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The mask is lifted

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I can't really call this a re-introduction as I never introduced myself in the first place (which I just realized:eek:).

Well I'm an Ab/Littlefur. I love playing on my Xbox 360, reading, and cooking.

Favorite book: The basic works of Aristotle

Favorite dish: Garlic Rosemary chicken

Favorite game: Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Well thats a little about me. Hope to see everyone around the forum.

And introducing Jackson.

Jackson says: Hi.:D Looks like Stony is going to let me speak finally.*glares at stone* I protect Stony while he sleeps and all the monsters are afraid of me. I'm a big fluffy brown dog whats not to be afraid of. With all the drama Stony has told me about I says all you humans need to go find a big fluffy friend of your own. We need cuddles too. I'll be chiming in from time to time so keep your ears or eyes pealed. *pulls stone aside to lecture him for not doing this earlier*


Wow, Jackson sounds really awesome! : D Considering that you have been here for a while, I will welcome Jackson to the community. Good intro BTW : )

- Asher
Not open for further replies.