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The re-introduction of DominatingMommy

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I promised raccoon that I would post this today. Because my introduction was an epic fail, like many others... http://www.adisc.org/forum/greetings-introductions/10291-shh-here-comes-mommy.html

First things first, despite my name, I am not here to dominate or mommy anyone. I have my very own "sub/baby" in real life, floydrox88. I joined this community on his urging so that I could understand the *b lifestyle better. I have considered changing my name, but I'm pretty fond of this one and can handle the random private messages that I might get from having a name like this. You can find me on IRC a lot and I will talk your ear off, given the opportunity. If you happen to catch me on there, I do respond to Liz (if you are not sure what to call me), even though I don't allow people to call me that in real life.

I'm 31, although I probably act more like I'm 21 or so. And I have the sense of humor of a 17 year old male. I'm very much warped. For example, I think Superbad is one of the best movies ever made.

I love to read, but haven't had much time lately, because it seems like I can't break away from the computer. I'll read almost anything I can get my hands on, but my favorites are horror/suspense/thriller novels. Stephen King and Anne Rice are geniuses in my opinion. I do have to admit that I am a sucker for a good romance novel too. I enjoy writing romance, but I do not share my writings.

I have a love affair with music, so much so that I have a bass clef and a treble clef tattoo. These tattoos are very personal to me, and I don't mind sharing their meaning, but I just don't to the general public. Back to music - I will listen to anything except bluegrass, country, and jazz. Most times you'll find me listening to 80's hair bands though. I love to sing, and have to remind myself when skyping that this microphone is not for me to sing in.

I am a secretary/office manager/administrative assistant/office bit** for a living. I enjoy my job, but get frustrated very often with it. I used to work as a 911 dispatcher, and miss the excitement associated with that. I've thought about going back to it, but an unknown force is stopping me, probably the fact that I enjoy working part time.

Hmm...I don't know what else to say. :dunno: Anything else you'd like to know, just ask.


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This is quite different from how I was expecting your introduction to be. Made me realise how different my perceptions of you were to the real thing. Very nice to hear from you though.

*hides from raccoon, doesn't want to be the next re-introduction victim*


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Great post; you sound chatty and friendly and urbane
URBANE - DEFINITION: polished: showing a high degree of refinement and the assurance that comes from wide social experience; "his polished manner"; "maintained an ... wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn

# Courteous, polite, refined, and suave

As to names... What's in a name? Well names like Raccoon, Moo, Peachy, Martin, while distinct on this forum, are common enough in the world at large that googling does not zoom the searcher straight to the user and his elsewhere details. This is a security feature. "Anonymous" is the ultimate example of this.

Kaishen or Babyjunior is the opposite to this; the name is distinct on the web and does lead to a person's website or other place they want you to go; they want the limelight. It is implied that they are confidant about their personal security on the web.

Incompletedude or Redtails or Eclipse deliberately suggests, accurately or not some aspect of personality, especially combined with an avi pic; Floydfan 88 or Hata is an suggests an interest obviously and openly.

PamPered18921 is typical of someone trying to be a bit anonymous but at the same time says that they self-identify with the fetishistic side of themselves, to the point it subsumes other sides of themself. This is not a hard and fast rule; some people with such a username are great members. But it is a red flag and people with such names tend to have an eye kept on them; they may be shied away from until they have established who they are through interaction.

"DominatingMommy" does suggest she emphasizes what the name suggests. This is only one side of her though, and I can assure everyone that she is fun to interact with on many topics outside of bdsm, such as strawberries. She is quick-thinking and can handle raccoon-randomness; the 911-operator in her is still there.
A name like this will excitr the people looking for a caregiver, so if you choose "LonelyDaddy" or some such you know what to expect.

Mentioning a detail like this says volumes about the person in a short space and is a very good intro-thread technique; other examples include I am a lifeguard, I have 4 boxes running linux, I am the CFO of a midcap-corporation, or I learned Norwegian so I could read Ibsen in the original.
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