The return of the reprise of the Kittyninja!

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Hello, my diapered friends! I'm back after so long and it kinda feels good. Well, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is the fact that when my brother came back from the military and after the "Grace period" The Dark Lord, (A.K.A my brother, Trying to make a joke here.) is back to his old ways, but I do have good news! Due to an argument with my grandmother, which I don't want to get into here, I said something I regret and I kinda got in trouble, But what I said went too far and I decided to change and learn to control myself again, because I tend to get into panic attacks and a bit of anger if you haven't noticed. because I have been through a lot, still no excuse though. Anyway because of that, I am trying to calm myself with breathing exercises and a lot of praying to god. (What I believe in, if you don't that's okay.) and so far, It worked! Anyway, I apoligise for the way I have been treating you and thinking that I am right all the time. and I promise I am going to do better. (Also as a side note, I found out my little side is a femboy who likes girl clothes, dresses and other things like that as well as liking some boy stuff, and was afraid to be a boy due to my brother. Also, I am 85% sure that I am not transgender.)
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