The REPORT POST button.

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Where is the report post button?
The report post button is in the post-bit, it looks like this:

What does the button do?
Pressing the button will take you to a page that will look like this:

(Obviously with your name instead of "Charlie F").

Once you press "Send Report", this will automatically create a thread in the Requests Forum. That thread will contain what you type into the "Message:" box above, as well as a quote showing the post that you reported. You will be able to see this thread, and the mod's responses to this thread.

When should I use this feature?
Well as it says: to report spam and advertising messages, and problematic posts.

What is spam/an advert is often clear, often the poster is a newbie and the post will be one of their first. These posts are posts which are just there to advertise another site.

Problematic posts are any posts that you think that a mod ought to see. Rude posts, fighting posts, flaming etc... Any post that breaks the rules.
Remember: if you are thinking about giving somebody negative reputation, think about whether it would be worth reporting the post too/instead.
When giving rep, you will see that negative rep is defined as "(drama, flaming, spam, memes, or otherwise negative)". This means that a LOT of posts that get negative reputation should probably be reported. Certainly drama, flaming and spam. If you see that someone uses (bad/negative) memes often, or make "otherwise negative" posts often, you might want to report that too.

When should I not use this feature?
Make sure you have a good reason when using the report post button. But with that said, if you are unsure whether to use it or not, you should use it just in case. If it was unnecessary then a mod will tell you.

Also, you might want to check to see if the post has already be dealt with. Don't report very old posts, or posts that have been to replied to by a mod already, or have otherwise been resolved.

How about in the chatrooms?
There isn't a way to report anything in chat automatically. You can use "/sos <message>" to get attention from any mods, or you can just PM them to get their attention.
If these options aren't available, you can report the chat by just making a new thread in the requests forum.

How about in blogs?
You can report blog posts, and comments, using this button:
. This button is found at the end of the blog post, or underneath the avatar of blog comments.
The rest is the same as reporting normal posts.

Pictures then?
Using this button:
This is found underneath the picture, below the picture description.

Posts in social groups?
There is simply the word "Report" at the bottom right of all social posts.

A conclusion of some sort?
The report post button is very useful for reporting posts! Rather than let a (bad) argument grow worse, or let spam get ignored, use the report post button to let a mod get involved!
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