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The Weird Scholarship


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I really like the story so far. It not a huge surprise that you have re-written it so many times since it does show the polish of having some proper revising. I have a few non ABDL stories waiting for me to give them the rewriting treatment. Right now they are pretty rough.

Keep them coming--I'm hooked.


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Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Movie: the Test​

The movie was educational for me. I had never been to a superhero movie before and Jonah had to explain things now and then. However, I enjoyed it. I drank my large soda and some of Jonah’s and didn’t take a bathroom break because I was afraid to miss any of the movie.

By the time the credits rolled, I was bursting. I stood up and tried to leave, but Jonah grabbed my arm. “You got to stay for the credits or else you’ll miss what the next movie is going to be about.”

“Really?” I asked.

I had to pee and I regretted not wearing a diaper, but I was not going to wet and then walk out in front of all these people. I squeezed my thighs together as the credits rolled. “I really had no idea that it took so many names to make a movie. They had separate credits for the caterers and craft services. They are pretty much the same job too. Both of them serve food to the actors. I later looked up the difference, but I though I was going to soak the theater seat and I was too embarrassed to tell him that I was desperate. What I planned to do was more embarrassing, but I wasn’t ready yet.

Finally a scene came up on the screen and the characters interacted. The audience laughed and then started discussing as everyone got up to leave.

“We got to go. I need to pee,” I said to Jonah.

He guided me to the bathroom, but the line was so far out the women’s room door that I knew I was not going to be able to hold it.

“Jonah, I can’t hold it with this line this long.”

“Okay, let’s go,” he said. He led me out of the theater and into his minivan. We drove across the parking lot as I held my crotch and then pulled into the gas station on the other side of the parking lot.

I got out and started to go into the gas station. I decided it was a good place to have my accident, but the clerk gave me a dirty look. Instead I hurried into the bathroom and locked myself inside. As soon as I saw the toilet, instinct took over and I pulled down my pants and panties and sat on the toilet and peed.

After peeing, I realized what I had done. I missed my chance to test Jonah. I wiped and got dressed and then saw my phone sticking out of my pocket. I picked it up and called Jonah.

“Jonah,” I said in a weepy voice, “I didn’t make it.”

“Are you okay? Should we try somewhere else?” he said over the phone.

“No, I mean I got into the bathroom and started peeing down my legs. I’m soaked and embarrassed.”

“Are you serious? You wet yourself?”

I let out a sob into my phone.

“Well, don’t cry. These things happen. I shouldn’t have made you stay for the credits. Come on out and I’ll take you home.”

He was so nice and I suddenly felt guilty for lying to him. I went outside and then got in the minivan.

“Now, don’t be too embarrassed to date me again, Nora.” His hand touched my upper thigh and then he gave me a confused look because I was dry.

I looked back at him. “Sorry,” I said. “I had to test you. Cassie’s boyfriend humiliated her twice over something like this.” I leaned forward to kiss him. “You passed.”

“So you didn’t have to pee at all?” He sounded more annoyed. “You don’t trust me to treat you right?”
Now I was on the defensive. “I’m sorry. You always treated me perfectly. And I really would have peed my pants in the theater lobby if you didn’t drive me to the gas station. I thought I was going to die. I was really counting on going during the credits. But I couldn’t help thinking, what you would do if I didn’t make it. I didn’t plan this out really well. I trust you completely.”

He frowned. “We had this discussion earlier when we went and got Cassie on our first date. I knew she wet herself and that’s why she needed the extra clothes.”

I looked at him. “I’m not being honest with you,” I admitted. “You see, Cassie and I are roommates because we both wet the bed. I just can’t really break it to a boy in a good way. I understand if you don’t want to see me again. Just don’t tell anyone about me and Cassie’s problem.”

He reached over and kissed me. We made out a bit and I felt so wet.

“Okay, now I am a different kind of wet. If you are ready, I’ll let you do me.”

“I’m not ready for that yet,” he said. “I am waiting until I get married and I am not ready to think that far ahead until I graduate.”

I kissed him hard. “You are such a keeper. I will respect your wishes in that area. I hope you still want to date me after all the mistakes I made today and what I revealed about myself.”

He held my hand. “Nora, I still want to date you. You are okay and that won’t change even after I graduate and want more in a relationship.”

“Then I declare this date a success. Now why did the superhero carry that old-fashioned relic with him?”


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Oh, my! The updates are coming fast and furious! Are secretly The Rock?


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This is a great story. Orginal and I really felt the characters were real.


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Here is some more story. I finished writing before I got to 50000 and just started writing Weird Scholarship Chapters to fill time

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Driving Home

Thanksgiving break was soon and I was exited. I liked my time so far at MIT, but t was really weird pretending to be incontinent so I could keep my scholarship. At least Cassie was also faking it, but she had genuine issues.

I packed my suitcases and then Cassie walked in. She looked at my bags and frowned. “Getting ready to go home for Thanksgiving break?” she asked.

I didn’t answer because I was getting ready for break and it was obvious. She must have realized she asked an obvious question so she went on.

“The dorm said I they are closing for break and I can’t stay here. We are supposed to go home and enjoy the week with our families while they fix the bathrooms.” She frowned and walked over to the bed and sat down. “I don’t really want to take Bets up on her offer of a place to stay for the week. Can you imagine?”

I laughed. “Could you even go 24/7 again?”

She thought about it for a little bit. “I probably could. I mean, it would be easy, but I can’t deal with the paranoia that Bets would discover that I was faking. A week at camp was bad enough and you basically caught me out at Walmart right after camp.”

“I actually caught you peeing in the woods that night we looked at the stars and looked for meteorites”

“Meteors. They are not meteorites until they hit the ground. But, wait, you caught me peeing? I had kind of just changed into a clean diaper and didn’t want to wet it yet.”

I nodded.

“She paced back and forth. “Oh Bets is so going catch me since it will just be the two of us in the house. At least at camp there were six of us girls.”

“Don’t worry about Bets. You are coming home with me.” I grabbed two packs of diapers and threw them in a duffle bag and put it with my stuff I was taking home. “So pack,” I said. “I want leave in half an hour.”

She went to her closet and packed about four outfits. She then packed enough socks and underwear for two weeks. She didn’t pack any diapers. She brought her laptop and table since we both had a paper due.

“Bring diapers. You’ll have to sleep in my room and I’d rather you didn’t pee in my bed.”

“What were the diapers your brought for then?”

“Because I promised I’d wear them to bed as long as you needed them. I didn’t embarrass myself in front of Milton for nothing.”

She packed some diapers in her diaper bag. “Good idea. I don’t want your mother to throw me out on my butt in the middle of Pennsylvania.”

We were all packed and I rushed us out the door of the dorm. The room was clean. Our beds were made, and our valuables put away. Most of what we owned was our laptops and clothes and we brought most of those with us.

We went out to my car and soon we were one the road.

We had driven for four hours when Cassie looked at me. “Can we stop soon. I have to pee.”

I decided to tease her. “Just go in your diaper. I went in mine an hour ago.” I resumed driving. I also picked up my bottle of Mountain Dew from my cup holder and drank it down.

She shifted her hips in the seat and then grabbed her crotch. “Nora, I’m serious. I am about to wet right in your seat. Besides, I am not diapered and it will make a mess.”

“You really have to go. Well, we arguing to run out of gas soon, so I guess we can stop. Besides I am out of pop and I was just teasing when I said I was diapered.”

I took the next exit and we stopped at the gas station. I didn’t even pull up to a gas pump. I just parked because I needed the bathroom as well.

We went in, used the facilities and then I left to fill up the car while Cassie bought treats.

She came out as the car was filled up. I got my receipt out of the gas pump and we were on the way. “Everything come out all right,” I asked.

She nodded. “So does your mom know you signed up for a scholarship for incontinent girls?”

I almost swerved I was so panicked. I got control of the car and then looked at Cassie. “Don’t do that again. My parents would freak if they knew I was doing this. Let’s not tell them. In fact, we only wear diapers for bed all week. We don’t have long classes to sit through and we can stop at a rest area any time we need to pee.”

Cassie nodded. “Okay. The family doesn’t know. Anything else?”

“Most of my family is Republicans. Don’t get involved in any arguments.”

“Are you a Republican?” asked Cassie.

“What?” I thought about it. I really didn’t know. “I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet.”

Cassie sat back and thought silently for a bit. “I would be a Libertarian, but I don’t want dope legalized.”

I shrugged. “Why not? It doesn’t hurt anyone else.”

She looked at me a second. “I lived with this one family and they fed me graham crackers and Kool-aid for an entire semester. I only got to eat real food when I bought school lunches because they spent the grocery money on dope. It just breeds irresponsible people.”

“Oh,” I said. I sat in silence for a while.

“But we get a big meal with turkey and stuffing and mash potatoes and yams and green bean casserole, and for dessert we get pumpkin pie with Cool Whip on it.”

“What will I get to eat?” she asked.

“The same stuff as me,” I said. “Doesn’t turkey and stuffing sound good to you?”

She game me a funny look. “When I lived with Cathy and Peter, they said Thanksgiving dinner is just for family and you don’t share it with anyone who is not a blood relative. I had to sit in my room by myself because they had relatives over. They brought me a bowl of popcorn and some pretzels and that's all I had.”

“What kind of blockhead said you can’t share Thanksgiving with people who aren’t your relatives?” I asked. “You lived with some terrible people.”

“Well after Loraine, I went to live with Cathy and Peter for three years, then …” She listed off a bunch of names before she got to her favorite Felix. She then mentioned a few more names. “None of them had me during Thanksgiving except Loraine and Cathy and Peter.”

“Loraine is that awful woman that caged you with the other animals in that puppy mill?”

She nodded, then shuttered. “In November too. Do you know how cold it is in a cage, especially when you wet your pants?”

“Well, no cages, no wetting our pants, and no shutting you up in a room. Just be yourself and be polite and everything will be fine.” I shook my head. “You are going to enjoy a real Thanksgiving dinner no matter what.”

“Thank you, Nora. You are the best friend ever.”

I drove the rest of the way home. Cassie read her textbook on her tablet and I listened to the radio and drove. Then we got to my house.


I pulled in the driveway and got out. I tried the door and it was locked. I had not brought my house key with me when I left for college. I rang the doorbell.

My mother answered. “Oh, Nora, you made it back already. Come on in. Your grandparents came yesterday and are occupying the guest room. Your cousin has taken the foldout bed in the study.”

She leaned in to whisper to me. “I didn’t know you would be bringing a friend. We don’t really have the room unless you want to put sleeping bags on the floor of your room?”

“What’s wrong with my room?” I asked. I took Cassie by the hand and dragged her to my room. My room was missing. What had been my room was an empty shell. The carpet was missing. The walls were gone too. You could see the studs. Even though the carpet was gone, you could see a scorch mark on the floor near the window, which was boarded over. Over by where my bed used to be was a water-damaged area were I had peed.

My stuff was gone, but where they used to be was piles of new Sheetrock, a brand new window, and lots of construction supplies. Cassie looked around. “Looks like they are doing a major remodel.”

I nodded. “But why now? I lived here all summer like this because we couldn’t afford to fix anything.”

I walked back down stairs. “We can’t stay in my room,” I said. “There is no furniture and it’s not habitable like this. And I brought my roommate Cassie.”

“Nora, calm down. It’s been arranged. Kara said you can stay over with her. Just call her and ask if your roommate can stay too.”

I calmed down. Of course my mother would have figured out a plan. She looked at Cassie. “You are very welcome to our house. Sorry about the sleeping arrangements. The house is in chaos and construction work never got finished.”

She went to the computer and printed out two sheets of paper. She handed one to me and one to Cassie. I took it and looked over the “Steven Family Thanksgiving Week Itinerary.”

Cassie looked at it with confusion.

“I’ll explain later,” I said. “You don’t want to miss any events my mother has planned.”

“Cassie, do you have any food allergies or religious restriction we need to know about.”

“No. I can eat whatever I am served,” she said.

I smiled. “We get along great. Cassie is a fun roommate. She has lots of stories from before college.”

“I’d like to hear some sometime.”

I shook my head so only Cassie could see me. “Let’s go to Kara’s so we can get settled in. I will be back in time for….” I looked at the itinerary. “…Monopoly or Uno and light refreshments at seven.”

We walked out of the house and got into my car.

“That was weird,” said Cassie. She held her Steven’s Family Thanksgiving Week Itinerary. “I never had an itinerary planned for me in such detail.”

“My family is not weird. No one gets locked in cages or told to hide in a room during Thanksgiving dinner.”

“Fine,” said Cassie. “My family experiences are way more weirder than yours. But I had a lot of families and not one had a printed itinerary.” She sat in silence for a while while I drove to Kara’s.

“Although some of them were so disorganized they could use an itinerary,” she admitted.

“See,” I said.

She nodded. “So what is on the list for right now.”

I looked being especially careful since I was driving. “It says Nora driving to Kara’s house.”

She rolled her eyes at me. “Let’s say we just go to Kara’s later and go to McDonalds and get some milkshakes. I haven’t had one since—.”

“—since we had some on the way to camp and both pooped our diapers. Never again.”

“But those were vanilla shakes. I was thinking about egg nog shakes since it is almost Thanksgiving.”

“So you want us to lose bowel control for the entire week then?”

“Well, no. But I love egg nog and I love shakes from McDonalds.” She looked longingly out the window at a McDonalds we past.

She was silent for a bit. “I bet we would have never become this close of friends if we hadn’t had that major accident together, but you have a point. So what about this Kara person and can she be discreet about my night thing?”

I laughed. “She is the one who made me buy the right stuff. I would have shown up in pull ups and been totally outed as a faker.

“Lol, that is what the other girl did,” said Cassie.

I looked at her with surprise. I didn’t know about another girl.

“Yeah, you don’t know because you weren’t at the pre-summer get-together. Neither was Melody for that matter. Anyway, she wouldn’t wet the pull up anyway and Bets accidentally walked in on her in the single person bathroom, so she got caught. Also, she didn’t bring any changes. That is such a rookie mistake.”

“I was well supplied. Kara burned my panties and I had to wear diapers for two weeks before camp started.” I thought back about that bad ideas. Panties should never be burned. Thrown away would have been fine, but not burned.

She frowned. “Yeah, about that. I pretended to wet the bed and told my foster parents the bed wetting started again and what they used at the last place. They weren’t really impressed with me and I think they were happy to see me go to college.”


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Ohh soo cool !! I wish i can have thanksgiving celebrations here .. Nora is such a good friend .. keep going with this awesome story ! ^^


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Chapter Twenty-Nine: Arrival Home and Alternate Sleeping Arrangements​

I pulled the car into the driveway of a little suburban home and we got out. I walked up to the door with Cassie by my side and I rang the doorbell.

Kara answered. “Nora!” she yelled and gave me a big hug.

I hugged her back and she whispered in my ear. “Who’s the other girl.”

“My roommate,” I whispered back. “Be nice.”

She released me and smiled. “Welcome to my parent’s house. Nora and I are best friends. Any friend of Nora is a friend of mine.”

Cassie looked at Kara. “Don’t I know you?”

I looked confused and Kara bit her lip.

Kara looked embarrassed. “Yeah, I met you on senior skip day when I was looking at a college and you were there.”

Cassie looked at me. “Well, that is how she knew.”

Kara looked confused now. “Well, let’s go in and I’ll show you where you will be sleeping and then you two can freshen up.”

We walked up to her bedroom. Her queen sized bed sat in the middle of her small room flanked on either side by nightstands. “Well you two can have the bed. I have an air mattress so I will sleep here.” She motioned to the floor.

Cassie looked dubious, but I smiled. “It will work. We haven’t had a sleepover in ages. Thanks for taking the floor.”

She smiled back. “Anything for my best friend.”

“Do you want to get our luggage,” I asked Cassie.

“Sure,” she said. We went out to the car and carried our bags upstairs. When we came back up, Kara was waiting for us.

“So Nora, I got the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special on DVD. We always had to watch it. I thought we could see it as soon as you get ready.”

“I’ve never watched that. Is it good?” Cassie smiled trying to be friendly.

“Of course it is good,” I said. “It’s a classic. I can’t believe you never watched it.”

“Well, I’ll go get it ready on the VCR while you two get changed.” She ran off.

“What do we wear for watching a DVD?” asked Cassie.

“I think she meant that we should change our diapers. She thinks you are incontinent and I am wearing one as a faker.” I shrugged. “So do you want to wear one?”

“Sure, but we could have had the egg nog shakes if we were going to wear diapers anyway.”

“You don’t remember camp very well, do you?” I said.

She shuddered. “Well anyway, remember in the car how I talked about the girl with one pull-up faking incontinence?”

I nodded.

“Well she was your friend Kara.”

“What?” I asked. “No way.”

“Way,” she said. “She is pretending to not remember me, but we sat together at the get-together.”

“That might be why she was so adamant about making me wear and use diapers for two weeks before I left for camp. She was the one that decided to burn all my panties.” I looked down the hall making sure she wasn’t coming. “Maybe that is why she knew what to do diaper-wise.”

“At least she learned from her mistakes,” said Cassie. She walked over to her diaper bag and pulled out a diaper. Then she undressed and taped it on, then put her panties back in her bag and pulled her jeans back on.

I wore a skirt, so I only had to pull my skirt up to change from panties to a diaper. Once diapered we went downstairs.

We sat down on the couch and got ready for the show.

“Wait. We need drinks. Nora, come and help me pick something out.” Kara grabbed my hand and took me to the kitchen.

“Whoa. What’s up.” I knew Kara dragged me in to talk, not to pick drinks.

“So, what is it like wearing diapers all the time?” she asked.

“Is this why you dragged me in here?” I asked.


“It feels like a soft pillow between my legs,” I said. “But when I wet, it kind of bothers me because it shouldn’t feel good. But I have to worry whenever I am with my boyfriend that he will notice I am wearing them. He doesn’t really know.”

“Wow, you tried dating in a diaper. You are brave.”

“Well anyway let’s get the drinks. What do you have?”

“Just Mountain Dew,” she said.

We returned with six cans of Mountain Dew. Cassie was none the wiser that we were gossiping about her, but she was gossiping about Kara earlier. I wonder what Kara’s deal was. I didn’t know she had signed up for the scholarship too as another faker. Since she got caught, that opened up a space for me. I would have been yodeling in Austria if not for her. I was familiar with the rolling mountains of the Appalachians, but had not traveled overseas to see the Alps. I knew they were different mou, because I am not an idiot, but I tried the yodeling in Appalachia when I realized that was what I was probably going to end up doing. Fortunately the MIT scholarship opened up. I had Kara to thank for the opening and also for her coaching me on how to blend in, mostly based on her own failure to blend in.

The movie started as usual. Again, as is everytime I watch it, I was laughing at Snoopy and Woodstock’s efforts to set up table and chairs for Thanksgiving. By the time the poor meal of toast, pretzel sticks, and popcorn was served, I was still giggling.

“Is this where my foster parents got the idea to feed me that for Thanksgiving?” asked Cassie.

I stopped laughing and it an arm around her. “This year, you will have turkey and all the fixings.”

“Even though I am not family?” she asked.

“You are my friend and Friendsgiving rules,” I said.

“What is your family doing for Thanksgiving, besides inviting us to sleep over?” asked Cassie.

Kara smiled. “We are all going over to the Stevens’ house and eating with them. Now quiet, this is the best part.”

The cartoon cut to the closing scene where Charlie Brown invited his friends over to spend Thanksgiving at his own grandmother’s house. The children sang a song and then the cartoon ended.

“So do you want to watch the Mayflower Voyages,” asked Kara.

“No,” I said. “Let’s watch the Christmas ones.”

“We can’t because Thanksgiving hasn’t passed. You can’t do Christmas stuff until Santa’s sleigh stops at Macy’s at the end of the Thanksgiving Day parade.” Kara retrieved the DVD and put it away in its sleeve and put it on the shelf with the Christmas and Halloween DVDs.

“I never heard of these rules,” said Cassie.

“They are quite well known,” said Kara.

“They are completely arbitrary,” I said in return. “Kara and I had special rules we made up for everything. What did you think we did at all the sleepovers we had? Had pillow fights in our underwear?”

Cassie thought for a minute. “Besides that I think we do each other's hair, give each over makeovers, and steal the underwear of the first person who goes to sleep, dip them in water, and put them in the freezer.”

We looked at her with confusion.

“Well that is what I think happens at them.” Cassie shrugged. “I’ve never been to a sleepover and foster children aren’t allowed to ‘invite their criminal friends over to case the place.’”

Kara laughed and I reached under the blanket and pinched her hard in the leg.

“Ouch,” she said, but the pinch got her the hint. She stopped laughing.

“So if you want to do the pillow fight thing, we can,” said Kara. “I don’t think you want to with your problem.”

I frowned. “We don’t need to go there. We all know about my scholarship and why Cassie and I got it.” I was going to let her think Cassie was genuine for a while. I wasn’t sure if I trusted Kara to keep Cassie’s secret. She would keep mine, I thought, but maybe she changed.

“I’m sorry,” said Kara. “I shouldn’t have said that.”

“It’s okay,” said Cassie, “but I am not really comfortable with people knowing that I am wearing a diaper. My boyfriend doesn’t even know.”

“How do you—?” Kara started to say.

“Easy,” said Cassie. “We do it in the hot tub.” She smiled and then I started to giggle.

“I got the boyfriend who wants to wait until he gets married, so that is not an issue.” I thought of Jonah and how I wanted him and wondered what he would think of it he knew about the scholarship and how I wore diapers, but really didn’t need them.

“Well that is an issue,” said Kara. “What’s the point of having a boyfriend if you can’t have fun with him.”

“So did you get boyfriend at Penn State,” I asked Kara.

She stood up and twirled. “Do you think a college boy could pass up this bod? In fact, I’ve had three boyfriends since the semester started. Just one at a time though.”

“She was always the popular high school girl,” I told Cassie.

“So we have talked about boys,” said Cassie. “When do we do each other's hair?” She took a notebook out of her pocket and put a check mark where it said, “Talk about boys.”

I laughed and grabbed her note book. It really was a list of stereotypical things that girls do a slumber parties. I looked at the list. “Ooh, there is truth or dare,” I said. “Kara, truth or dare.”

“Truth,” she said.

“What a copout,” said Cassie.

“Name a kinky thing you did with a boy,” I said.

Kara blushed bright red. “No way,” she said.

“Way,” said Cassie. “You picked truth so no take-backs.”

“Fine,” said Kara. “My current boyfriend likes to spank me and I love it.”

“That isn’t that kinky,” said Cassie. “I got spanked a lot of times.”

“Well I have to drag a big wooden paddle to him with my teeth.”

“Well that is kind of kinky,” I said, “But it’s just a playful smack I am guessing.”

“No,” she said. “The paddle has holes in it and it leaves welts and it hurts to sit down in class for the next couple days.”

“You really need a safe word,” said Cassie.

“I have one,” said Kara, “but I never use it.”

“Okay, your turn Kara.”

“Nora, truth or dare.”

I decided to be daring, “Dare.”

“Show me your diaper.”

I looked at her with a scowl, but lifted my skirt revealing the purple diaper I wore. “There. Still dry.”

Cassie smiled. “While your holding your skirt up, I dare you to wet your diaper for us.”

The Mountain Dew had gotten to me and. I went ahead and relaxed letting the wetness soak into my diaper. The wetness indicator disappeared and I felt it swell around my crotch, but it wasn’t really that noticeable. “Okay, I am done. Cassie, it is your turn.”

“This is for Kara,” she said. “I double dare you to go put on one of my diapers and wear it until you wet it.”

Kara shook her head. “No. I am not wearing one of your diapers. I don’t have a wetting problem.”

“That’s the point,” I said. “Maybe you need to learn what it is like for Cassie.” She looked at me for a bit more than made me comfortable, so I added. “And me. Learn what it is like for me.”

“I don’t know how to tape a diaper on,” she said.

“I’ll go upstairs and do it for you,” I said. “I’ve changed some of the other girls in the scholarship program and Cassie and I have changed each other. She’s actually pretty good at it.”

“Fine, but please don’t make me wet in it?”

Cassie smiled. “We could all get egg nog shakes and then see who needs to be changed first.”

“No,” I said.

“I’m joking,” she said.

“Well, come on.” I pulled Kara to her feet and led her upstairs. I looked at Cassie. “I’ll just change her in the bedroom since she doesn’t need both of us as an audience.”


I walked with Kara into her room and we closed the door. “So take off your pants and panties and I will change you.”

She slipped out of her jeans and then dropped her panties. They were purple with little black bats on them. She held her shirt down to cover her.

I opened my bag and pulled out one of my diapers. She walked to the suitcase and held up a pair of my panties. “Why do you have panties in your bag?”

“Because I am not letting my parents know that their college aged daughter now wears diapers. What do you think?” It was as close to the truth as possible.

“Won’t your roommate realize you are a faker if she sees them?”

“She won’t see them. Besides I am diapered now.” I flipped my skirt revealing my wet diaper.

“Doesn’t that feel gross after awhile?”

I smiled. “It actually feels really good,” I said. “You might try wetting while sitting down. That makes it warm you in more places at once. Why are you so squeamish? You taught me to wear diapers and be convincing.”

“Because, I didn’t want you to go all the way to Austria,” she said.

“Well, lie down.”

She lay down and I opened the diaper and sat in front of her. “Lift your butt. Right there. You can put your butt down now.” I pulled the diaper between her legs and then taped her in it.”

“This feels really secure,” she said.

“You should be able to wet about three times before you are sufficiently wet to call this exercise over.” I slapped her leg, stood, and then pulled her to her feet. “Besides, why didn’t you tell me that you tried to get the MIT scholarship but you weren’t convincing at all.”

“Would you admit you had to wear diapers?”

“I don’t like to,” I said. “So far my boyfriend doesn’t know, but Cassie’s boyfriend saw me and was quite frankly a bit immature and stupid about it.”

“To be honest, I filled out every scholarship app I could find and the incontinence one just hit for me. It was either that or go to State. Although I have to admit that State is hard enough. I don’t know what your grades are like at MIT, but I barely am going to sneak by with a 3.2 at State.”

She reached down and picked up her pants to pull on.

“No,” I said, “you need to leave your pants off so Cassie can tell you did her dare.” I then thought about my grades. My exams were all A’s except, ironically, in English where I struggled to get a C. College papers are hard. I will probably make five A’s and a C,” I said.

“Wow, is Nora who studied all the time getting a bad grade in a class?”

That wasn’t true. I hardly ever studied. I just did my assigned homework and made sure I had an overall understanding of the material. I knew grammar and the parts of speech and how to write a paper, but college English was really different. Our papers had to be about something. “Yes, I am bad at something. Let’s go and show Cassie your new underwear.”

We opened the door and Cassie came in. She smiled. “Twirl around.”

Kara did, but then she started to blush bright red. “I don’t think I like this.”

“Well leave it on. Cassie and I haven’t changed since we got here.”

“But Cassie… …and you,” she said adding me at the last minute, “actually need diapers.”

“Thanks. I don’t know that already,” said Cassie.

“Now, relax everyone.” I wanted to avoid a confrontation. “Let’s just watch stuff on Netflix.”

We went back down to the living room and started watching romantic comedies. Most of them sucked, but there was one where Melissa Joan Hart gets robbed and decides to marry some guy for the wedding gifts that she met at the singles table of a wedding. It was pretty funny, at least to Kara and me.

Cassie wanted to watch some science fiction series, but I had enough science fiction just from my semester at MIT. I wanted to watch a show I picked. Usually it is, “You never saw blank? Well we are going to sit you down to watch blank this weekend.” Blank either meant the Princess Bride, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Star Wars, Star Trek, Superman, or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The one thing I really enjoyed was Ice Pirates for all its cheesiness.

However, we had to stop the movie ten minutes in, because Kara’s parents were going to be home soon. “I don’t want to get caught in my diaper. I am taking it off.”

“You never wet it,” said Cassie.

“But at least let me put pants over it,” she said. “My parents will freak if they catch me.”

“Just tell them you started bed-wetting,” said Cassie. “That actually works.”

“Yeah, no.” She went upstairs and came down wearing pants. I slapped her on the butt to see if she was still diapered. She was.

“Hey,” she said.

“Yeah, still diapered. No start the movie. I want to find out if Melissa Joan Hart falls in love with the guy.”

“Of course she will. Romance is so formula,” said Cassie. However as we watched she was totally crying by the end of the movie.

Inevitably, Kara had to pee. “I have to pee,” she said.

“Then pee,” said Cassie. “I did a little bit ago.”

“Eww, won’t it smell bad?”

“Are you saying we stink?” asked Cassie.

“No, she is not,” I said. “She just doesn’t know how good a wet diaper feels. Well until it gets cool and gross.”

“You’re not going to smell like pee right away,” said Cassie. “It needs awhile to get that gross ammonia smell and that is usually after you throw it away. Nora and I have a Diaper Genie so we don’t smell up our dorm room, but if I wet during my first class, I can usually wait until lunch time to change unless I have to use the toilet, then I just change afterward and I carry baby wipes in my purse.”

“That sound good?” I asked. “Besides, how do you think Cassie and I feel about needing diapers?” Veronica is the person she should really ask, but I didn’t really like Veronica and Darla and here were friends, so I didn’t really need to try to bond with her.

Her parents came home at that time, so her chance at bladder relief got delayed.

“Oh, Nora, you’re here,” said Kara’s mother.

“Yeah, I bright my roommate. I hope you don’t mind.” I put an arm around Cassie. “Mrs. Drake, this is my roommate Cassie Nova.”

Kara giggled, and Cassie blushed. “It’s just Cassie. When you use my last name, I am Cassandra Nova. The people who named me were idiots.”

“Well we are glad to have you here. Were your parents too far away to meet for Thanksgiving?”

Cassie shrugged. “I don’t know. I never met them.”

I did a shushing motion and the she said, “Well I am sorry. You are welcome to be part of our family this year.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Drake,” said Cassie.

“Well I am getting supper ready, but the Stevens are going out to dinner tonight or I would invite you to stay for dinner.”

“Once Mom makes plans on the Steven’s Family Itinery, it is pretty much set in stone,” I said.

“We should probably be getting ready,” said Cassie. “I want to make a good impression and be on time. Will you come upstairs with us Kara so you can show us where everything is.”

“Sure,” said Kara.

I walked upstairs with Kara and Cassie. We went into Kara’s room and then Cassie shut the door. “Did you pee yet?” Cassie asked.

“No, but I really got to go,” said Kara.

“Tickle fight,” said Cassie. She tackled Kara onto the bed and started to tickle her. I stepped besided her and held her kicking freet while Cassie dug her fingers into Kara’s armpits.

I freed a hand and used it to tickle Kara’s feet. We had her held down and laughing for a good two minutes before Cassie let up.

“Are you peeing?” she asked.

Kara sat up. “OMG, it felt so warm. How do you stand this?” She got up and unbuckled her pants. Her diaper was very wet.

“Okay you did the dare. Now Cassie and I have to get ready for dinner.”

“Okay. I am going to take a bath now.” She ran off.

I opened my bag and pulled out an outfit. I looked over at what Cassie was wearing and frowned. “You are not wearing that to my parent’s dinner.” She had picked skinny jeans and big black t-shirt that had Bill Nye on it.

I rooted through her bag and didn’t find anything, so I went in my own bag and gave her one of my casual dresses. “Put this on.”

“That is so not going to hide my diaper,” she said.

“Duh, we are wearing panties.”

She got the hint. Our diapers came off and went in Kara’s wastebasket. I’d let her deal with our wet diapers. We used wipes to clean off and soon looked ready to eat at dinner someplace nice.

I twirled and my dress came up. “Don’t do that in front of Kara or she’ll think I know you are a faker. I hope we are keeping it a secret that I don’t really need diapers because I don’t trust her.” Cassie straitened the skirt of her dress and then the two of us went down stairs.

“Goodbye, Mrs. Drake,” said Cassie. “We’ll see you before it’s too late. I understand we are going someplace nice to eat.”

“It’s a local restaurant that your mother loves. It’s too pricy for me,” she said. “Have fun.”

We went out to the car and got in. I started it and Cassie confronted me about my family. “I thought you were poor because the IRS raided your family’s bank accounts. However, they have money to remodel their house and to go to fancy restaurants. What gives? You had to pretend to be incontinent because of this.”

I thought for a few minutes. “I’m not sure. I am sure my parents have a good explanation for this.”​
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Thanks for returning to this story. I also wonder where that money came from, and if wearing panties to dinner was a good idea? The characterization and dialogue are readable and other than the core premise of a scholarship for the incontinent quite plausible.


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That was a twist I didn't expect. :) I'm rereading the first chapter to see if there's any hints at that. I'm wondering, too, if there's more to what happened than Kara's explanation.


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That was a great story. You had me hooked. Looking forward to seeing more stories from you.