The Life of Rich Kids.


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I have plans in my head for the first few chapters then we'll have to see.

Chapter 1

My alarm was going off again, I was acutely aware that I had already hit snooze a few time, I hit it one more time and turned on the lights, if I didn’t get up soon someone would be coming to check on me.

I swung my feet over the side of the bed and found my slippers with my feet, my eyes slowly opened more as they adjusted to the light.
My alarm clock went off again, how could it already have been ten minutes since I hit the snooze?

Tuning off the alarm I jumped down to the floor I started to make my way to the breakfast nook.

As I walked I could feel my diaper hanging heavy and thick between my legs, though I had wet heavily the night before it wasn’t so wet that it couldn’t wait until after breakfast to change. Still it was just enough to put a little waddle in my step.

When I reached the breakfast nook my younger brother was already eating his breakfast. I sat down at the chair across from him. The chef came in with a plate of eggs, pancakes, and fresh fruit and set it down in front of me.
“What would you like to drink?” he asked

“I’ll have a glass of milk and a small glass of orange juice” I responded.
“I will have that for you shortly” he said

As neither my brother or I were overly enthusiastic about anything this morning breakfast continued in silence.

Though both thru eating and having just gotten up my body was starting to take on its daily functions and soon I felt the need to both pee and poop. As I sat at the table I started to let it out, I could feel my diaper swell up more as it soaked up the pee and filled with poop.

The cook came to collect our dishes and said we best be getting ready for school as to remind us that time was ticking.

As we walked back to our rooms my younger brother walked ahead of me, I could see the waddle in his walk as he too had his night time diaper still on. I pooped my diaper some more as I walked, the more I could get out the less I would need to go later in the day.


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Chapter two

As we came down the hall our rooms were on my little brothers nurse-maid was taking some baskets of clean laundry out of the dumb waiter she grabbed them and carried them into his room behind him closing his door.
I turned into my room and closed the door behind me. My nurse-maid was in my room just finishing making my bed, I saw she already had everything laid out on the side table next to my changing table in the changing area of my room.

I took off my pajamas and dropped them in a pile on the floor I climbed up the small stairs next to the changing table and sat down on it. My nurse-maid had already finished the bed and was busy washing her hands in the small sink that was located in the changing area, she finished scrubbing and drying her hands and pulled a pair of gloves out of the box located on the shelf below the table and put them on.
I laid back on the table and rested my head on the pillow.

There was a small hoist that was installed over the changing table for lifting me up when I got too heavy for the nurse-maids to lift my legs up and change me at the same time, one like it was installed in my brother’s room about a year or so ago for the same reason.

The straps wrapped around my legs just below the knee, and there was a bar between them to keep the legs spread out. She lifted my legs with the hoist enough to get my legs off the table before un-taping the diaper.
“How are sports going so far?” she asked.
“They are going really well, I’m really leading the team this year” I answered as she wiped my soiled bottom.

I was on the varsity soccer team at the prep school my brother and I attended, this was my last year of junior high and I needed to work hard if I didn’t want to go back to warming the benches for a couple of years when I start high school next year.

She slipped a clean diaper under my bottom, lowered my bottom back down, and removed the hoist straps. After sprinkling some powder on me, she pulled the front of the diaper up between my legs and secured the tapes. She grabbed a diaper cover and slid it over over my legs.

I climbed down off the table and made a minor adjustment to the diaper cover, the daytime diapers were thinner than the ones worn over night as changes were more frequent during the day.
She already had my school clothes laid out for me and I worked on getting dressed as she cleaned up the changing area getting it ready for next time.