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‘’Thwap, thwap,’’ went my hands against the bubbly water in the tub, splashing it around.

‘’Thwap, thwap,’’ I continued, smiling and giggling, until Mommy declared it was time to get out.

She picked me up - commenting that I was getting big - and set me on a towel, while wrapping me up in another. It was super soft and felt good against my skin and as she dried me off.

My pajamas were close by, but she opened up the cupboard under the sink. Her hand went in but came back empty. ‘’Damn it,’’ she said, then reminded me that I wasn’t allowed to say that.

My name is Kimba, and I’m four years old. I’m potty trained during the day and get to wear PAW Patrol underwear, but I wear PAW Patrol training pants to bed. I don’t mind them, really.

‘’Sorry, champ,’’ Mommy said. ‘’Looks like I forgot to buy more pull-ups at the store yesterday.’’ She left me in the bathroom, wrapped in my towel, and walked out into my bedroom. She rummaged around in my closet and came back with a half-empty bag of… diapers!

‘’These are probably a bit small,’’ she said, unfolding the garment and inspecting it. ‘’It’s been a while…’’ Indeed, I hadn’t been in a true diaper since I was two - and I didn’t want to go back to them now!

I started to pout. ‘’But I want my pull-up!’’ I whined. ‘’That diaper’s for babies!’’

‘’I’ll get you more pull-ups tomorrow,’’ Mommy replied as she unwrapped me from my towel and laid me down on the one I was standing on. ‘’But tonight, this’ll have to do.’’

I felt embarrassed, lying back getting a diaper put on like I was half my age. Mommy had to stretch the tapes on the somewhat undersized diaper to get it around my waist. I continued to whine as she helped me up and dressed me in my Pokemon pajamas.

‘’You don’t want to have a wet bed, do you?’’ Mommy said.

After Mommy tucked me in, turned off the light and shut the door, I pushed back the covers and stood up on my knees in my toddler bed. I pulled down my pajama pants and, by the glow of my nightlight, studied the diaper for a moment before reaching for the tapes. ‘’I’m a big kid,’’ I said quietly to myself. ‘’I don’t need this.’’ Within a few seconds I’d pulled the zoo-animal-print diaper out from between my legs and flung it on the floor. I pulled my pants back up and settled down in bed, reaching for Mitsukuni, my Eevee plushie. ‘’I’m a big kid,’’ I said once more, to Mitsukuni, before drifting off to sleep.

It was morning and the light from my window replaced the need for the nightlight when I woke up. My Eevee was still in my arms, but something was wrong. Something felt… wet. And cold.

‘’Mommy!’’ I called out.

‘’What’s wrong, honey?’’ she asked, entering my room.

‘’My bed feels wet,’’ I replied. I knew what I had done, but didn’t want to admit to it.

She came over and pulled back the covers. ‘’Woah, that’s some diaper leak,’’ she said, examining my accident. ‘’Must have been too small…’’ Then she noticed the diaper lying on the floor.

Her tone quickly changed. ‘’Kimba! Why’d you take that off?’’

‘’Because I’m a big boy!’’ I replied, with tears forming in the corners of my eyes.

‘’Well, big boys do what they’re told, and I told you you had to wear the diaper.’’

She stripped my bed then lead me to the bathroom. She ran a bath for me, but there were no bubbles. I wanted to splash after she’d washed me, but she pulled the plug and took me out of the tub. ‘’No time to play, we have to get ready for daycare,’’ she said.

That night I got another bath before bed, like usual. I remembered that Mommy said she would buy me more pull-ups that day, but I didn’t see any. So imagine my expression when she pulled out another diaper from the pack she’d left by the potty the night before, and laid me down on the towel once more.

‘’Where’s my pull-up?!’’ I asked, a bit desperately.

‘’Well, Kimba,’’ Mommy started, ‘’this is your punishment since you didn’t do what I told you to do last night and wear the diaper. You have to wear one one more night, and you’re going to leave it on this time. If you don’t, then you’ll have to wear one the next night too, instead of your training pants. So if you want your training pants back, wear the diaper all night, OK?’’

I didn’t say anything as the diaper went on and was topped with pajamas, but Mommy could tell I was still upset as she tucked me into bed.

‘’I’ll help you feel better about wearing the diaper, OK?’’ she said, and left the room. She came back with another diaper (oh no!) and a pair of scissors. She cut a hole in the back of the diaper, then took Mitsukuni. Working his tail through the hole, she diapered him, too.

‘’There,’’ she said. ‘’Isn’t he cute?’’

I smiled slightly as I took him, but then frowned. I reached down to feel my own diaper through my pajamas. I still felt like a baby.

‘’Am I cute in a diaper too, Mommy?’’ I asked.

‘’Of course!’’ she replied. She ruffled my long dark hair.

‘’Am I still a big boy?’’

‘’Well, you will be if you leave the diaper on tonight.’’

‘’OK,’’ I replied, and Mommy kissed my forehead and wished me good night.

I woke up the next morning with a dry bed but a wet diaper. It felt really bulky between my legs, a lot more than my training pants usually did. It felt kind of… nice.

I looked at Mitsukuni in his diaper. He was pretty cute. Mommy said I was cute, too. She didn’t say that when I wore pull-ups.

I left my room and and went into the kitchen. ‘’Mommy, I announced, ‘’I left my diaper on!’’ I pulled down my pajama pants to show her. The swollen diaper hung off of me.

‘’Good job,’’ she said. ‘’I’ll get you more pull-ups today.’’

‘’Mommy,’’ I asked, as she took me to get changed, ‘’’am I still cute in my diaper?’’

‘’Yep, the cutest!’’ she said. I smiled. I almost didn’t want to get changed into underwear for the day!

Mommy was off from work that day and took me to the store with her. I sat in the seat in the cart as she pushed me towards the baby section. She reached for a pack of my usual training pants, but I protested.

‘’No, Mommy,’’ I said, pointing to the diapers further down the aisle. ‘’I want those. I’m cute in them.’’

‘’Are you sure you don’t want more pull-ups?’’ she asked, but I continued pointing at a pack of Pampers. ‘’Alright,’’ she said. ‘’I’ll get a bigger size that’ll fit you better.’’ She picked up a bag of size 6 and put them in the cart.

That night after my bath I didn’t fuss when Mommy laid me down on the towel and taped the diaper on me. It fit better and wasn’t so tight. When she tucked me into bed, Mitsukuni still wore his diaper, too.

But when I woke up the next day, something didn’t feel the same. I stuck my hand inside my pajama pants to feel my diaper. It was dry, not swollen. And I really had to pee!

I rushed to the potty and tore the diaper off. When I was finished, I carried it to Mommy. ‘’My diaper was dry,’’ I said. ‘’I had to pee so I took it off and used the potty.’’

‘’Wow, good job!’’ Mommy said. ‘’Maybe soon you won’t have to wear a diaper at night anymore.’’

The next morning, the same thing happened. And the morning after that too. Mommy told me if I was dry a couple more nights, she would let me go to bed in my underwear.

But that day I realized something. If I kept my diaper dry, Mommy wouldn’t put me in one anymore. I kind of liked how it felt when I woke up wet in it that morning. And Mommy might not say I was cute anymore!

So I got an idea. When I woke up the next day, I would just pee my diaper on purpose. Mommy would think I peed it when I was sleeping and let me keep wearing them.

That night, as Mommy helped me out of my clothes for my bath, I realized I needed to go. But I figured I could just hold it and pee in my diaper once I was in bed. That was as good as my original plan.

I tried not to squirm while I was getting my bath and when Mommy dried me off. But I really had to go! I almost peed when Mommy laid me back on the towel for my diaper. But as soon as she got it on me, I just couldn’t hold it anymore. My pee gushed out, yellowing the diaper and making it swell. Of course, Mommy noticed.

‘’Kimba!’’ she scolded. ‘’Why did you just pee in that diaper?’’

‘’I had an accident’’ was the best excuse I could muster.

‘’But the potty is right here,’’ Mommy replied. She looked at me for a moment before untaping the Pampers and wiping me down. ‘’I think you like wearing these diapers more than you let on, huh?’’ she said, her tone a great deal softer.

‘’Kinda,’’ I said. She fastened a fresh one around my waist.

‘’Well, you can keep wearing them at night,’’ she said. ‘’If you have an accident while you’re asleep, that’s fine. If you wake up dry, that’s fine too, but don’t pee in it on purpose. Use the potty. These things aren’t cheap, you know.’’

Being four, I didn’t really understand or care if something ‘’wasn’t cheap.’’ I just knew I liked having a wet diaper. So when I woke up dry the next morning with a bursting bladder, I didn’t hesitate to soak it.

I took Mitsukuni and pretended he had to pee, too. I made a ‘’ssshhh’’ sound as he ‘’went.’’

I thought we were both really cute.
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