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Chapter 1
There's no telling why people are the way they are. Oftentimes parents feel this about
their own children whom, despite sharing genes, often seem to be a mystery. And children,
while generally loving and admiring their parents, oftentimes swear to never be like
them as they mature into adults themselves.

A perfect example of this mystery was playing out in the spring of 2001 on the back
porch of a modest home in rural North Carolina.

"Mom, why can't I go to the other camp I've been asking about since last year?" Amy's
eyes looked pleadingly into her mother's, who stared back into those of her 16-year old
with equal intensity.

"You're hardly sure of why you want to go to that stupid Spike camp other than seeing
some cute boy on the front of a brochure. You do realize it's a girl's volleyball camp
and the cover is probably just some marketing ploy to make you think it's crawling with
hunks and lure in girls like you? He's probably just a coach or something." She hoped
perhaps she was speaking some sense to her naive daughter, but the look on Amy's face
was pure defiance.

"You think I don't know that, mother?" The title match had begun.

"Watch your tone with me, child!" It was always like this and Meredith knew she had to
get the situation calmed quickly before the inevitable screaming match began.
In years past, mother and daughter were close, one might say almost idyllic in their
relationship. Little Amy adored her mother and wanted to be just like her when she
grew up. However, as the little girl became a middle schooler, and soon after a high
schooler, she found the admiration faded and was partially replaced with disdain for
what she saw as a myriad of pointless rules with little explanation. For her mother's
part, Meredith was raised to meet every challenge from ones offspring with measured
discipline and never was an explanation warranted. Parents had no need to explain
themselves to their children and doing so only gave credence to the home being some
sort of quasi-democratic microcosm of the mess found only in Washington DC.

Having her husband in the military only reinforced Meredith's resolve to ensure she
provided sufficient stability and discipline to her child. However, she found Amy to
be far more loving and compliant when David was home, making her wonder what magic he
possessed to impart order and love together with such harmony in a way she couldn't
seem to emulate.

"Amy, would you talk with your father this way if he were standing here? You know he
supported me in the decision to send you to the university camp." Frustration still
emanated from her daughter, but mentioning her father always at least made her think
momentarily on what her mother was saying.

"Mom, look, I'm..." she sighed. "Just, please quit trying to make every decision for
me. Don't you realize I'm 16 now? Why did you have to go looking for camps after I
already told you about where I wanted to go? Can't you just let me make this one
decision for myself?" The teen hoped maybe her mother would finally see her as an
adult, perhaps one of the most desperate wishes she held with regard to her parents.

"Amy, do you think I wouldn't at least look into this camp of yours? I did, but aside
from being much closer, the university camp has been around much longer, is highly
recommended, and several of your friends are going from what I hear."

"Mom! That's just it, I'm sick of the 'friends' around here. Everyone's so fake and
there's no one I care to be real friends with. You forget what it's like because you
have dad and you have your church friends. After Molly moved away last year I pretty
much realized I was done with everyone else and it wasn't worth trying to be fake for
them." Sighing in frustration she got up to go back inside.

"Honey, stop." Meredith was debating on taking a harsher tone, but knowing Molly was a
sensitive subject, she took on an uncharacteristically empathic tone trying to love her
daughter as best she could. "Amy please, sit back down."

"Why mom? You know it's true. What else is there to say?" Rolling her eyes and
flopping back onto the cushioned wicker chair, the girl resigned herself to yet more
pointless conversation that wouldn't get her what she wanted.

Meredith considered going back on her decision, but she felt like she knew what was
best for her daughter and the camp she'd picked out was certainly a solid program that
would improve Amy's volleyball skills. After a few moments, she realized another

"Alright Amy, here's what I'll do. The university camp is in mid July and Spike comes
two weeks later in August. I'll sign you up to both and if you don't feel you've
gotten all the volleyball training you can handle for one summer, I'll admit I was
wrong and pay for you to also attend Spike camp two weeks later. However, if you see
that I was right, you'll owe me the $50 lost registration fee out of your babysitting

A smile began to curl from one side of Amy's mouth. She'd gotten her mother to budge!
"Mom, that's fair. Thanks, as long as you're ok with spending the money on both. Are
you sure dad's ok with it?" Amy was treading a fine line between showing all of her
excitement and trying to be cool about it so she didn't make her mother question her
change of heart.

"Well, he told me to make the decision on this one, so you don't need to worry about
that sweetheart. Your dad has too many things to be concerned with running everything
by him."

A look of slight frustration appeared on Amy's face, but she muted the frustration in
her response. "Oh, I guess when you said he agreed with you earlier I thought he picked
the university too." She hoped that wasn't too accusatory.

"Honey, he told me to make the decision. That means he agrees with whatever I decide,
right?" Meredith knew her original statement was a bit deceptive, and she mentally
chided herself for it.

"Yeah, I guess." Amy was too excited about the prospect of going to her preferred camp,
that she didn't much care about her mother's questionable statement.

"Alright, well I'll take care of the paperwork and you just focus on finishing out the
school year with good grades so you don't need to go to summer school instead." She
winked knowingly at her daughter, as they both knew that wasn't a real possibility.
Amy just rolled her eyes in a playful manner and went back into the house.

The rest of the school year seemed to pass slowly as Amy was eagerly anticipating the
summer full of fun ahead of her. In addition to two camp experiences, she had several
babysitting jobs lined up and that meant money for a car. Her dad had made a deal with
her on her 13th birthday that when she'd saved up half the money for the car she
wanted, he'd supply the other half. Last summer, she'd already saved enough for a used
Chevy Cavalier, but she had her sights set on a new Pontiac Sunfire GT. This was of
course after she was told she had to pick from GM cars considering her uncle's status
as a senior executive provided the family with heavy discounts. Another $1700 and
she'd have her car!

As the final weeks of the semester trickled by, most of her days brought little in the
way of excitement. She settled into a routine of school, chores, the occasional
hangout with someone she could tolerate from her church, and of course the normal
homework of a high school junior. That is, until one Sunday morning in mid-May when
her mother came in to wake her up for church...

- - - Updated - - -

I don't wish to pollute my chapters with comments, but apparently this forum software is forcing my attempt at a second post to be instead added to the bottom of the original. If anyone can tell me how to add another post, that would be helpful. On to my comments...

First off, I haven't written prose fiction in more than 10 years so I expect my work is a little rough. Criticism is welcome.

Second, you're wrong. That is, I suspect reading this chapter will make most of you believe this story fits a tired and predictable pattern we find often among stories in this genre. I assure you that, while containing fragments of many tired stories, the complete work will not be something you've quite seen before. I've been tossing around this idea for about a year now and finally I decided to take my writer's hat out of mothballs.

Third, I have no particular plans for an update schedule. I'm quite busy, so please don't expect daily or even weekly updates.

Last, feedback is encouraged. No, really.

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Chapter 2

It had started shortly after her 10th birthday. Something that first began as a curiosity had became a thrill of naughtiness in Amy's imagination, if she could only manage to get away with it. Amy's 8-year-old cousin Rachel had stayed the night after Amy's birthday party and wet the bed. Over the next few evenings Amy couldn't shake the thoughts from her head wondering what wetting the bed would feel like and what would happen when her mother found out. Having been daytime trained shortly before her 2nd birthday and wetting the bed only occasionally into preschool, she couldn't remember much of those days. However, Rachel's incident brought back faint memories she'd long forgotten and she wanted to experience those feelings again. But more importantly, Amy was always looking for ways to get one over on Meredith, and she couldn't think of a better way than to frustrate her mother with something she seemingly couldn't control.

Finally one night, Amy mustered up the nerve to have a small wetting just to test the waters and see if she could stand to do such a thing to herself. She made sure she didn't use the toilet before bed and then laid in bed for a while waiting for a feeling that she had to go. Much to her dismay the next morning, she realized she'd fallen asleep waiting to spring her plan into action. It took several more nights before she finally felt the need to go. Wetting herself was far more difficult than she imagined, but soon she was able to produce enough liquid to provide an annoyance to her mother the following morning.

What she hadn't anticipated was the fact that only releasing a portion of her bladder had resulted in the remainder providing a throbbing reminder and discomfort to the point that she couldn't get back to sleep. An hour later and sporting soggy, cold pajamas, Amy knew what she had to do. Slowly making her way to her parents' room, she mustered up the most depressing and worrying thoughts she could so that by the time she was tapping her mother's shoulder, tears had begun to form and slowly run down the manipulating girl's face.

"Mom!" she whispered, hoping she wouldn't also wake her father.

A few seconds became a full minute and several tries later her mother finally stirred.

"Amy...what, what do you need?" Meredith yawned, searching the girl's face for the reason she found herself awake in the middle of the night. She found the tears, then slowly scanned down until she saw the slightly darker spot on Amy's midsection. A look of mild displeasure spread across her face.

"Amy, you didn't...did you?"

"Mom, I'm..." mustering up every tear she could, Amy produced a convincing, yet hushed, series of sobs. "I'm sorry, please-please-please forgive me..."

"Alright honey, it's not your fault, let's go get this cleaned up." Her mother proceeded to handle the bed and send Amy to the shower for a cleanup. Nothing else was said about the incident and Amy was too afraid to try again after things hadn't worked out like she'd imagined.

A few weeks later, Amy sat on her bed thinking about her last attempt at wetting the bed. She realized then that her plan hadn't been the horrible failure she had first thought it to be, as her mother had still witnessed her deed and didn't think anything of it beyond the occasional fluke of a child having an accident. And yet, she hadn't felt what she thought she'd feel: pleasure of getting away with something and the feeling of waking up to a wet bed. She realized her problem had been wetting and then being unable to sleep through the night to fully experience the wet bed and make her mother discover it herself in the morning. That would certainly make her feel naughty the way she wanted to and hopefully give her the thrill of getting away with it.

That night, she went to bed with her Little Mermaid watch and set the alarm for 4am before placing the watch under her pillow and falling asleep as usual. When she heard the faint sound of the alarm, she silenced it and proceeded to wet herself, this time realizing she shouldn't hold back. She felt the bed warming beneath her midsection, then slowly work its way down her thighs and simultaneously up towards her chest before she finally felt herself finish peeing. It was quite the feeling to have half her body covered in wetness while still laying in her bed, but the warm, wet feeling was not repulsive as she'd worried, but oddly enjoyable. She squished from side to side slightly before finding a comfortable position a midst her newly created puddle, and finally the naughty girl fell asleep.

She awoke a few hours later to find herself in the midst of a clammy, cold crater instead of her usually comfortable cocoon of sheets and blankets. This feeling was definitely not enjoyable and removing her covers exposed her to the cool morning air which was even less inviting to the sopping wet girl. Contemplating her options, she settled on the option that meant her mother had to fix the problem. Considering her miserable state, it didn't take long for genuine tears to start flowing. First a few, then she worked herself up into a genuine cry.

It didn't take long for her mother to come up the stairs to find out what might cause her 10-year-old daughter start crying first thing in the morning. Meredith worked through the possibilities in her head as she ascended the stairs. She assumed a nightmare or perhaps some pre-puberty hormones starting to kick in. However, nothing in her imagination prepared her for what she would find. Opening the door, she saw her near-teenage daughter, gathering sheets and blankets around her, bawling her eyes out and trying to tell her something, but she couldn't make it out.

"Honey, calm down...I can't understand you. Tell me what's wrong, are you hurt? Did you have a bad dream?"

"Mom...I can't...I..." Amy's sobs continued.

Meredith didn't have the patience to deal with slowly pulling details from her emotional daughter. As she moved to sit on the bed, her eyes widened as she noticed the faint outline of wetness on the exposed portion of the sheets covering the mattress.

"Amy, again? What's gotten into you, this is the second time this month! Are you feeling ok?" Torn between wanting to take control of the situation and helping her daughter feel better, she settled on the former, her default. "I want you to get cleaned up and stop that crying. It's pee, you'll be fine Amy, there's no need to get upset."

Her crying had mostly subsided, but the girl still looked miserable. Eyes swollen and hair a mess, she started to say something, but slowly removed the covers and stepped onto the floor, shivering as she walked to the shower. Slowly, Amy realized the tears had not fixed everything as she was still shivering and miserable. Showering was a time to reflect on the fact that most of the time when she tried to get one over on her mother it ended up backfiring. Still, she had completely enjoyed the thrill of doing something naughty the previous night and there was something oddly appealing about realizing her mother still didn't suspect this was anything other than an accident. Her shower finished, she came back to her room to find her bed neatly made and even the rest of her room looked a little cleaner. It pleased her that she had exerted some form of control and manipulation to the situation, and it seemed to at some level make up for all the times her mother made her clean her room, do chores around the house, or obey some other stupid rule she didn't understand.

Over the next few of years into her early teen years, she'd "punish" her mother by having a bedwetting episode when she felt particularly frustrated or angry about something where her mother was, in Amy's view, being ridiculous or unfair. After the first few times, she'd gotten past the discomfort of waking up to a wet bed and learned to delay obeying her mother to go clean up as long as possible before the inevitable yelling began. Several times, Amy's mother chided her daughter after a wet morning for being lazy to not use the toilet before bed and pointed to how ruined her mattress would be if she hadn't always kept plastic sheets on all the beds in the house to protect them from spills of various kinds. Meredith even threatened her daughter with wearing Goodnights if she kept up her wetting, but the episodes were always weeks or months apart, so she never made good on her threats.


Amy was 14 the last time she had punished her mother with a bedwetting episode. It wasn't that she hadn't thought about doing it since then, but ultimately because she was too embarrassed to pee herself as a high-schooler and risk someone finding out about it. She already knew that her mother had shared the occasional bedwetting with several close family friends, and the fact that such information could potentially be leaked to her peers was unimaginable.

Now at 16, her mother had recently mentioned that she was glad the bedwetting seemed to be in the past. And though Amy still felt like her mother was a constant source of conflict and competition, she was starting to feel the beginnings of respect for her mother and she thought perhaps her mother had started to ever so slightly relax her disciplinarian grip upon her and start to view her as approaching womanhood. The recent concession about the volleyball camp seemed to be one of the few indications of that possibility and Amy was excited about the prospect of soon leaving her childhood, its rules, and overbearing oppression behind.

That all was up for debate again one Sunday morning in mid-May as her mother came to wake her up for church. It was obvious to Meredith that her daughter had wet the bed. As she was momentarily debating her response, Amy stirred, being aware of her mother standing beside her bed. As the girl sat up, her expression quickly changed to one of confusion, then of panic, and finally an all-out emotional breakdown.

"Amy, this is ridiculous. At your age, girls shouldn't be peeing themselves!" Meredith couldn't help herself, this was just too much.

Unfortunately, it was also too much for Amy. She hadn't set an alarm to wet the bed. She'd had no intention of punishing her mother, and in fact she couldn't think back to a time in recent memory when the two of them had been on such good terms. This was truly an accident and the first since she was a little girl in preschool. That realization caused a similar reaction in Amy to that first morning when she'd experienced a cold, wet, and miserable bed. Only this time, she was experiencing the misery of what she had been lying about actually becoming reality. Her body had betrayed her, or perhaps this was punishment for what she had done to her mother for all of those years. All of these thoughts were swimming in Amy's mind as she sobbed uncontrollably and as her mother continued to spout random words of frustration and confusion.

"Answer me Amy, dammit, did you pee before you went to bed last night like I tell you to do?" Meredith stared intently demanding an answer.

Amy's mind was swimming and came around for a lap back to reality in time to quickly answer her mother's question. "No, I forgot...I'm so sorry mom. I...I don't know why this is happening to me again, it's been almost two years..." The soft sobs continued.

"Well I was fed up with it then, and I'm even more fed up with it now. You're too old for this and I'm not washing more sheets. Starting tonight, you'll be wearing Goodnights to bed and I will ask you every night before bed if you have peed in the toilet like a big girl so you don't have an accident. I can't believe I have to do this with my 16-year-old daughter, but it's clear you haven't grown up yet."

Whack. Amy felt the smack of her mother's words full in the face as her tears dried up and her cries turned inwardly to panic. She couldn't wear pull-ups like some 4-year-old who couldn't quite make it to the potty, could she? What was she going to do? No would could know about this and certainly her mother wouldn't say anything would she? Could she do that to her after the budding relationship of mother and daughter had finally started to form?

"Mom, please...I won't have another accident, I promise!" she desperately wanted her mother to reconsider.

"Amy, do you remember the last time? You hadn't wet since you were in kindergarten, and then all of the sudden you started up when you were 10. I can't handle the sheets thing again and this is my best solution. If you're worried that someone will find out, then you should be doing better about using the toilet before bed instead of being lazy." Seeing a look of sheer hopelessness on her daughter's face, Meredith pondered a way to give her daughter some shred of hope. "Honey, if you can go 6-months without an accident then we can try going without the Goodnights again."

"Mom! That's a long way off. What about sleepovers? What about..." the reality hit her as she shrieked.... "WHAT ABOUT CAMP?!"


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I'm glad to see that one person has enjoyed the start of this story. I'm not sure when I'll be able to write another chapter, possibly this weekend, we'll have to see.

I'd appreciate other input if anyone has thoughts both positive and negative to offer. I'm pretty critical of my work, so I already know what I don't like about it and I'm curious to see where I'm falling with the overall perception. :)


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I noticed you slipped and put Molly in place of Amy in Ch. 1 near the bottom. Otherwise looking good so far!

monkeegurl, are you perhaps referring to this section in chapter 1?
"Mom! That's just it, I'm sick of the 'friends' around here. Everyone's so fake and
there's no one I care to be real friends with. You forget what it's like because you
have dad and you have your church friends. After Molly moved away last year I pretty
much realized I was done with everyone else and it wasn't worth trying to be fake for
them." Sighing in frustration she got up to go back inside.

"Honey, stop." Meredith was debating on taking a harsher tone, but knowing Molly was a
sensitive subject, she took on an uncharacteristically empathetic tone trying to love her
daughter as best she could. "Amy please, sit back down."

Notice that the first use of Molly's name is when Amy is describing a friend who moved away whose name is Molly. When Molly is mentioned the second time, Meredith is reluctant to push the issue knowing that the subject of her daughter's friend who moved away is a sensitive one or "Molly was a sensitive subject".

Does that clear things up? Hope so! :)

Thanks for the input so far. It's encouraging to know I am being much more critical of myself apparently than you guys are. I shall hopefully write more this weekend.

(Also, fixed the word "empathic" which should have been "empathetic" Just noticed that when I did the quote. Can I not edit my original posts though? Seems the button is missing. Does it expire after so long?)


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Yes, my mistake I read it wrong. Also, yes, the button does disappear after a time. If you ask a Mod though, they can help you with changes.


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Chapter 3

If there was ever a time for panic, Amy thought this surely was it. Her wetting to this point had always been a relatively contained experience, limited to the knowledge of close family and friends, and further limited in its intent since she knew the incidents were of her own doing. Now, she was faced with the possibility that, for the first time since she was a little girl, a real accident had occurred. Never able to share the real reason for her previous misdeeds, she resigned herself to focusing very hard on never having another accident and possibly coming to her mother before camp to beg for reprieve from the padded prison she was fated to endure, should her mother's decree go unrecinded.

Over the next several weeks, she wore a Goodnite to bed each night never waking to an accident and each morning being sure to announce this fact to her mother. Meredith, despite praising her daughter, always seemed skeptical that the wetting episodes were gone for good and she knew her lack of excitement was probably obvious to Amy. Her mother's lack of faith in her made Amy all the more wish that Meredith would realize that this was actually Amy's first accident in 12 years, but she knew there was no way to share that important detail with her mother.

However, as fate would have it, a certain Saturday morning in early June had been preceded by a Friday evening when Amy had been up late with friends watching an exciting movie and drinking lots of soda with yummy, salty snacks. She'd barely remembered falling asleep, but the morning after was far more memorable.

"Amy honey, you need to get out of bed, it's almost 11am." Her mother seemed pleasant enough, but obviously sleeping much longer into the morning was unacceptable to Meredith and she was kindly reminding her daughter of that fact.

Stirring from her sleep, Amy acknowledged her mother with a few morning noises, but staying up past 2am the night before had certainly made the girl cherish her morning sleep and she found herself very reluctant to give in and immediately wake to her mother's beckon. She rolled over and propped herself up on a pillow facing her mom.

"If you think shifting to a different position and giving me those cute looks will make me want to let you sleep in, you clearly don't know your mother very well young lady." She tried to hide a slight grin, as she did find her daughter cute, but Meredith always felt the need to maintain a firmness in their relationship that would not give room for manipulation or disrespect.

Amy's cute expression ever so slowly faded as her mind was gradually waking and becoming more and more aware of her surroundings, shifting from a purely conceptual awareness to once again a balanced sensation of mind and body. She had a growing realization that her nether regions felt slightly different than usual, though the reality of what that might mean was not clear to her as of yet. Still, some part of her was starting to feel uneasy and she became more anxious to have her mother leave so she could get out of bed and not be self conscious of her pull up. Her pull up! Her brain was suddenly awake and she realized the mystery feeling was likely wetness from an accident. She suddenly became aware that in her waking up phase her mother had been asking her a question, and now her brain was finally catching her up on what she'd been missing. "How is your Goodnite honey?" was the last thing her mother had said and by the look on Meredith's face, Amy could tell her mother was expecting an answer before she would leave the room. Panic started to increase, and Amy was sure her face had begun to give away her growing state of alarm.

"Amy, I know you're still waking up, but it's a simple question. Are you dry, yes or no?" Meredith saw her daughter was uneasy and she suspected that either her daughter was simply bothered by the whole subject or she had indeed had an accident. Either way, she wanted an answer and she really didn't care much for delay.

"Mom, can I please have some privacy or something so I can get dressed? I'm sorry I slept in, but I'm up now, thanks for waking me." The formality of those words betrayed the underlying problem.

"Amy, I'd be happy to let you get dressed, but you didn't answer my question. Wet or dry?" Meredith stared at her daughter for a few more seconds before she moved her hand to the nearest corner of the covers and began to move them away from her daughter. Predictably, Amy yanked the covers back to herself and clearly displayed a look of mixed shock and guilt to her mother.

"I don't know, ok mom? I don't...just...leave me alone so I can get dressed." Frustrated and unsure of anything at the moment, Amy's tears started coming and she balled up the covers in front of her and held them tightly, quietly shedding tears into the bedsheets.

Meredith wasn't a heartless mother. She scooted over towards her daughter and pulled the girl into a gentle hug. She whispered affectionate and kind words into her ear and rubbed her back for a few moments before reaching her hand down and feeling her daughter's undergarment.

"Honey, did you really not know you'd wet last night? You're soaked and I think we should check to be sure you didn't leak." She released Amy from the hug and pulled back the sheets, checking for any wet spots. "Looks good, thankfully those seem to work fine for you."

"Yeah, I guess they do. I really wasn't sure but I thought maybe...I was wet. I'm so sorry mom, I didn't mean to do it." Amy had stopped her crying, but her whole attitude was downtrodden and resigned to her own failure.

"Honestly Amy, I'm sorry I didn't get these for you a long time ago. This is so much easier than wet sheets and blankets and your clothes. You can just take that Goodnite and throw it in the trash and be done with it."

"Mom, are you mad at me?"

"I'm actually not. I thought this might happen when I saw you drinking all of that soda with your friends last night and then practically passing out afterwards. And I think you'll agree, next time if your friends stay the night instead of going home after the movie, you'll be happy to wear a Goodnite to protect you from a lot of embarrassment."

"Don't you think I'd be more embarrassed if one of them found out I was wearing pull ups like one of their little brothers or sisters? I just need to not be stupid and drink that much next time. It was my fault mom, you're right." Amy chided herself for being so stupid and enjoying herself too much. She didn't deserve to have fun nights if she was going to end up peeing herself later from her lack of judgment.

Meredith was actually surprised with herself for not being upset with Amy over this accident. On the one hand, she knew full well a 16-year-old peeing herself was a bit on the unusual side, but she'd always felt like Amy was growing up too fast ever since her pre-teen years when Amy began to assert herself and displayed a very strong mind of her own. Now, looking at her "big girl" on the bed in a wet diaper, for all intents and purposes, she realized this was her little girl, and that this girl was all she had. She knew her nurturing instincts were trumping her superimposed disciplinarian principles, but she didn't care. In this moment, Amy was vulnerable and beaten, not showing any rebellion or forcing her will on the situation, and that made Meredith feel able to be a mother again instead of a warden.

"Honey, I think you girls had a great time last night and I don't want this little issue to make that any less enjoyable for you. Honestly, I look back at my teen years and some of those late night hangouts with friends are the fondest memories of my life. I even remember a few times when your father and I were just newly married and we stayed up late watching movies and sleeping in the next morning, and it was so much fun." Smiling at her daughter, she gave her another hug and rubbed her back once again for a few moments before adding, "I love you Amy, and I want you to be a happy girl."

Amy didn't understand why she could wake up wet one morning and face a torrent of criticism and then wake up another morning several weeks later to compassion and much coveted warmth from her mother. The only thing that had changed was her pull up. Could it simply be that her mother didn't care about anything other than the mess? That must be it...when her mother had to do all of that cleanup it had to be frustrating.

"I already made breakfast an hour ago, but there's still some pancakes left if you want to heat them in the microwave when you get yourself cleaned up and dressed." Meredith left the room and made her way to the office she shared with her husband to catch up on paperwork.

Amy meanwhile sat on her bed a few minutes longer, still deep in thought. She was beginning to realize that she was her own worst enemy, not her mother. Her years of antagonizing her mother in both overt and covert ways only served to frustrate her mother which in turn made her mother be more critical and demanding. She had only seen her actions as a natural reaction when her mother didn't give her what she wanted, but all of her fighting had only worked against her. In the end, her failure to stay dry this morning was humiliating, defeating, and certainly exactly what her mother should have been frustrated with her about. Instead, she had been wearing the garment her mother prescribed and her accident had been handled with minimal mess and fuss as her mother had expected. She realized that perhaps the woman was really looking out for her daughter and perhaps knew more than she'd given her credit for over the years. Perhaps Amy would be a happier girl if she tried to listen to her mother more.

Leaving her bed, Amy slowly walked towards the bathroom in just her t-shirt and Goodnite. She passed by her mirror and stopped to examine her reflection. Staring back at her was a girl of 16 with a slight white bulge appearing beneath her t-shirt where thin underwear should be. She couldn't decide if this slightly less mature look was repulsive or cute, so she turned and made her way back to the bathroom to clean up. It didn't take much to remove the heavy garment from her waist as it easily dropped to the floor with the aide of gravity. Amy picked up the used pull up and examined it. The plain white look was overshadowed by the clear yellow patch now covering two-thirds of the middle area. It had also swelled to three times its original size and it squished in her hands when she moved it around. Yes, this was just like any of the wet diapers she'd changed in her babysitting experiences except it was larger and had elastic sides instead of taped sides. That realization wasn't new to her as she knew both diapers and pull ups were used for the same purpose, but she still somehow felt that some level of maturity had been stripped from her by donning such a garment and using it for its intended purpose. Was she really much more mature than the toddlers she changed when they woke up wet? She didn't know, but her mother's acceptance this morning muted any extreme frustration she might have felt towards herself otherwise for wearing garments not unlike a toddler's. Hopping into the shower, she felt the clammy skin and the remaining guilt of her wet morning wash away. The prospect of tasty pancakes after her shower further lightened her mood.

The rest of the day was a fairly typical Saturday, but shortly before dinner the special treat she hadn't been expecting was announced. Her father was taking her to the movies and ice cream right after they had dinner. The two of them rarely spent that much time together, so Amy and her father talked about anything and everything while they were out and about. Amy wished that her father would set aside his work more, but just the fact that he had taken an entire evening to spend with her made Amy feel loved and special. On the way back to the house, Amy scooted a little closer to him on the bench seat of her father's truck and laid her head against his arm. Her display of affection made the topic David wanted to discuss that much more difficult to bring up. He'd already known his daughter wouldn't be happy about it, but he wanted her to know he was involved in his daughter's life, even the rough parts.

"Honey, did you have a good time tonight?"

"Oh yes, I loved Shrek, you were right dad." Amy had whined slightly when her father had overruled her request to watch Pearl Harbor, as he claimed the reviews he read indicated it was going to be a sub-par movie with questionable historical accuracy. He had instead suggested Shrek, and though Amy had thought Pearl Harbor a more grown up movie that all her peers had been pining to see for the supposed romantic qualities, she had to admit Shrek had plenty of its own grown up moments and she even enjoyed the more kid-oriented parts too. Though she wouldn't admit it to her friends, she had only recently started to feel the beginnings of true attraction to boys. Before that, she'd mainly pretended to be into the things her peers were, including the boy crazy stuff. She suspected it had something to do with the fact that she was a late bloomer in more ways than one.

"That's great honey, I'm glad. I honestly thought it was fun and clever too and I think I'll have to buy this when it comes out on DVD to watch at home with your mom too. I bet she'll like it." David smiled and reached around his daughter for a squeeze before returning his attention to the road, then to his next topic.

"Sweetheart, I was talking to your mom a few days ago and she told me about your...problem in the evenings again."

Amy felt a bit of shame well up in her as she really had hoped her dad wouldn't be aware of her childish habit that had suddenly become a genuine problem. Albeit, she knew her parents shared virtually everything with each other, so the hope was remote to say the least. Still, Amy adored her father, and the fact that they were even discussing her recent wettings was disheartening.

"I want you to know Amy that I support your mother and in fact I told her she could handle your accidents in the past in whatever way the two of you could work out and the same applies to the present. I'm glad your mother finally went through with the Goodnites so you both don't have the mess to worry about." David paused to once again give his daughter a squeeze, trying to discern what her reaction would be.

For her part, Amy wondered if last night's accident was known to her father, and she decided that she should be open with him since he seemed to be really going out on a limb to be sweet to her about it.

"Did mom tell you I had a little accident last night?" Amy blurted out, a bit too matter-of-factly to be natural.

"She did. I actually had planned this night for us a few days ago, but when she told me this afternoon about your accident, I thought it was even more perfect to cheer you up a bit honey." David smiled at his daughter and continued. "I'm sure this will be only temporary, like it has been before."

"Dad, I'm really worried about camp. Do you think I will have to wear them when I go? Mom said six months but I can't, I just can't let people know..." Her voice trailed off. She'd seen an opportunity to have an advocate with her father on the matter and she'd taken it. She hoped he'd understand and overrule her mother, but either way she had to try at least.

"Honey, your mother actually already filled out the paperwork with the camp and one of the questions on the application was regarding special medications or considerations for medical needs and she felt that she should let the camp know that you might have a problem in the evenings. It would be inconsiderate to let you go and then if you had an accident pretend we had no knowledge of accidents in the past." David could see the slight look of anxiety and frustration spreading across his daughter's face. "I'm sure you'll feel more comfortable knowing that you're protected if you have another accident, right?"

"Yeah, maybe there's some comfort in that, but what if someone finds out? I couldn't face those girls again, I just couldn't!" Amy felt a tear run down her cheek before she worked her emotions back into control.

"Well actually, I believe your mother was going to share this bit of good news with you later, but I don't think she'll care too much if I share it now." Smiling at his daughter, he noticed a slight look of hope in her eyes, but overall concern remained.

"Since this camp is actually a university most of the year, you'll be staying in unoccupied dormitory rooms normally used by college students during the school year. That means you'll only have two roommates at most in your immediate room and possibly only one roommate. Plus, the program apparently tries to match up kids with medical issues so they can be all handled in one place, so you'll likely be rooming with girls who either have a similar issue or other problems and those kinds of kids will be more understanding if you were to let your secret out."

The realization of the good and bad sides to such an arrangement were immediately apparent to Amy as she listened to her father.

"Dad, that's great and all, but won't I be basically one of the weird girls if everyone knows I'm staying in the 'special' rooms?"

"I really don't know how clear that will be to everyone else, since I doubt anyone with severe medical issues would even be able to attend a volleyball camp, I doubt it'll be that obvious. Maybe you should just pray about it honey, I'm sure it'll all work out." David turned the car onto their street and the last few minutes of the ride home were silent.

Her father's assurances only slightly improved her mood and she mulled his last statement over in her head. She knew her father wanted her to share her problems with God, but somehow she figured He wouldn't care about something so stupid as some random girl out of billions who peed herself at night. In fact, the more she thought about a divine angle to her problem, the more she was convinced that was fruitless. She'd manipulated and treated her mother horribly by intentionally wetting herself and creating messes for years, so she wasn't about to pretend she deserved anything good. She also suspected that if she still believed in Santa she'd have gotten coal for sure the past few years.

Nonetheless, she knew her daddy loved her and she'd had a great night with him even if she knew she didn't deserve a lot of things. She was going to try and fix things and be a better girl. As the pair exited the truck and entered the house, they hugged and exchanged goodnights before Amy added, "and I love you daddy", heading up the stairs to bed.

"I love you too sweetheart..." David called softly after her as he headed to his office.


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  1. Diaper Lover
Brilliant chapter. I love that you left growth open for Amy's character, as the character has really developed. Good job, keep it up


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  1. Private
I like that this isn't the typical setup for getting a character in diapers. Having it be the result of her purposeful decisions in the past (but not with the initial intent of bed wetting to get diapers) is a clever idea.

I'm curious to see where this goes.


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Thank you all for the words of encouragement. I suppose this means I'm far too critical of my work because reading back through the first two chapters I wasn't all that impressed. However, the story has seemed to come together in a way I didn't even expect in chapter 3 and it's turned out decently well. You might say this story has a mind of its own in my head, as I know generally where I want to take it and I have some big landmarks in mind that we will certainly visit, but overall I don't know how this story is going to progress in detail. I'm on the adventure too. :)

I say adventure because this is purely an exploratory project for me. I have two degrees in a very technical field and no formal or otherwise writing experience beyond the occasional private stories and poetry I've shared with family and friends and very little of that in the past 10 years. Reading so many stories others have written over the years in this genre made me feel that I should at least try to come up with something worthy of sharing, and perhaps gain some feedback and helpful criticism from the more skilled writers of the community.

I have bigger plans for this story. Without giving too much away, this story was never supposed to be all about Amy. I want to establish her character, but the original concept that birthed this story is a ways down the road as I've set the stage so far. If I can keep myself motivated to reach those landmarks, I'm sure you'll all be surprised at where we end up.

Again, your words of encouragement certainly are a huge fuel to that motivational fire, so thank you again. And please, constructive criticism is always welcome.


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  1. Diaper Lover
Yikes. I don't really like this at the moment. The writing is quite good, but the logical side of my mind screams: WHAT?!

I don't want it to come out rude though. There are valid reasons for this.

First of all, the fact that she would ...wet the bed...to get back at her mother. That's something a 3-4 year old would do. I know for a fact that even at the age of 5-6 I was already completely ashamed if I ended up even slightly (or completely) peeing myself. This happened in the daytime and was only out of desperation, rather than attention, but I hid it as well as my 5 year old brain could fathom, since I was too embarrassed to actually ask someone for help. On the other hand a 10 year old? That seems too spiteful for words. The character might as well be a manipulative sociopath.

But okay, I will say, fine. Let's say that this character is completely capable of doing something so silly. I'll push that aside for now.

Then she actually wets the bed...by accident. This part makes no sense to me. It feeds the cliche you said you weren't planning to follow for one, and I don't understand how it is logically possible unless she were 1)post drinking binge 2)having hormonal issues 3) Subconsciously hating her mother.

The character appears to suffer from overprotective parents who disrespect her privacy. At the age of 16, you generally have the biggest jumps into adulthood for a teenage brain. That is, without the similar jump in terms of reasoning. Those come at 18+. Thus, yeah the character might make terrible decisions, but unless she has somehow been traumatised into acting more immature than she should, she shouldn't be as willing to follow her mother's lead as she is.

Then there is this:

She was beginning to realize that she was her own worst enemy, not her mother. Her years of antagonizing her mother in both overt and covert ways only served to frustrate her mother which in turn made her mother be more critical and demanding. She had only seen her actions as a natural reaction when her mother didn't give her what she wanted, but all of her fighting had only worked against her. In the end, her failure to stay dry this morning was humiliating, defeating, and certainly exactly what her mother should have been frustrated with her about. Instead, she had been wearing the garment her mother prescribed and her accident had been handled with minimal mess and fuss as her mother had expected. She realized that perhaps the woman was really looking out for her daughter and perhaps knew more than she'd given her credit for over the years. Perhaps Amy would be a happier girl if she tried to listen to her mother more.

This doesn't in any way follow the reasoning of a teenage brain. This is plain submission, as if wearing a goodnight to bed has suddenly brainwashed her from being rebellious, and let's be honest, totally passive aggressive, to an obedient sheep. These sorts of conclusions come after years of maturity. It isn't a normal reaction, considering the way that you set up the character.

On the other hand, everything previous to this train of thought was executed perfectly. The way her mother questioned her and so on. I don't understand why a one time accident once every few months pushes her to the brink of you have to wear goodnights now, but you expressed the helplessness of the situation quite well so it can't completely be regarded as unlikely to happen. You did develop the character of her mom quite well, but you are making your main character switch personalities, without a valid reason for it. Perhaps she is feeling helpless, but that doesn't warrant her acting like a traumatised preschooler. A preschooler maybe, but not a traumatised one. :D ...that's a whole other level that needs a valid preceding action.

Is it possible that your story is about a cult?

I wouldn't write this if I didn't see the wonderful potential that you have as a writer and the fact that otherwise it is written quite well, considering your break from prose. I just have issues with the character development here.

I am very interested in the story, and I want to see you flesh out these concepts in further chapters, perhaps give further background info that could explain that or simply add some sort of twist to it. I'm not really sure, it is in fact your story, so you know these characters best, you know their motivations and why suddenly Amy has the mental age of a preschooler. Follow what inspires you, and please continue because I definitely don't want to kill the fuel to your motivation.


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LushieCat, thank you for sharing your take on the story. To be completely honest, I think some aspect of your concern is certainly warranted, but allow me to share a bit of insight that hopefully gives another angle you may not have considered.

First, to her personality and questionable actions:
Amy is atypical in several ways, though not far enough as to be in the sociopath category. First, I've hinted she's very intelligent and school work is hardly an issue for her. Second, she's clearly had an overworking and unavailable father and an overbearing, controlling mother (albeit in a way that said mother feels this is how you love your children). Amy craves attention and feels a level of female competition with her mother because she sees her as someone she has to beat at the game of kid and parent to get what she wants. Let's explore this further...

An intelligent kid who has, since the age of 10, been thinking of ways to get one over on her mother. This is not unusual, though the particular flavor here is a particularly bright and insightful child who is honing her skills of fighting an adult, though finding she loses that battle in most fronts she's so far been willing to engage in because the parents hold most of the trump cards. Enter cousin Rachel. Now, the catalyst here that I think you missed is that she was not only thinking about bed wetting originally to get back at her mother, but also because she was curious what it would feel like as she had a vague recollection of the experience from her past. I can tell you this scenario at 10 years old is EXACTLY something I did myself, so I'm fully aware it is possible to both be curious and also want attention from such an act at this age. Only for me, after the one incident, I felt the reaction from my parents was one of empathy and I felt horribly guilty and didn't want to try that again. In Amy's case, she is still feeling at some level that her mother deserves to be fought on this playing field, because all other options are too obvious that Amy is actually fighting. Here the fight is invisible, as it's hidden in the guise of something a pre-teen could totally have started struggling with: bed-wetting. It's a hidden control, and though this is actually a complex concept, it doesn't have to be in the mind of a 10-year-old. "Mom can't get mad at me for something my peers could do but I'm still winning." Kids are smarter than most adults give them credit for, but also completely oblivious and missing massive holes in their plans.

And this brings me to your final concern: how does a girl of 16 start having genuine accidents?
I think I'd be giving away some of my plans if I completely explained every reason I believe this is possible, but I will at least throw out there two points: I was able to find several medical sources citing random onset enuresis all the way from young children up through adulthood. Most have a medical explanation, but some cannot be explained outside of psychological or other extra-physiological reasons. Also, you have a girl who for 4+ years was waking herself up with an alarm to wet her bed and I suspect that could induce an unintended pattern into one's subconscious that was always there for the past 1.5 years but recently brought on by stress and/or a night of an exceptionally full bladder.

Does this reconcile your mental incongruities? :)


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  1. Diaper Lover
Not quite. You've provided explanations for her personality and why she has bedwetting accidents, but you've skipped over the part that bothered me the most about the story .

Amy is atypical in several ways, though not far enough as to be in the sociopath category. First, I've hinted she's very intelligent and school work is hardly an issue for her. Second, she's clearly had an overworking and unavailable father and an overbearing, controlling mother (albeit in a way that said mother feels this is how you love your children). Amy craves attention and feels a level of female competition with her mother because she sees her as someone she has to beat at the game of kid and parent to get what she wants

Well, maybe I dislike your character, because she is manipulative, that is a completely plausible explanation. I'll go with you on the motivation behind it, because it can make total sense. But then if she is in fact, that manipulative, my biggest issue is still why the sudden submissiveness. At that very moment of my quote I lose the ability to connect with the character, which is mostly why I left such a big comment.

It's as if she goes from the role of the manipulator to allowing herself to be manipulated. There is not a strong enough event for a switch in personality to occur like that.

I mean on the one hand, let's take under consideration that perhaps she is manipulative, but at the same time passive aggressive. In this case, the bedwetting makes sense. She acts submissive to her parents, but in fact rebels internally and in secret through passive aggressive actions. The problem is, you've made her internal dialogue submissive as well all of a sudden. How can someone who has long ruminated on how to get back at her mother without having to endure direct consequences suddenly change their thought process to...<well maybe she has been right along>.

It's either an emotional rollercoaster due to trauma that makes her mature quickly or regress completely. A bedwetting accident isn't such an event. There needs to be progress in terms of a characters internal dialogue. You cannot jump from manipulative teen to helpless toddler without providing a sequence of events that brings that about.

You started to develop the character, and the background and everything makes sense to me, but the story itself still doesn't.