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This is an idea for a story I had, I wrote out the prologue and the first chapter just to kinda get a feel for it. Let me know what you guys think, if you like it, if you think it's interesting. Unfortunately it'll probably be a bit before I can add any more to it but you so it goes.

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Hello I am Daniel Hoffman, one of the top child psychologists in Australia, and chances are if you are reading this book then you are experiencing problems from your kids. Disobedience, lack of respect, and back talking are all symptoms of a larger problem, and I believe this problem is an excess of independence. While it’s true that independence in the right amount can drive children toward greatness and thrust them into adulthood. The sad truth is some children, in fact most children, simply aren’t ready for an increased level of independence, of course this is through no fault of the parents mind you its genetics, random chance essentially. If children are given independence when they simply aren’t ready for it, well that can lead to behavioral issues like the ones you are having dear reader. This book offers an effective, if unorthodox solution.

The solution to this problem seems simple enough, just get rid of the child’s independence until they are ready for it. “But I have Dr. Hoffman,” you may be saying, “I’ve punished and grounded and talked til’ my gums were sore.” You’ve tried all you know and it just doesn’t work. Well I’m here to tell you the secret. The answer came to me late one night. I was looking over some reports form one of my patients. This patient was of the type that independence came too soon and she started misbehaving as a result. Suddenly I heard my own two year old daughter in her room next door and the solution came to me. Why not just take the patient back to a time when she had less independence, when she was a child. The answer was, what we call in the psychology field call, regression therapy.

Regression therapy is typically conducted in office and usually involves the patient regressing to increasingly younger ages under the direction of their psychologist or therapist. This may or may not involve the use of diapers and other such paraphernalia as the treatments continue, but often they stop before that point.

So I tried a few regression therapy sessions with my troublesome patient, much to her dismay, and allowed her mother to coach her through the sessions. I found that while initially ineffective the more we had these sessions the more effective they became in making her docile and well behaved. Of course when the sessions ended she stopped listening to her mother again. After two months of this sort of treatment we had gone as far as we could go with the regression therapy sessions. We could not regress the patient any more than we had. We had gotten to the point where she is in and using diapers, bottles, pacifiers, and essentially acting like a one-year-old, and still we saw no long term progress, but I was certain that this was the answer during our sessions the patient was a model child, it was only when we finished that she began misbehaving again. I eventually had the idea to continue the sessions out of the office and into the patient’s daily life.

I can hear the cries now. “Surely you aren’t suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?” Well yes I am in fact, and I’m suggesting it because it works. I instructed the mother of my patient to continue the sessions out of the office just as we had conducted them in the office and I would monitor closely. Both she and I treated the patient as if she were a one year old for the entirety of a week. The results were astonishing. At first the patient simply refused to play along and insisted that she was too old for the diapers, pacifiers, and bottles that she was using. And of course like the rebellious child she was she would remove the items often violently. But for all of her insistence her mother and I insisted just as much that she was one and that it was normal for one-year-olds to wear such things even employing some minor restraints to ensure that she didn’t remove any of the articles. The first few hours were of course pretty bad and we had to employ a good deal of measures to make sure the patient didn't remove the articles. While this all may seem pretty extreme, and it was I'll admit, we found that after the first few hours of insistence she accepted it enough that she no longer attempted to remove the articles. By the end of the first day she was agreeing to all of the articles, and by the end of the third day she had become as docile as she was during our office sessions. By the end of the week she would often insist on wearing diapers just to prove that she was reformed into a “good girl.” It was at this point I left the mother to her own devices. She later told me she kept the patient at age one until the end of the month and slowly brought her back up to age 12. This is a good deal younger than her actual age of 16 mind you, but this is where I believe her independence level, for lack of a better term, was.

I have taken what I’ve learned from this patient and applied it to several other patients with similar problems. We would lower the patient’s age each time they misbehaved and, being ill behaved children, they quickly found themselves at fairly infantile ages. It is at this point that they began behaving again and as a result they were slowly brought back up to their appropriate age and when they misbehaved again they were brought back down. Eventually they would settle on one age usually 5 years younger than their actual age. The whole process takes about 6 months and results in a well behaved child at the appropriate level of independence.

The intention of this book is to help you push your child through this process and improve their behavior. There will no doubt be rough patches ahead for both you and your child as you go through this process, but I’m confident that if you follow through with the process the results will speak for themselves.

- - - Updated - - -

Denice angrily attempted to make her way past the wall of freshman to her friend Suzy on the other side. While she could easily make out her friend on the other side of the wall of people Denice’s short size meant that her friend didn’t notice her frantic arm waving. After a few moments she gave up and decided to find another way around. She was planning her alternate route when she was shoved violently into the wall.

“Out of the way loser!” came the voice of Malory, Denice’s younger sister. While Malory was the same size as Denice she had no trouble getting through the wall of freshmen, she simply pushed her way through violently until eventually the crowd dispersed around her. While Denice was still sore from being shoved into the wall by her sister she did have to admit the Malory was useful for clearing a crowd and used the opening to catch up to her friend.

“Hey suzy!” Denice called out.

“Hey Denice,” Suzy said happily “You know I just ran into your sister.”

“You and half of the freshman class,” the two giggled before they started moving down the halls toward their next class.

Luckily for Denice the hallways around the rest of the school weren’t nearly as crowded, even if they were though Suzy had a way of making them move. In addition to being tall Suzy carried a sense of importance and professionalism with her as she moved. She had a tan complexion and black hair with frosted tips and she moved with the fierceness of a lioness on the hunt. Though if anyone got to know her that exterior would fall away quickly as Suzy herself was actually fairly shy and put up the fierce front in an effort to avoid talking to people. Denice, on the other hand, was short especially in comparison to her friend. She was short enough in fact that she often got confused for a lost middle schooler even though she was a junior in high school. It’s because of this that Denice often took extra pains to dress maturely. Her fair complexion and curly brown hair though did nothing to help her accomplish this. She didn’t let her height stop her though. She walked with confidence wherever she went.

“So did you hear about that new child psychologist guy?” Suzy asked attempting to strike some idle chit chat.

“Oh yeah I caught the tail end of his segment on the news this morning,” Denice said remembering the news earlier that morning. “What’s his shtick?”

“He calls it regression therapy,” Suzy said with a dismissive tone. “He wrote a book about how to make your kid behave by putting them back in diapers,” Suzy finished in a disgusted tone.

“That’s a tad overkill,” Denice said shocked. “Does it actually work?”

“Apparently, but I’d do anything you’d tell me to if you were making me wear diapers every time I don't. I don’t think it'll have any lasting results though. It's just a fad anyway."

“Maybe I should have mom pick the book up for Malory?” Dencie said mostly to herself.

“Really!” Suzy said shocked at her friend.

“Oh come on you’ve seen how she acts, and mom’s not gonna grow a backbone any time soon.”

“I think you just want to get back at her for all the times she’s picked on you,” Suzy said snidely

“So what if I do she has it coming!” Denice added angrily.

“Oh-uh,” Suzy said bracing herself. “What did she do this time?”

“Get this. I was being nice and doing everyone's laundry last night when she shows up and dumps an open bottle of ketchup in the drier when I'm not looking, and somehow I get blamed for it. Now mom is mad at me because Malory ruined half of our clothes for no reason,” Denice ranted.

“Jeez she does have issues,” Suzy remarked.

“That’s putting it lightly,” Denice added as the two entered their class room. Several of the other students were also having a conversation about the hot new child psychology method, most of them remarking on how it was such a good idea and a few mentioning some relatives who had undergone the treatment.

“Wow this really is taking off huh?” Suzy said noting the odd amount of hype over this sort of thing.”

“Maybe it really does work?” Denice said with a bit of awe. The two sat down for class still wierded out at the attention this parenting method was getting

The bell rang signifying the end of the day. Denice left the school quickly so she wouldn’t have to make the mile long walk home with her sister tagging along as it usually ended with several bruises. Suzy drove home as per usual her house was a decent bit further away from the school than Denice’s was. Denice had finally made the mile long trek and entered the kitchen door tired. Her mom Patricia was sitting in the kitchen reading a magazine. Since Patricia worked as a software engineer from home she generally didn’t dress herself to any degree of niceness and today was no exception she was lounging around in her pajamas which had several coffee stains on them a sign that she was up for the entirety of the previous night working on a project.

“Hi honey how was school?” Patricia said glancing up from her magazine.

“Fine I guess,” Denice said tired.

“I got some new clothes for us at the store today could you run them through the wash for me?” Denice rolled her eyes at this. Clearly her mom still blamed her for Malory’s ketchup prank. “Don’t roll your eyes at me you’re lucky I didn’t have clean the dryer out.”

“I keep telling you mom that was Malory,” Denice said annoyed.

“And I suppose it was Malory who broke the stove too?” Patricia said accusingly.

“No that was my bad,” Denice admitted. “But that was an honest mistake.”

“I’m sure the ketchup was an ‘honest mistake’ too,” Patricia said dismissively. Denice gave an exasperated sigh. She picked up the basket of clothes and made her way down to the basement. It wasn’t so much doing the laundry that bothered her it was how her mother was treating her and how easily she fell for Malory’s crocodile tears. As she was turning the washing machine on she heard Malory come in and brag to Patricia about how she made an A on a test. Denice was disgusted at the sound of her sister’s voice at the moment, but quietly finished putting the clothes in the washing machine and then made her way back. She passed her sister on the way. As usual Malory dressed like she didn’t care, and she did the bare minimum of personal hygiene. This and the fact that her hair was usually greasy as well as naturally straight was the only way to tell her and Denice apart, however and the longer she was around Malory the more Denice resented the resemblence.

“Try not to mess up the laundry again,” Malory said with a grin as she aggressively brushed passed Denice’s shoulders on the way to her room.

“Come on Malory!” Denice yelled as she almost lost her balance.

“Denice quit yelling!” came Patricia’s angry response from the kitchen. Malory silently raised her middle finger in Denice’s direction as she climbed the stairs to the second story of the house where the bedrooms were. Denice crossed her fingers in front of her nose in a symmetric pattern, it was an anti-stress technique she picked up online and she found that it helped a surprising amount. She was almost centered again when she got pelted in the head by a small rock. She lost her balance and fell over a coffee table knocking off and breaking a vase that was on it.

“What the hell?” Denice cried the patter of feet above her gave away the culprit of the assault. “Malory you could have seriously hurt me,” Denice could already feel two lumps growing on her head one from the rock’s impact and another from the ground’s. “Bitch,” Denice said under her breather just as Patricia walked in.

“Oh Denice what did you do?” Patricia said rushing over to her daughter to inspect her head.

“Malory nearly cracked my head open with a rock.”

“Oh come on now Denice," Patricia said becoming angry. "Blaming your clumsiness on your sister, really that's beneath you."

"Maybe if you stopped letting Malory kiss your ass for two seconds you could see I'm right," Denice said fed up with her mom's favorable treatment of Malory

"Language young lady," Patricia sighed as she looked at a vase that fell over and broke during Denice's fall. "I don't know what's gotten into you lately."

“You and Malory that's what."

“Just go to you room,” Patricia said disappointed. Denice quietly obeyed and made her way up to her room. Malory was leaning on her door frame as she walked past.

“Nice footwork there klutz,” Malory said mocking.

“Bite me!” Denice replied shutting her sister’s door in her face. She quickly made her way into her own room locking the door behind her to ensure Malory didn’t pull any hijinks. Denice turned on her computer and began absent mindedly browsing the internet until Patricia scolded her for forgetting to put the new clothes in the drier.


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This seems like a pretty simple set up. But it's you, s o i'm guessing all is
not as it seems. Honestly this isn't my kind of story. But again it's you.
So i'll give it a few chapters. Early prediction. Denice has a plan, it backfires,
and Denice ends up as the one who's diapered. (i'm hoping for both)

I'm looking forward to see where this go's. Thank you for sharing. :)


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Chapter 2

Denice woke up early the next morning and quietly walked down into the laundry room. The clothes from the previous night were dry and untampered with. Denice figured as much Malory was too smart to do the same thing twice, but she couldn’t help but feel uneasy at the thought of her sister’s next attack whatever it might be. She loaded the dry clothes in to a basket and put it on top of the drier for her mother to sort later. After this was done she attempted to quietly make her way back to her room. She was stopped in the living room by her mother’s voice coming from the kitchen.

“Oh good you’re awake,” Came Patricia’s voice. Denice could faintly here the sounds of a live studio audience emanating from the kitchen meaning her mother was engaged in her usually morning ritual of watching her favorite morning show. Denice could care less what the topic of the day was as she never bought in to what she called “overloaded media hype.”

“What’s up mom,” Denice said casually leaning against the wall attempting to hide her utter disdain for her mother.

“I need you to do me a favor,” Patricia handed Denice a small packet of paper. “Can you fill out this survey real quick and hand it back to me.” This wasn’t an uncommon task for Patricia to give either of her daughters. One of her biggest responsibilities was the management of several different surveys for a large bank and she often used her daughters as controls when she was adjusting them. It was because of the frequency of these surveys that Denice breezed through this one without really paying attention, circling the first response that came to her mind for the given question. She quietly handed the packet of papers back to her mother who began looking over Denice’s answers. Meanwhile Denice managed to get a look at the morning show her mother was watching. She was somewhat not shocked to find that the guest for the day was Dr. Hoffman the author of the book that was the talk of the school yesterday. The segment was already well underway.

“So what did you say the success rate of this program was doctor?” said the overly eager host.

“We are currently operating at a startling 98% success rate.” This statement caused a round of applause from the audience.

“Well how do people react when they see these teenagers wandering around town wearing diapers?”

“Well,” Dr. Hoffman paused to take a drink of coffee. “As expected people are initially quite shocked and it causes a lot of stares, but you know that’s kind of the point.”

“Well it’s certainly effective. I’ve tried it on my daughter and the results were amazing and I think several women here will agree right ladies?” There was a roar of applause and general positivity came from the crowd.

“Well I’m glad it helped,” Dr. Hoffman said happily. “Before I go though I have an announcement to make.” The crowd held their breathe in anticipation. “I am announcing that I will take my book and parenting advice on the road in a U.S. tour.” At this announcement the crowd erupted in cheers as Hoffman stood up at the front of the stage with his arms outstretched toward the crowd raking all of their applause in. Denice couldn’t help but be a little appalled at the scene.

“Can you believe that guy,” Denice blurted without thinking. “That stuff in that book is borderline child abuse, and everyone is just soaking all his crap up like it's the word of god.” Patricia continued looking at her daughters survey in disdain.

“Well you can’t argue with his results honey. Apparently he whipped half of the kids in Australia into shape before he made his way to the states. Plus I know a few parents around here who said it worked wonders. Not to mention that study they did.”

“Study?” Denice asked confused.

“Yeah,” Patricia clarified. “There was a study done that showed kids undergoing his method had massive behavioral improvement.”

“A study?” Denice asked critically. “So one study done by people you don’t even know, for reasons they aren’t inclined to tell you makes his ridiculous ideals more scceptable. What if they made a mistake?”

“Don’t be ridiculous sweetie,” Patricia said blowing off the legitimate argument. “Those people know what they’re doing.”

“What people!” Denice said annoyed.

“Hey don’t raise your voice at me young lady,” Patricia said motherly. Denice had forgotten that she was still in hot water for Malory’s ketchup prank earlier that week.

“Sorry mom,” came Denice’s insincere apology. “I didn’t mean to yell.”

“Doesn’t matter what you meant it’s what you did that mattered.” Denice couldn’t help but think that this was a polite way of refusing her apology. Denice was about to sit down and make her come breakfast as she had become slightly interested in what Dr. Hoffman was saying, not out of agreement but out of repulsion. She wanted to see just how crazy this guy was. Plus she figured it was a good time to try and make some ground with her mother and get back on her good side before Malory ruined it again with another one of her pranks. She didn’t have time to however as she could hear Malory’s footsteps coming down the stairs.

“Oh Malory could you come here and test a survey for me,” Patricia said seeing another opportunity to test her survey.

“Coming,” Malory cried innocently. The sound of her sister’s voice was enough to repel Denice instantly, she had no patience for her sister after she pelted her with a rock the day before.

“Ok I’m going to meet Sam and Suzy at the mall bye,” Denice said quickly leaving the house. Seeing Denice leave gave Malory a sensation of victory even though no battle had actually been won. She sat down and quietly took the survey. She always did have fun trying to break theses survey and find the patterns. Before she started she noted the talk show that was playing on the small tv in the kitchen one with which Patricia had become transfixed in again.

“So just for fun,” one of the two talk show hosts said giggling. “We decided to take Dr. Hoffman’s new personality quiz and figure out what are ‘independence ages’ are.” This statement piqued Malory’s interest. After listening further she realized the questions the host was reading off matched the questions on her survey. She quickly looked at her mother who was too transfixed with the tv to notice the glance. Once she knew what the survey actually was she immediately found a pattern. All of the answers in the far left columns seemed to be the most mature answers. She confirmed her suspicions later when one of the two hosts scored a fairly high age with answers from the far left. Malory briefly questioned the scientific knowledge of the person that put this quiz together, as a pattern laid out this way was not only easy to crack but now that she knew what the purpose of the quiz was several of the answers were obvioulsy the mature answers and several were the obvious immature answers. Malory soon stopped her tangential thinking as the short quiz was beginning to take a long time as she began lose focus on the quiz itself. She hurriedly filled in the entire left hand column and was contented that she dodged a bullet and stopped thinking about the greater scientific effects of such a poorly structured quiz. Malory silently left the quiz next to her mother who was still watching the show.

“So Dr. Hoffman what exactly do these ages mean?” said the host inquisitively.

“Well I made this to sort of jump start the parents into the process. Normally you let the child sort of make mistakes and bring them down an age until they level off, but this gives you a rough estimate of what age you should start at. I’ve modeled the ages after the behaviors of actual children at that age. For example 1-4 wears and uses diapers, bottles, the whole nine yards. 5-7 still wears and wets pull ups during the day and so on and so forth it’s all detailed in the book.” Denice couldn’t help but think that this guy’s ideas on developmental milestones were way off. In fact just yesterday in her health class the teacher discussed how children should be out of diapers by age 4 and this guy had simulated day time accidents up to age 7. Despite these seemingly obvious incorrect facts the audience seemed to go along with what he was saying. Again though Malory pushed the thoughts out of her mind. There was no since thinking about them she had already dodged that bullet.

Denice met up with Suzy and Samantha at the local mall. Samantha was a friend of Denice’s and Suzy’s, one they had met in the park in the middle of town. While Samantha insisted she was from the neighboring town and went to school there, Denice and Suzy were pretty certain that she was homeless, but she was sensitive about the topic so they never brought it up around her. Samantha was a short skinny red head, her body was covered in scratches and bandages and had several bruises. Despite this though you could tell that she at least tried to take care of herself and look presentable. This particular trip to the mall was unique in the Samantha brought what Denice and Suzy assumed to be her little sister a 12 – year – old who went by Kitty, a name she got because of the large collar like necklace that hung loosely around her neck or at least that's what Denice and Suzy were told. Kitty looked nothing like her sister with jet black hair, but she had similar cuts and bruises, mementos to the no doubt numerous adventures the two shared together.

“Good to see you Sam,” Denice said as she and Suzy approached the Samantha and Kitty. “And good to see you too Kitty,” Denice added in a childlike tone.

“Come on Denice I’m not a little kid,” Kitty complained. Samantha looked back at Denice with a look that backed up Kitty’s statement.

“What brings both of you out here?” Suzy asked difusing the tension.

“I finally got some extra cash,” Samantha said holding up a wad of dollar bills. “I thought I’d treat Kitty to a day at the mall. You two don’t mind if she tags along do you?” Denice and Suzy nodded their heads agreeing to Kitty tagging along. “Great well let’s go then.” The four girls had a rather relaxing day at the mall looking through various stores, Samantha treating Kitty to quite a few new outfits despite Kitty’s insistence that she not. Finally t the end of the day the group found themselves at the food court where quite a few girls who were well into their tween and teen years were wearing childlike clothing and being led around by their parents on kid leashes. “What’s all that about?” Samantha asked confused.

“Oh that’s some new fad that’s going around,” Suzy said dismissively. “Some new parenting technique that involves putting kids in diapers.”

“That’s not normal right?”

“No it isn’t,” Denice said seriously. “It’s absolutely crazy.”

“Agreed,” Samantha said off put slightly. “I didn’t know so many kids had behavior problems.”

“A lot of it is kids trying to be trendy,” Denice offered. “I don’t know how but somehow this look became popular.” As if to confirm her point a shopkeeper walked outside of his store to present a sign showing several oversized pacifiers, bottles, and childish dresses all with a stylish logo on them. A line quickly formed outside of his store. Denice, Suzy, and Samantha all looked on in amazement until Kitty broke the silence.

“Rich people are dumb,” Kitty blurted taking a sip of a soda.

- - - Updated - - -

hopefully this chapter does a better job of setting the tone I'm going for somehting not super serious. I trying to sort of make fun of the genre as I write it. Hopefully it turns out good as always let me know what you guys think.


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That was fun and cute!. I love how Malory pointed out the flaws in the "method".
And the fact that Hoffman is an idiot, so it's clear we're not to take him seriously.

Oh and what else? hmmmm... oh yeah... SAM!!! and Kitty!. i looooved!
the cameo.It really made me smile. thank you for sharing. :)


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Chapter 3

Mallory and Patricia silently left their house for the mall shortly after Malory handed her completed survey to her mother.

“What’re we goin’ to the mall for?” Mallory asked innocently from the passenger seat of the car even though she had already deduced the answer some time ago.

“I’m trying out that new parenting method I saw on my shows this morning. That’s what the quiz was for.”

“Really?” Malory said with feigned interest.

“Yes, you did really well just like I knew you would,” Mallory smiled evilly at her mother's compliment. “It’s not really for you anyway it’s for your sister. I just had you take it to be fair.”

“That’s fine mother I did well on the quiz anyway so I won’t be changing much.”

“Uhh not exactly,” Patricia said uncomfortably.

“What?!” Mallory answered back angrily.

“Well you scored perfectly on it so your age doesn’t drop any but you’re 14 and according to Dr. Hoffman 14 year olds still need to wear light protection at night in case of accidents.”

“What kind of 14 year old wets the bed mom?” Mallory said getting angrier.

“Lots do.”

“Yeah but not me. Plus what if getting a perfect score meant I’m mature for my age.”

“Now sush. I don't want to hear any backtalk”

“The word backtalk implies that I lack a proper argument, Patricia!” At this point Mallory was screaming. “I have a very valid point.”

“Well with that little outburst consider yourself officially at age 13.” Mallory quietly fumed at this. “It’s not too bad,” Patricia said trying to calm her daughter down. “You don’t have to use them or anything it’s just in case. Besides we’re doing this for your sister I bet you want her to get out of this phase as badly as I do.” Mallory composed herself and contained her emotions.

“How did Denice do anyway?” Mallory said hoping to cheer herself up with her sister’s misery.

“She didn’t do as well. According to the quiz her actual age is 4.”

“What does that mean?” Mallory said fishing for details.

“She wears diapers day and night, and she has to use them too."

“So that’s why we are going to the mall. Would they even have diapers for a baby that big?”

“We’re actually one of the town’s Dr. Hoffman is stopping in so the mall is running a sale on all the stuff we need. They’ve got big diapers, big bottles, big pacifiers, and the chest harness girls her age need too.”

“Convenient,” Mallory pondered. “I didn’t even know there was a company making that sort of stuff.”

“They have you just probably haven’t noticed them.”

“I feel like I would notice if they made teenage sized harnesses.”

“Oh we’re here,” Patricia said ignoring her daughter’s comment. “Now you’re sister said she was coming here with her friends so I need you to keep an eye out for her. It’s best she finds out about this at home so she doesn't make a scene."


Denice, Suzy, Kitty, and Samantha were satring confused as some workers were setting up a stage the sign above the stage said “Dr. Hoffman” in led lighting.

“I just don’t get it.” Samantha pondered. “I mean what does a child psychologist even go on tour about? Does he just sit there and talk for an hour?”

“Apparenlty he’s going on with Britney Blair,” Suzy said looking at the details on her phone.

“Brittney Balir?” Kitty asked interested.

“I haven’t seen anything from her since she shaved her cat a while back," Samantha commented. "Didn’t she go into rehab?”

“Get this,” Suzy said hyping up the news she was reading. “Apparently she’s going thorugh this guys method and it cured her.”

“Isn’t she like 22 though?” Samantha asked peeking over Suzy’s shoulder.

“According to Dr. Hoffman she’s just 2,” Suzy revealed the latest picture of the pop star in question. She had pale skin and bloodshot eyes, but was dressed in a toddlers clothing. Her dress was neon pink and fanned out above her rib cage and left her thick diaper, which was covered in a pink girly diaper cover on full display. On closer inspection she was also wearing a pink chest harness with a lead that someone just out of frame was holding.

“Wow for a 2 year old she sure is slutty,” Kitty commented.

“Might explain why everyone at school seemed so into this though,” Suzy pondered. “At one point she was America’s sweetheart.”

“Hey Denice,” Samantha said poking Denice in the arm. “Isn’t that your mom and your sister over there?” Ture to Samantha’s observation Patricia and Mallory had just walked into the mall.

“Ugh,” Denice sighed. “I came here to get away from that toxic sister of mine, and she just followed me over here.”

“Hey don’t let her get to you like that?” Suzy said concerned.

“Too late. Sorry guys I just cannot be around her right now I’m going to head home early,” Denice said defeated

“Well it was nice seeing you whle it lasted,” Kitty said.

“Same I’ll see you guys around.” The two groups waved goodbye at each other as Denice quickly made her way to the door and out to her car.

When Denice arrived home she instantly made her way to her room her quiet refuge. Upon entering she noticed her dresser was open and her clothes were gone save for a few t-shirts and pants. She didn’t remember leaving it open like that, but she did have to throw most of her clothes out earlier so she didn’t think anything of it. It wasn’t long before she heard the sound of Patricia and Mallory arriving back. From the sound of it they got a lot of stuff. After a few minutes of loud noises Patricia called Denice downstairs. Denice reluctantly got up to answer. Once downstairs she couldn’t help but notice the evil grin on Mallory’s face.

“What’s going on mom?” Denice asked concerned.

“Well honey,” Patricia began awkwardly. “Because you’ve been acting out recently there’s going to be some changes.” As she said this she removed a large pink bag decorated with cute cartoony print. In the top corner of the box was an age range that said 1-7 and below that was a recommended weight. It didn’t take long for Denice to put two and two together.

“What the hell mom!” Denice screamed angrily. “You’re actually putting me through this psychotic treatment.”

“Now you know what you did to deserve this.”

“I didn’t do anything. If you would actually listen to me for two seconds you’d know that Mallory has been doing everything and blaming me for it.” Mallory had to keep herself from laughing.

“It’s saying things like that that’s gotten you into this situation.”

“Anyone with two eyes can see its Mallory doing these things.”

“Well just so you know Mallory is going through the treatment too. Those quizzes I gave you two this morning helped determine the age I’d treat you and Mallory got a perfect score.” Denice stood shocked.

“How the hell did that little bitch get a perfect score?”

“Because she’s a well behaved child unlike you. That’s why she gets to act her age and why you don’t.” Denice was furious, but ultimately defeated. There was no convincing Patricia that it was Mallory all along, not after she had gone this far with it. “You know the more you argue the worse it’s going to be for you.”

“Fine,” Denice said collecting her thoughts. “I just need a minute.”

“I’ll be waiting in your room,” Patricia said in a sympathetic but demanding tone. Patricia grabbed a few bags and made her way to Denice’s room. Mallory followed behind her but stopped in front of Denice.

“Just so you know,” Mallory said giggling. “All of the right answers were on the left hand column. I mean even someone with half a brain like you should’ve been able to figure that out. Maybe you are 4 I mean you certainly think like a 4 year old.”

“Get the hell out of my face you piece of trash,” Denice said angrily.

“Oooo someone’s touchy,” Mallory said taunting.

“What the hell is your problem anyway? Are you mad because mom stopped paying attention to you, or are you really just a total psycho?”

“Maybe you should go get your diaper changed little baby.” Malory said seriously. Denice left and made her way to her room. When she stepped in she saw Patricia as she put the final touches on a changing table.

“You ready?” Patricia asked trying to lighten the mood. “It’s probably not as bad as you think.” Denice grew red as she shuffled uncomfortably. “Here let me help you sweetie,” Patricia cooed as she removed her daughters clothing. Denice was instinctively covering herself as Patricia led her to the new changing table. She calmly took both of Denice hands and placed them in leather cuffs that were attached to the edge of the table. When Denice started to complain Patricia popped a pacifier into her mouth. “Don’t be embarrassed sweetie,” Patricia said as she slid the thick diaper underneath Denice. Denice could feel the extra padding and began squirming. Patricia responded to the squirming by placing Denice’s ankles into two more cuffs that were attached to the table. These were successful in keeping Denice still while Patricia finished changing her. Denice tried focusing on suckling the pacifier to help alleviate the embarrassment. She found the pacifier oddly effective, it must have been sized specifically for her age group because she found it extremely soothing. Patricia quickly finished taping on the diaper using ample amounts of baby powder. When she finished she freed Denice from the restraints. Denice walked up to the mirror in her bathroom still suckling on the pacifier. The diaper was extremely thick on her to the point she couldn’t close her legs fully. The diaper itself was pink with several cartoon smiley faces and leg gatherers that were overly frilly. Denice quietly walked back into her room to finish getting dressed.

“Alright you know how this is going to go,” Patricia said as she removed a pair of white plastic pants with pink frills in the back. “Since your age is now 2 you have to use your diapers, for both before you ask.” Patricia helped Denice into the plastic pants. The pants were lined in the waist by a strand of rope which Patricia tied tightly around Denice’s waist. “These should help remind you to not take your diaper off.” Patricia then fetched a childish white romper with a cartoon kitten on the front. The romper was thick around the crotch adding to the thickness that was already extreme with the diaper and plastic pants. Finally Patricia fitted some mittens over Denice’s hands and tied them tight. Denice removed the pacifier.

“Are you done?” Denice said defeated. She could see her reflection from the mirror in her bathroom and she looked even more ridiculous than she felt. “How long is this going to go on.”

“If you behave for a whole two weeks you go up a year. You’re already at 2 so you got a ways to go.” Patricia began to remove a white leather harness from another bag. “Whenever we go out you’re going to be wearing this so let’s just go ahead and get you acclimated.” Denice remained still as Patricia fastened the leather harness on her and tightened it with metal buckles. When she was done she attached leather lead to the back of the harness in a place specifically designed to be hard to reach for the person wearing the harness. The lead only gave Denice about a foot of slack and she noticed immediately that this constantly forced her closer to the person holding the lead despite how much she currently wanted to be far away from that person.

When she was finally dressed Patricia dragged Denice out into the hall where Mallory was waiting with her phone. She snapped a quick picture with her phone and began laughing.

“Mallory do you really think that was appropriate?” Patricia said scolding.

“Sorry mom she’s just too cute,” Mallory lied. Patricia took the girls phone ruining the moment for her.

“I didn’t think I’d need to remind you to behave but keep it up and you’ll be like you sister in no time.”

“Sorry mom I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Well think more next time,” Patricia said returning the phone after she ensured the picture was deleted. “Go ahead and put on your pull ups for the night.”

“It’s only 6,” Mallory complained. Patricia shot her an angry look. Mallory begrudgingly obeyed. Patricia led Denice downstairs for a few silent hours of tv watching. Mallory joined them a little later with a noticeable crinkle and grimace on her face. Denice quietly suckled her pacifier refusing to give either her mother or sister the satisfaction of hearing her complain about her situation.

- - - Updated - - -

Sorry I'm a little late with this update. Schedule's been kinda hectic, and this ones proving a bit hard to write. For a while I considered never having any of the main characters actually get into diapers to add to the satire-ness, but I thought that kinda defeated the purpose of stories like these so that's what this chapter is. The tone will steadily shift to a more whimsical one.


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I don't mind the wait, i'm just happy to have an update. I like how nothing is
just straight forward. Patricia didn't let the camera phone thing slide. So she's
not completely blind. And Mallory is gradually losing control of the situation.
So she's not the unstopble evil little sister that other stories would make her.

I'm very interested to see where this go's. Thank you for sharing. :)


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Chapter 4

"Well that was surprisingly dark,” Patricia said commenting on a movie she and Denice were watching. Denice was begrudgingly watching the movie with her mother. Ever since yesterday when she started her diaper punishment it was becoming hard for Denice to get more than three feet away from her mother before she swooped in and brought Denice back to her side and then scolded her for running off. Denice had gotten to the point where she stopped trying to escape more out of annoyance than actual compliance. Mallory was watching a safe distance away enjoying the scene of her sister dressed in today’s ridiculous outfit which was a pink onesie with purple frills around the shoulder and around the waist creating a skirt effect even though the outfit covered her crotch. “Is someone mad because there diapy’s wet?” Patricia asked in a childish tone.

“That’s the third time you’ve asked today mom I’m not wet,” Denice said defiantly. Despite her statement though Patricia had already unsnapped the bottom of Denice’s onesie and was peeking into her diaper.

“I guess you were right,” Patricia said confused.

“Believe me mom I will let you know when I’ve actually wet my diaper.”

“You’re not just holding it in are you?”

“Mom I’m not actually 2 ok I only go to the bathroom like 3 times a day.”

“That’s not what the book said,” Patricia said thumbing through the pages of Hoffman’s book.

“Yeah that’s because it was written by an idiot.”

“Language young lady,” Patricia said as she placed Denice’s pacifier, which was clipped on to her onesie, into her mouth.

“Really,” Denice said though she was muffled by the pacifier. “I can’t say idiot now.”

“No you can’t,” Patricia said. Denice quietly fumed while she suckled on the pacifier. Patricia glanced at a clock and got up quickly. “Oh shoot I forgot I’ve got a meeting to go to. Mallory do you mind watching your sister,” Malory looked over with an evil grin while Patricia hurriedly made her way upstairs to change clothes. Mallory wasted no time and began to torment her sister.

“Hmm well I gotta admit this onesie is cute,” Mallory said approaching her sister.

“Come on Mallory don’t you think ...” Denice began but she was stopped when Mallory angrily shoved the pacifier in her mouth.

“Mommy would be pretty mad if you got upset and ripped it up wouldn’t she?” Mallory said evilly as she grabbed the frills around the shoulder and pulled on them hard. Before she could do much though Patricia came out of her room as she was a remarkably quick dresser.

“Mallory!” she shouted seeing that her daughter was attempting to destroy her sister’s clothes.

“Wait no I just saw something on her,” Mallory said attempting to save face.

“Save it Mallory,” Patricia said in a rush. “I’ll just drop Denice off at her friend’s house they can watch her.” Patricia was already busily tapping away at her phone. She quickly motioned for Denice to come over to her and she started fastening Denice’s harness to her. Mallory moved to come with them but she was stopped by Patricia. “I don’t think you two should be around each other right now. You can take care of yourself here and we’ll talk about this little incident when I get back.” Patricia tightened the harness on Denice and led her to the car leaving Mallory behind angry at herself for getting caught.

After a few minutes Patricia arrived at Denice’s friend Suzy’s house. Denice was understandably nervous as her mother led her to the front door. After a knock Suzy’s mom Linda answered the door happily.

“Hey Patricia,” Linda said happily. Denice fidgeted uncomfortably.

“Hey Linda,” Patricia said handing Linda an opened bag of diapers. “Sorry about the short notice on this.

“Oh it’s no problem. Is there anything I should know?” Linda asked as Patricia handed her the lead to Denice’s harness.

“Just change her when she’s wet enough. She had an accident on the way over here, but her diaper can hold more so wait until she uses it one more time.” Denice turned a bright red at this comment.

“Oh ok,” Linda said a bit put off. Denice shuffled her way inside.

“Well thanks again Linda,” Patricia said as she made her way back to her car. Linda shut the door and promptly removed the lead from Denice’s harness.

“Suzy is upstairs Denice. Do you want me to change you real quick?”

“But mom said,” Denice started but she was unable to finish.

“Come on no reason to be uncomfortable, I don’t mind changing you.”

“Yeah but uhh,”

“Embarrassed?” Denice nodded shyly. Even though she wouldn’t mind a change she found the wet diaper to be surprisingly more comfortable than she thought it would be, so she didn’t mind staying in it at least not as much as she minded getting naked in front of her best friends mom.

“That’s fine just come get me if it starts bothering you. I’ll be here in the living room.” Denice quietly made her way to Suzy’s room. On the way she passed Suzy's brother Derrick who as usual was distracted by something only he really knew anbout.

“Sup Denice,” Derrick said cheerfully. “You’re looking cute today.” Denice couldn’t tell if Derrick realized she was wearing baby clothes or just making a general comment about her looks. Seeing how he continued about like nothing had changed made her think it was the later. After that strange encounter Denice shyly knocked on Suzy’s door. Suzy opened the door and immediately noticed what her friend was wearing and couldn’t hide the fact that her friend looked ridiculous from Denice despite how well she tried.

“Hey Denice,” She said cheerfully. Denice sulked her way into her friend’s room.

“You’re terrible at hiding how you feel,” Denice said with brutal honesty. “But thanks for trying.”

“Well it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.” Suzy said optimistically. “I think you look really cute actually.

“Really?” Denice said feeling better. “You’re not just saying that.”

“You’re wearing a onesie it’s hard not to look cute.”

“I guess I hadn’t thought of it that way. Derrick didn’t notice it at all though.”

“Oh you know boys,” Suzy said with a hand wave. “They’re completely oblivious. Anyway come over here real quick,” Suzy said grabbing Denice’s harness.

“Hey!” Denice protested. “Don’t grab it like that.”

“That’s just like I thought,” Suzy said looking at the tag on Denice’s harness. Upon finding this she quickly released her friend.

“What’s just like you thought?” Denice said curious.

“The company that makes your harness, your onesie, and probably all your other stuff like that is making a killing off of this whole fad because they’re the only people making this stuff.”

“Yeah so?”

“Well take a guess who the CEO of that company is.”

“I don’t know Walt Disney? Do I look like I read Forbes?”

“No and you should it’s a really informative magazine with interesting articles. Anyway the owner of BB LLC, your one stop shop for diaper discipline, is none other than Dr. Hoffman himself,” Denice said pointing to her computer that had an Australian article about Dr. Hoffman launching the brand.

“Woah for real?” Denice said amazed. “Why the hell do people still listen to this guy? He’s clearly just in it for the money.”

“That’s one way of looking at it,” Suzy said. “The other way is to say that he’s generously providing parents a way to enforce these new punishments.”

“Of course,” Denice sighed. "Everyone would take his side even if we had all the evidence in the world.

“Try to look on the bright side of things ok. It looks like half of the girls in the town are there with you.”

“Really?” Denice asked surprised.

“Yeah apparently it’s the hot new look.”

“Well that does make me feel a little better,” Denice admitted. “And I guess this whole thing isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.”

“There you go that’s the spirit. Now let’s take your mind off of things with a movie.”

After a few minutes of watching a movie and talking about school Denice and Suzy decided to grab some snacks and walked into the kitchen to satiate their hunger. Linda and Derrick were both in the living room watching a replay of the Britney Blair concert that took place in a nearby town. As the song Brittney was singing ended she yelled out with a triumphant declaration.

“I’m Brittney Blair and I am no longer doing cocaine.” The audience made unsure rumblings at this declaration as Brittney herself was looking as pale and strung out as ever and Brittney was quickly led off stage by several crew members before Dr. Hoffamn took the stage.

“Ain’t she cute folks?” he said his Australian accent coming through heavily. As he continued Brittney could be heard in the background.

“I’ll totally have sex with you for...” the rest of the statement was cut off as someone abruptly muted her microphone. Dr.Hoffman the continued to talk for 20 minutes or so. Every single one of his sentences ended with something along the lines of “That’s why America is the greatest” which led to thunderous applause from the audience.

“Wow for some reason I really like that guy,” Linda said in a trance wooing with the audience whenever Hoffman mentioned America and how awesome ti was.

“What?” Derrick said looking up from his phone. “Oh yeah. He looks dumb. What’s his deal?”

“He’s the diaper guy,” Suzy said interjecting on the conversation on her way back to her room. “You know the thing Denice’s mom is doing.”

“Oh,” Derrick said remembering. “Denice is wearing a diaper? I guess I didn’t notice.” Denice and Suzy looked at each other confused. Denice was still wearing the frilly onesie from this morning. While this did cover her diaper she thought that the thick bulge, loud crinkling noises, and the fact that she was, in fact, wearing a onesie would have been enough to tell she was wearing a diaper. Not to mention the fact that Derrick was resting his feet on top of the open package of said diapers.

“Derrick do you ever pay attention?” Denice said teasing.

“I pay attention all the time. Oh hey Denice is still here. You’re looking good today Denice.”

“Thanks Derrick,” Denice said giggling. Before she could make it back to her friend’s room though there was a knock at the door.

“That’s probably your mom Denice,” Linda said as she grabbed the package of diapers from under Derrick’s feet. Linda and Denice made their way to the door where Patricia was waiting.

“Did you have fun sweetie?” Patricia asked cooing.

“Come on mom,” Denice sighed annoyed.

“Where’s her lead at?” Patricia asked taking the package of diapers from Linda.

“Oh I got it!” Linda said remembering. She quickly attached the lead to Denice’s harness and gave it to Patricia.

“I hope this wasn’t too much trouble,” Patricia said going to the car.

“Oh no trouble at all Denice was very well behaved actually, maybe it’s working.” Denice did not feel like arguing about it. With that Patricia and Denice made their way to the car. Patricia opened the backseat to revel that she had been to the store and bought more things including a car seat which she had assembled in the back seat of the car.

“Are you serious?” Denice asked exasperated.

“Really I thought this would be one of the less embarrassing things,” Patricia said.

“It's not that mom, it raises me up too high my head would hit the ceiling.”

“Wait really,” Patricia said bummed. Denice got in and demonstrated that if she raised her head even slightly it would hit the ceiling of the car.

“Yeah because regular car seats are made for average sized people mom what did you think would happen if you raised that an extra two inches with this monstrosity.”

“Just get in the front Denice,” Patricia said with buyer’s remorse.

The two drove home and found Mallory sulking in the living room watching something on TV. She looked over her shoulder and acknowledged the two entering.

“Mallory,” Patricia said firmly. “Maybe you want to go change into your new daytime diapers.” She said as she gave Mallory a package of pull ups. Mallory didn’t need any more explanation. As she left to go to her room Patricia called out. “And I’m going to need to change you into your new night time diapers later honey.” Mallory didn’t respond to this, but Denice smiled and felt vindicated. She was glad that this time Patrica came back from the store with baby things that weren't meant for her. “Ok honey,” Patricia said this time talking to Denice with a much more happy tone. "I'm going to make a bottle for you ok?". Seeing that justice was being done Denice was more inclined to listen to her mom, and waited patiently whie she prepared the bottle which was basically jsut warm milk. When Patricia was finished Denice snuggled next to her and she stuck the nipple of the bottle into Denice's mouth. She began suckling and found it to be easy. Like her pacifier it must have been made for someone her age. She was quickly drinking the milk that was in the bottle and in no time she drank the whole thing.

After this Patricia decided to get Mallory and Denice ready for bed. Denice was delighted to discover that Mallory was getting changed first. Mallory wriggled and complained the whole time she was being changed into her new night diaper meaning that Patricia had to use the restraints on the changing table to finish. When she was done Patricia put Mallory into a pair of purple plastic pants and a cute pink footed sleeper that did not match the mood of the girl wearing it.

“You can’t seriously expect me to use these,” Mallory yelled.

“I do and I expect you to use them as well. If I see that you took them off it’ll get worse for you understand?”

“But it’s only 7 what if I have to use the bathroom before bed.”

“I’ll change you in the morning.”

“But I’m supposed to be able to use the bathroom during the day. That’s why I’m only wearing pull-ups.”

“If you keep on you’re going to lose that to. Now I'll change you in the morning if you have any accidents you'll just have to deal with them.” Mallory didn’t say anything but her body visibly shook with anger. “Maybe you should go to your room and calm down,” Patricia said more as a command than a suggestion.

“Fine!” Mallory said as she left the room in a huff slamming the door behind her. The whole scene had made Denice a little jumpy but this was alleviated by Patricia who comforted her as she let Denice lie down on the changing table. Denice put her pacifier in her mouth herself as her mom continued changing her.

“Something must be wrong with Mallory she’s not usually this aggressive,” Patricia said as she put Denice’s wrist into the restrains. She loosend them a good deal giving Denice more freedom than Mallory had during her change as a small reward for her compliance.

“Well she’s kinda always been this aggressive,” Denice said quietly. “You just didn’t notice.”

“I think I would’ve noticed Denice,” Patricia said sliding the new diaper under Denice’s legs. Denice raised her legs up high to help accommodate her mother.

“No you didn’t,” Denice said frankly. “She was the one who brought home the good grades as long as she made A’s you were happy, and she always makes A’s,” Denice ended with a hint of jealousy.

“Don’t feel bad sweetie,” Patricia said raising Denice up and freeing her arms. “Some people are just better at taking test than others. It doesn’t make you any more or less smart than your sister.” Patricia brought over a purple sleeper with pink polka dots. Denice placed her arms and legs inside and waited for her mom to zip it up.

“I think you may have missed the point mom,” Denice sighed as her mom zipped up the sleeper.

“Oh did I? Well let’s talk about it later why don’t you come watch tv with me.”

“Sure thing mom,” Denice said unable to refuse the invitation. As she left to go into the living room she felt a worrying pain in her stomach. “Oh I think I have to you know.”

“Oh well that’s fine honey use your diaper I’ll change you before we go to bed.” The two made their way downstairs. Denice, being tired from the day was laying her head in Patricia's lap. Patricia lovingly ran her fingers through her daughters hair. Denice felt another pain in her stomach and abruptly sat up. With the promise of a change given earlier Denice decided to go ahead and push the mess out. Unlike earlier when her diaper was just wet this was just as uncomfortable as she imagined it would be if not more so. Denice has trouble sitting down until her mother quietly comforted her.

"Mom it's nasty."

"Shhh it's ok," Patricia said giving Denice her pacifier, she immediately started suckling it. With comforting from her mother Denice eventually calmed down and was able to take her mind off of the mess in her diaper.

"Thanks mom," Denice said after a few moments of silence.

"Let's go ahead and get you ready for bed huh?" Patricia said as she helped Denice up and over to the changing table.

- - - Updated - - -

with this chapter I tried to subvert a lot of ab/dl expectations. Sort of bring a bit of reality into the completely illogical world of ab/dl stories. As always hope you guys liked it


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I for one loved it!. The bottle feeding scene was cute, things weren't cliche or predictable.
And there's definitely a bigger story brewing in the background. Somethings up with Hoffman.
I can also see the sense of logic and believableity it has. Like the car seat not working. (yet)

I very much wanna see where this go's. Will they expose Dr. Hoffman as the fraud he is.?
Will the sisters bond "in the playpen" so to speak?. Beats me, but i can't wait to find out!

Please continue and thank you for sharing. :).


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I for one loved it!. The bottle feeding scene was cute, things weren't cliche or predictable.
And there's definitely a bigger story brewing in the background. Somethings up with Hoffman.
I can also see the sense of logic and believableity it has. Like the car seat not working. (yet)

I very much wanna see where this go's. Will they expose Dr. Hoffman as the fraud he is.?
Will the sisters bond "in the playpen" so to speak?. Beats me, but i can't wait to find out!

Please continue and thank you for sharing. :).

"In the playpen" is a clever way to it.


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loving it, several cute moments i liked too x3. can't wait to see whats next for those 2,


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chapter 5

Mallory and Denice stood anxiously by the front door Monday morning. They were both nervous because instead of their usual attire they were both wearing new school uniforms. Uniforms had not been the school’s policy for a long time, but apparently the rise in a certain parenting method made them relevant again. Mallory was wearing a uniform clearly meant for elementary schoolers. It was a one piece grey dress with a neckerchief around the neck. The dress cinched right at Mallory’s diaphragm and the skirt trailed down past that. While it covered the diaper she was wearing it was clear that this uniform was made for easy diaper checks because if Mallory moved the diaper would become visible. Denice’s uniform was made for an even younger child one that probably shouldn’t be needing a uniform anyway. As opposed to a dress Denice was wearing a tan romper that covered her crotch completely and was thicker around that area in case the diaper she was wearing leaked. This in the fact that she was wearing an extra thick diaper signaled to Mallory that her diaper was probably not going to be changed at school, she would have to wait until she got home. Not that that presented a problem Mallory usually didn’t use the bathroom at school anyway and this caused her to question why she had so much protection.

“Mom this is completely ridiculous,” Mallory complained.

“Don’t be so mad about it dear,” Patricia consoled. “There’s a lot of other kids that will be wearing the same thing as you.”

“I don’t think that makes this any less ridiculous,” Denice commented.

“Okay off to school you two,” Patricia said ignoring both of them. They all piled into the car and eventually made it to the school. “Ok Mallory if you need a change don’t be afraid to go to the nurses office.”

“Whatever,” Mallory huffed as she stormed off. Denice was about to follow behind her but Patricia stopped her and started putting her harness on her.

“Why do I have to wear this?” Denice asked complaining fruitlessly as her mom finished putting the harness on her.

“In case one of the teachers needs to take you somewhere.”

“You say that like I can’t just walk there myself.”

“It’ll be fine dear now off you go,” Patricia said sending her daughter off.

Even from the outside of the school Denice could tell that most of the girls were a part of this new parenting method. In fact most of them were wearing the kind of dress Mallory was wearing and as they moved Denice could see their diapers and noticed that some of them were thicker taped diapers even though they didn’t have to wear them. Denice at first assumed this was out of lekaing concerns but later realized that it was actually becoming fashionable to be more baby like. There were also two or three girls that were wearing what Denice was wearing and they were being ogled over by the rest of the girls who were all cooing at how cute they were. In stark contrast all of the guys seemed to be oblivious to the whole thing. They were all wearing the typical male uniforms a grey sports coat with a tie and some shorts, and their only comment to the new uniforms seem to be about how short the girls’ skirts were paying almost no attention to what the girls were wearing under the skirts. Denice quickly found her friend Suzy who seemed to be in another group of rarity’s girls that were wearing the appropriate uniform for their age. Her uniform was a grey shirt with a red and green plaid skirt.

“Hey there Denice,” Suzy said with forced enthusiasm.

“Hey Suzy,” Denice answered bleakly. “Glad to see your mom is still sane.”

“Actually she’s got me on this program too. I just noticed that all of the mature answers were on the left most column.” Denice sighed annoyed that she didn’t notice the apparently obvious trend.

“Hey how come none of the boys seem to be doing it?” Denice asked confused.

“Well if Derrick is anything to go by it’s just impossible to do it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well yesterday mom tried to get Derrick to follow the rules and he did, for about 5 minutes and then he forgot about them and got dressed into regular clothes.”

“Wait really?”

“Yeah this happened three times I kid you not.”


“Yeah eventually mom found out that if you need Derrick to do something all you have to do is turn off his phone or his tv long enough to get his attention and he’ll do it.”

“Figures,” Denice said laughing. “Boys will be oblivious boys I guess.”

“It was actually kind of amazing to watch, he even filed our taxes and fixed the leaky kitchen faucet.” The girls laughed about this as they entered the school. The two walked past the office on the way to class to see a line of every male teacher apparently quitting their jobs each one of them leaving with a tired and annoyed expression.

The day at school was surprisingly normal save for a few exceptions. One was the abundance of substitute teachers who all came crawling out of the woodwork to fill the void left by all of the male teachers who had collectively decided that they did not go to college for four years to change teenage diapers all day and left to complain about it on the internet. The female teachers, on the other hand, had collectively decided that this event was “the most pwecious thing ohh I could just pinch those cheeks look at how cute you awe yes you are.” While Denice found herself to be a fair source of this attention she found that if she stayed toward the back of the class the other girls that were in rompers gladly took her place and were eating up the attention given to them by their teachers and classmates alike. This actually led to a rather strange rendition of female highschool hierarchy were the traditional queen bees were replaced by adorable giggling girls. Ironically this made Denice one of the most popular girls at the school despite how much she'd prefer if nobody knew she existed. The other big difference is that the nurses’ office, which before this was nothing more than a rumor with no proof of its existence, was now one of the most popular rooms in the school with at least three students lined up outside of it at all times including one very annoyed male who was simply trying to get a splinter removed and continued to get turned down in favor of the girls having their privacy. The one change that Denice did take advantage of was her ability to sleep during class without consequence. All she had to do was suckle her pacifier while she slept and no one bothered her because they were either guys, and thus oblivious to anything happening around them, or were enamored by how cute Denice looked while she slept refusing to wake her for fear of her becoming cranky.

Finally the day came to an end and a very well rested Denice was about to make her way home. She noticed that all of the other girls in rompers had their leads attached to their harnesses and were being led home by one of their friends. Denice was starting to fear the worst when Suzy snuck up from behind.

“Here let me,” She said as she clipped a lead to Denice’s harness.

“Hey!” Denice protested.

“If you weren’t asleep all day you’d know that all the littlest kids have to be walked home by an older kid,” Suzy said authoritatively. Denice blushed embarrassed that she did sleep most of the day.

“But isn’t you place in the other direction?” Denice asked concerned.

“I’ll just drive home dummy,” Suzy said as they made the turn into the student parking lot.

“Oh yeah I forget you have a car sometimes.”

“I figured you’d probably like this more than having Mallory walk you home.” Images of the ungodly tortures Mallory would put her through flashed through Denice’s head.

“Good point thanks.” They both hopped into Mallory’s car, a fairly inexpensive two seater that, despite its age, was very well taken care of. The two made it to Denice’s house fairly quickly. When they arrived the two made their way up to Denice’s room but were stopped by Patricia who was working in her office.

“Denice before you forget I need to change you out of your school uniform,” Patricia said motherly. Denice sighed and rolled her eyes as her mom lead her to her room Suzy smiled awkwardly as the two passed her and slowly moved into Denice's room not wanting to watch her best friend get changed. Patricia helped Denice out of the romper leaving her in just her diaper. “You didn’t wet your diaper at school honey?” Patricia said louder than Denice would have liked.

“I usually don’t go to the bathroom at school mom I wait until I get home,” Denice said defensively.

“Well do you have to go now?” As if on cue Denice felt the urge to go to the bathroom and shyly nodded her head. Patricia stood waiting as Denice wet her diaper. Having not used the bathroom while at school her wetting left the diaper fairly soaked. “I hate to change you know you just used it you might have to go again soon.”

“But mom it’s really wet,” Denice complained. Patricia put Denice in a pair of pink plastic pants and then gave helped her into a onesie.

“I’ll come back in 30 minutes and change you ok,” Patricia said scooting Denice back into the hallway. Denice’s mood rapidly changed, however, with the arrival of her sister who was visibly waddling into the house a small wet spot appearing on the front of her dress.

“Mom,” Mallory yelled out. “These pull-ups leaked.” Mallory didn’t see Denice at the top of the stairs when she said this but upon seeing her sister she gave her a death stare. Patricia came running out of the office to see what the problem was.

“Oh you weren’t kidding,” Patricia said noting the wet spot on Mallory’s uniform.

“This wouldn’t have happened if I could use the bathroom like a normal person,” Mallory complained. Denice detected the familiar glint in Mallory’s eye. Denice wouldn’t put it past the girl to have the diaper leak on purpose in an attempt to dissuade her mother from continuing with the punishment. Patricia quickly removed Mallory’s dress leaving the girl standing in the hallway with nothing but her leaky pull-up on.

“Hey!” she called out as Patricia ran the dress down to the laundry room. Mallory attempted to chase after her but the thickness of her wet diaper made it hard to move.

“Don’t move Mallory I don’t want you leaking all over the house,” Patricia called. Mallory froze in her tracks and attempted to cover herself up until her mom returned. Fortunately for her she returned fairly quickly. When she made it back to Mallory she quickly ripped off the leaking pull-up without warning. Mallory didn’t have time to say anything as she quickly attempted to cover herself. Patricia made short work of the pull-up quickly throwing it away before it leaked any further. “Now why was this pull-up leaking Mallory?”

“I don’t know?” Mallory lied. “It wouldn’t be leaking if you just let me use the bathroom like normal. I’m going to go put on some clothes,” Mallory said she was about to rush off but Patricia grabbed both of her arms.

“You’re not getting changed until we figure out why this happened,” Patricia said using her daughters embarrassing position to her advantage.

“What do you mean why?” Mallory shrieked. “I used it and it leaked because I’m supposed to be using the toilet.”

“Well how many times did you use it today?” Patricia questioned.

“Just once,” Mallory said. Patricia could tell this was a lie.

“Are you sure you didn’t use it twice?” Patricia said accusingly.

“Yes I’m sure.” Mallory said restating her case.

“Well then I guess we need to get you in some thicker diapers if you wet this much honey. Let’s go get you changed into one of your sister’s diapers and then you won’t have to worry about leaks or the bathroom at all.”

“Wait,” Mallory said realizing her plan was falling apart.

“Got something to say?” Patricia asked seeing through Mallory’s lie. Mallory wanted to think of a decent excuse but the fact that she was standing in the middle of the house stark naked was affecting her ability to come up with an excuse.

“Ok I did wet it twice,” Mallory said. “But this still wouldn’t have happened if ...”

“Why didn’t you go to the nurse’s office to get changed?” Patricia quickly cut her daughter off. Mallory knew what the answer was. She didn’t get changed because she wanted it to leak so that maybe she could convince her mother of how stupid this whole thing was, but she couldn’t give that away she knew she would be punished more if that was the case.

“The line was too long,” Mallory said making a quick lie. “I didn’t want to wait in line so I thought I’d come back later when it was shorter but it never was.” Patricia clearly didn’t believe her fully. “Look I’ll wear the pull-ups ok I’ll make sure to get changed at school next time.” At this point Mallory was just anxious to get some form of clothing on.

“Well if the lines are that long Mallory maybe you should start wearing Denice’s diapers to school. Then you won’t have to worry about it leaking if you can’t get in the line.”

“But …” Mallory began but she was immediately cut off.

“Or maybe you want to stay here until you tell me the actual reason.”

“Fine,” Mallory said with a huff and Patricia finally led her to get changed. Denice giggled as Mallory walked by before returning to her room where Suzy was busy looking at something on the computer.

“Watcha lookin at Suzy,” Denice said in a much better mood.

“Well I had a thought,” Suzy began. “This Hoffman guy is coming to town the day after tomorrow. Why don’t we go interview him? See if we can’t get him to confess that all this is bogus. If we can get him admitting that he's only doing this for the money then all of the parents will drop it in a heartbeat.”

“How do you plan to get an interview with him?” Denice asked. “We aren’t exactly press.”

“Oh please this dude has a big enough ego to go on tour as a child psychologist. I’m sure he’d kill for an opportunity to talk about how great he is.”

“Ok fair enough, but he goes on during school. By the time schools out he’ll be long gone to make room for the Brittney Blair concert.”

“We can just skip school. I have a car and I can pack you some extra clothes so you don’t look so … conspicuous.”

“Won’t you get in trouble though?”

“The ends outweigh the means here. Plus if he says something really stupid mom will probably give up on this whole diapering thing before it gets to that point, and the I’ll just get grounded or something normal like that.”

“Do you really think that’ll work?” Denice asked optimistically. “I mean he’s convinced the whole country he isn’t insane.”

“Yes he’s convinced America he’s a genius, but over in Australia,” Suzy gestured to the computer screen. On the screen was an article about Hoffman leaving Australia in shame as the country outright boycotted everything he did.

“Wow you know this could actually work?” Denice said happily.

“Yup,” Suzy said with a grin. “You know the music time to dance.”

- - - Updated - - -

sorry about the wait on this update. I genuinely intended to write this chapter over my thanksgiving break at mom's house but I forgot to upload my notes to the cloud so I couldn't work on it. Anyway as always hope you guys like it I think the rest of it will probably be centered around the girls going to the mall and trying to trick hoffman.


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I thought it sounded familiar. Great chapter by the way!, i'm guessing that there's
some kind of hypnosis thing going on. What with all the boys acting strangely.
And the women being all motherly to any of the "babies" that they encounter.

I'm totally loving this!. Please continue and thank you for sharing. :)


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I thought it sounded familiar. Great chapter by the way!, i'm guessing that there's
some kind of hypnosis thing going on. What with all the boys acting strangely.
And the women being all motherly to any of the "babies" that they encounter.

I'm totally loving this!. Please continue and thank you for sharing. :)

no hypnosis just comedic exaggeration.


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Dang! i thought i had it there for a second. Oh well it was a pie in the sky theory.
Anyway while i'm here i forgot to mention how adorable the last chapter was. :)
And that i'm just happy to get a chapter, my other stories haven't updated in weeks!.