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I watched this film, (so far not watched) and i was shocked. How much life truth in this film. Already the first scenes shows interesting things. Food for thought, but some things true, in this film actors say, already the beginning. This film have a lot of psychology question. Very good film with very good story, very good actors. What your opinion about this film?
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I liked the first Matrix film. The sequels were a bit ridiculous, but still fun. As for how much truth there is in it, that depends largely on your own philosophical beliefs. I think the idea that we live in our own (or someone else's) distorted or illusory construct is plausible, though as with most abstract philosophical concepts, there's no proof of it. I think there's some genuinely thought-provoking ideas in the Matrix, especially for a Hollywood film. It's impossible to say whether what we as individuals believe we feel and experience is part of reality or a constructed unreality, but it's an interesting (and slightly unnerving) concept to consider.
If any of your local cinemas decide to show them again go and watch them especially the last one as the effects are great and TV don't do them justice
I've seen 2&3 in cinema and next to Bill and Ted these are Keanu's best films
It's one of those movies that blew my mind when I first saw it, but now as an adult I see how thin the premise and philosophical stuff is. It's still a good movie if you don't take it too seriously though.

The two sequels really turned me off when I first saw them, and I still don't think they are very good, but they are ok for action/special effects porn if you can ignore the stoner philosophy stuff and terribly done romance stuff.
I liked the first two Matrix movies, but for different reasons. The first was certainly the more "cerebral" of the two, while the latter was more of an action flick. The third just did an altogether unsatisfying job of wrapping things up, IMO. It wasn't terrible by itself, but it left the trilogy feeling very uneven and disconnected.
I walked into this movie on a hot summer day with my gf on a whim. I walked out after the movie entranced.

The Matrix is a great movie on portraying the 'Human Condition'. I'ts elements portray our shallow nature of comprehension as a human species regarding purpose and questioning 'our' status-quo.

The storyline is captivating but the message and apparent thought behind the script were meant to evoke or conjure the hidden/buried natural insict to thrive as a species. One, that we must be willing first to deny what we have been taught to accept to learn otherwise and consequently be willing to accept what it may take to change it. Fascinating!

Live a false reality or accept the painful struggle to alter it.
I watched all three of the Matrix movies in theater.

The first Matrix was a phenomenal movie. I thought the setting was particularly intriguing and creative. I thought their version of the dystopian future was particularly compelling, and while the events that got us there were a bit implausible, their backstory held together just fine for sci-fi material. I thought some of the themes that most of us are living a shallow fantasy of a life oblivious and unaware of the deeper machinations driving society were compelling and worthwhile. As sci-fi goes, it was a fantastic film. As social commentary goes, I think the messages of the vapidity of society are even more relevant now than they were in 1999. The effects were revolutionary, and they still look good even now. I find it very difficult to argue against The Matrix.

Then the other two happened. Reloaded felt like they released a rough cut of the movie. The script was all over the place. The effects were unpolished then and show their age pretty hard now. And then, there was that 30 minute GM commercial that they passed off as a chase scene. Watch that chase scene again. Literally every car but for two were GM cars. The two oddballs were both 4th-gen Ford Taurii. We saw that same beige Oldsmobile Alero passed off as probably 15 different motorists on the freeway. Of course, the two main vehicles were Cadillacs. The cop cars were Caprices and Impalas (odd, given that the Caprice hadn't been produced for at least five years when it was made). That chase scene was entirely too long and entirely too much product placement.

Revolutions was better than the Reloaded, but only just. The rave scene made no sense at all for the feel of the rest of the movie, and it was grossly too long. The effects were better than Reloaded, but they still looked unfinished. But, I felt it was an ok wrap-up to the story.

The first one created a really compelling universe and presented it with compelling social commentary. The other two were passable action flicks. Only one of the three stands the test of time. Despite all that, though, I'm still a big fan of the series.
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