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Possible chronic Epstein Barr (mono antibodies, EBV antibodies, mono symptoms, but neg on mono infection)
Confirmed I had TWO utis and they wanna wait those out before looking closer
Confirmed urge incontinence that we WOULD treat but the Myrbetriq is too expensive. Gotta deal.
Confirmed diagnosis of nocturnal enuresis, primary. In the absence of everything else, I've actually been encouraged to wear at night for my peace of mind.

Here's the weird thing about all this: I feel validated. It's because growing up I was often told I wasn't trying enough to potty train or to stay dry by people who weren't even involved. I had to hide wet sheets all the time. As a teenager I had to prewash underwear in the bathroom sink and hide it somewhere to dry a bit before sneaking it into the regular laundry so I wouldn't get caught.

Out of my bestie's place because of traumatizing shit and into my parents', three nights in a row where I had to hide wet undies again.

At my own place, waking up wet mid-afternoon after a nap.

Wherever I went, I... went. And it wasn't on purpose, or for attention.

It is literally an accident.

And it's ok.
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