The rationality of ageplay, infantilism etc.

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Adult Baby, Diaper Lover
I don`t tell you the entire story, and I let out some IMO very interesting parts
about how many people tend to relive their negative pasts, due to memories.

For me it`s important to feel that I can be a child now and then. And I told the last girl I met;) I also said I considered it roleplay, and I also said that I could do roleplay with her if she wanted or needed me to. I said that it might be that none of us were ready for it right now, but that it would become easier for me over time. So I simply presented it as a possibility.
She was afraid that I would leave her if she got connected to me. which again points to her 4 stephfathers that left her, and probably didn`t do much good. But if I was to fight against those memories, it would have killed us both. especially as I`m also submissive, and often feel I have to give first, before I can think of myself.
But the rational solution would be to help each other disengage the fears of not getting what we need, by building constructive tracks through roleplay.
And both of us would have so much more to give in a relationship.

I do get angry and hurt if people judge what they haven`t taken time to explore. But experiencing the full sense of it may very possibly require people to challenge themselves to explore their own mind.
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