a big plate of finger sandwiches and put it down in the middle of the coffee table. She also set out tea cups and saucers for us.

Cassie moved her books and set them on the floor and folded her laptop and put that on top. “What is this? Are we having a tea party? Are your dolls and plushies coming down to join us too?”

“No. This is just lunch. It said tea and finger sandwiches on the itinerary.” I was in confusion for a bit.

Mom poured us both a cup of boiling hot water and passed a tin of tea around. I took a bag of English Breakfast and dipped it in my tea cup.

Cassie looked at me like she didn’t know what was going on.

“Just select something,” I said.

She looked through the tin, then her eyes brightened and she dipped some tea in her tea cup. “Tea, Earl Grey, hot,” she said. She looked at it just sit there.

“You don’t have to announce what tea you picked,” I said.

“It’s how Captain Picard orders his tea,” she protested. She picked up her cup to take a sip, but I stopped her.

“Wait, it has to steep first,” I said. “And then after it steeps you will want to throw you tea bag away.”

“Oh,” she said. “When I lived with Loraine, she had a big jar with five tea bags on the porch which she let sit in the sun. After a day or two, she poured it into a pitcher of ice.”

I laughed. “That is iced tea.” I picked up about four sandwiches and put them on my plate and then I looked down at my tea. I took out the bag, and put it on the extra saucer put on the table for that purpose, but I thought it was ready. I took a sip. “Mine is good. You might want to pull yours out.”

She took her tea bag out of her tea and dripped it from her cup over to the extra saucer. She then took a sip and made a face.

“Need sugar?” I asked. “One or two?”

“Two,” she said.

I picked up some tongs and added two sugar cubes to her drink. “How does Captain Picard drink this stuff?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t like Earl Grey. That is why I have English Breakfast. I drank another sip of my tea and watched Cassie. She seemed to like her sugared down tea.

“Okay,” she said, “this is much better.”

“You don’t know anything about tea and only recognized the name Earl Grey from Star Trek, right.”

She frowned and then looked at me and then nodded. “Sorry,” she said. “I usually just drink pop.”

“It’s okay,” I said. We sat and finished our meal. I then helped my mother clear the coffee table while Cassie worked on her paper.

“So, what is Cassie’s background?” asked Mom when we in the kitchen.

“She was kind of poor and raised in foster care,” I said. “Don’t judge her for not knowing how to do a tea party. I think the last time she had a tea party, the tea was pretend and the other guests were really stuffed animals and dolls.”

Mom laughed. “I’m not judging her. I just found her struggling to make tea was funny.”

“She really been through a lot and hasn’t had the same opportunities as we do.”

“I am glad you are helping her instead of being snobby,” said Mom.

I looked down at my feet. I had been horrible to the poorer students in high school, but things were different now.


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Thank you for your effort to update this story. It's great again. I really missed it. Everytime I'm logged in in this place.👍


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best surprise of 2020, I came here after a long time out and this made me sooo Happy ! :)
You are really talented and I hope to see more from you soon ❤