The Super Amazing Fantastic list of 10 reasons why I'm a horrible poster

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reason, lets do a count down.

10. I hardly ever check my spelling, and frequently mispell words.

9. I frequently will pick out either from the original post, or zero in on one to two responses in particular, rather then reading a thread in its entirity.

8. I am a thread ender. 30% of all my posts are the last post in a thread.

7. I steal other peoples wins in last person to post wins threads...habitually.

6. I do not use enough smileys..

5. I delete about 50% of the posts ive written either before i post them, or within 3-4 minutes of posting them.

4. I find myself posting in threads that are of a mature nature, but instead of putting together well thought out responses, I tend to say somthing short and a bit naieve and arbitrary

3. I make completely pointless threads listing things.

2. I dont even finish the threads i start writing.
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Hmm, guess I can join in on this with you. I am a pretty terrible poster myself.

10. I am terrible at explaining things in a manner that remains calm and collected.
9. I sometimes may go off topic.
8. I avoid threads that make me feel sad because I can't handle it. So I more often than not only post on the more political and mature threads. This can leave people getting the wrong impression of me.
7. I sometimes can say things I probably should just hold my tongue on.
6. I often write long responses only to delete them soon after because I worry others don't care about me, or the things I say. Often thinking maybe people here hate me.
5. I am not very personable or relatable to many people here. I tend to hide who I am behind a mask.
4. I can often feel in trouble and in pain, but I generally will not say anything even though this is a support site.
3. I get jealous of others on a daily bases, and it often makes me resent some people, and also makes it hard to help others when I actually do want to help.
2. I can run away from my problems instead of facing them head on which has actually lead me to stop posting here a few times already.
1. I rarely ever start threads or respond to the more simple personal stuff.
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