The need for social interaction

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I found now that my depression is pretty much gone. That is a lot easier to get lonely and need social interaction. I was not interested in interacting to the point when I no longer wanted to speak. I was happy by myself until one day I started getting to know my dad and told him about being a kid and then I started to miss him when he wasn't here. I am now finding myself wanting to interact and lonilesness effects my functioning.

Has anybody noticed this before? Is this something to do with me being a little?

I do find I want stories read to me but I havn't got the courage to ask dad to read to me. I play downstairs where he is and that makes me happy. I can't stand being on my own anymore and my dad is away for the weekend, help! He knows that I don't like it but he still goes! He has taken me with him before.
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