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the ninja has returned

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yep you guessed it... esteemed member of TBDL's resident ninja squad has returned... as an alchemist, DUN DUN DUUUN:D!!

well... upshot of things is that upon return to TBDL ive changed my name from the previous (and slightly corny) silent diaper assasino i have become as i am now... "the" silent deadly alchemist (notice the initials)... however those who want to may adress me as william if they please

i suppose NOW would e a good time to make an introduction since blew my chance to make it on the old forum cuz' i left it WAYYY too late ill do it here... soooo

For those who dont know me already... im 18 years old currently and have always been, residing in sydney australia which is located in the state of new south wales.

im definately a Tb as such and near-certainly a DL. as for sissy/LG tendancies... that is currently subject to enquiry and exploration although i am oftem having the feeling that my predliction towards more girly things is most likely due to the associated cuteness that girly paraphenalia and behavoir has... regardless of whether it will have the same effect when i am using similar items:eek:

As such i do mostly consider my baby-nature to be slightly second rate in importance. since throughout life i have been tought to view the world and act with a sense of balance or moderation in as many areas of life as possible and have often done much to curb my deires in order to prevent them "spilling over" somewhat. my paraphenalia is somewhat simplistic some molicare nappies a few pacifiers and a few bottles as well as a ouple of slightly underproportionate plushies (<--undersized, for people unaquainted with the previous term) and some baby bottles as well as a few childish colouring books and in a way i consider my bed (not a crib/cot nor a toddler style bed, just my normal, king single sized bed) to be somewhat a resource since the most prominent part of my self-babying involve napping or sleeping, sice i often think that people seem to be the most eautful when asleep probably due to the fat that they look so peaceful. as a result my dreamiest fantasies are often involving being slowly put to sleep, being bottle fed while lying with my head restng in someones lap...

In the realm of my position in life i am currently n the process of enrolling to study at UTS (university of technology sydney) in order to undertake a bachealor of science probably majoring to do a course in environmental biology.

Im greek to the teeth a member of aan extensive greek family and i am a greek orthodox christian... all of which is contradicted by the fact that i am an AVID otaku and anime/manga fan, as such i have long considered myself to be a bit of a nerd, since t is not uncomon for me to choose playng a game then pcking up a piece of sporting equiptment... that is with the exception of my extensive arsenal of makeshift practice weapons, ranging from a form of various sized kendo sticks made from old metal-tube mop handles:D to a slightly oversided (2metre) bamboo longbow constructed by roughly twisting together two long yet slightly narrow bamboo staves and tightly lashing together the result.

as my username suggests subtly i am a VARY keen science person, to the point where i would say that such forms of reasoning have been known to override my day-to-day commonsense!! ;) i especially have an interests in the broad realm of simply asking the question "how does that work... precisely" after pointing to a random thing... this has ranged from the internet to genetics. i am also a keen historian and political/social analyst... so be warned if i accidently say something that may sound slightly offensive politically or culturally or religously, im a bit like David Schapelle, nothing is sacred and everything is open to satire (i mean this in a light hearted way)...

for any more detals....either send me a PM and maybe well talk on IRC or IM... SAYONARA!!!!! bEbies!!
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Yay - that was a very elaborate introduction. It certainly made up for anything you may have missed on the old forum. ;)

So, welcome back - I hope you won't use your sneaky chemistry skills to blow up this forum :p



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Yes just like peachy said, nice intro!
Welcome back!
I loved your outlook on moderation of all areas of life!
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