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I want to know from my predecessors what is the oldest ABDL related thing you can think of that happened either during or even before your life time that you might have done or heard about. So that it can be archived into little history!
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Back when I first had to starting wearing I order some AB diapers with multi colored foot prints that was 4 tape plastic back , Can't recall the name of the company , I just really enjoy the print on them !!
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A lot of years ago, I remember seeing green Depends for the first time at a now gone pharmacy chain.
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The first thing that I remember that relates to people wearing actual diapers beyond toilet training was from about 8 years of age. My mom was setting up a group-home from what was once a small nursing home. We had moved houses and did not have a new one yet so we were living there for a while.

By chance, there were a couple of things left over from when this building was a nursing home. One was a snap on pair of adult sized plastic pants and the other was a rubber sheet. The plastic pants were plastic on one side and cloth with a yellow print of some kind on the other. The rubber sheet was tan colored and about 36" square. I was making forts out of a couple of large cardboard appliance boxes so I would climb into my fort, which was in the living room area and no one would see what I was doing. I would take my pants off, put on the plastic pants, and lay there enjoying the feeling of the plastic pants against my skin. The pants were way too big for me, but they were exciting and made me feel very babyish. I was amazed that plastic pants were made this large. It was a revelation to learn that at my age. I didn't realize that I would be able to buy pants just like that for myself later on in life. The rubber sheet was fun too. I would take my underwear off and wrap it around myself like a diaper and lay there enjoying the sensation of it. I wore the plastic pants a little at night also, but didn't sleep in them for fear of getting caught. I did this for about a week, then the plastic pants and the rubber sheet disappeared.
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One of my first ABDL experiences, I can't nail the age. Have to say like 5-8 maybe. I recall the house though so I should ask relatives what years they were in that house to maybe narrow it down.

This was the time I found myself alone with a package of Pampers just sitting there open. And first time I remember having an sudden unexplainable urge to want to wear one. For some reason I was irresistibly compelled to take one and stick it down my pants under my shirt. I dashed across the hall to the bathroom to lock the door and admire it in full and put it on proper. They where so thick and shiny and supple. I vaguely recall it feeling comfy and naughty but beyond that I don't recall any particular pleasure or satisfaction from it and really had no idea why I did it. I just went about on my way completely non-chalant and went back outside and nearly forgot about it.

I don't know if it was the bulk or someone saw me and tattled that they thought I was stealing something. But my mom called me in and perp walked me to the bathroom to show me "what I stuck under my shirt" and to lift up my shirt and I got busted.

Was made to sit in a corner the rest of the day and ridiculed by the adults about wanting to be a baby again. I don't recall being particularly embarrassed by it or anything. I was more profoundly upset and not understanding why I was being punished over nothing and mad about being confined against my will.

While sitting there in boredom I noticed my prized Casio digital watch that I was gifted that Christmas had been shattered at some point in the day and that got me sobbing more than everything else. I feel like I had that when I around 8 which places the upper age limit. Of course the stupid adults were thinking it was just me trying to distract from whatever offense they perceived I had committed or to get sympathy or get out of trouble. But I really loved that watch for some reason, that was genuine upset.

I have some much earlier memories like 3 and 4 with Gerber pants and being bribed with Scooby-Doo underwear to stop peeing my pants. But these were normal passing events not connected to any later ABDL or desire for diapers. I was just being a stubborn kid and trying to hold it all the time so I didn't have to interrupt whatever I was doing. Eventually I would wait so long I would be sitting on my heels in pain and paralyzed in place and couldn't move from that spot. The dam started to break and I would be peeing myself as I made a dash for the toilet too little too late. 😆 I don't associate any of that contributing to ABDL at all. The curiosity over diapers came later, unrelated and completely out of nowhere. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
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For me it was either in 1995-1996 I discovered the DPF forums, today they're gone, I was extremely surprised to find out I wasn't a psycho needing to turn myself into an asylum for wanting to be a baby and wear diapers (for awhile before that discovery, that idea was in my head, I was sure I needed mental health, as a 15 yrs old at that time, that's what I though)
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I believe I was looking online via dial-up modem back in mid 1990’s and typed in a search for adult diapers. One of the hits came up for Diaper Pail Friends and learned about the ABDL world.
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