The Hassle of Pay Parking at Hospitals and Health Clinics


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I really loath this pay parking mentality that we seem to have in southern Ontario. But I expect that this is probably wide spread. At our local hospital, you have to pay with a credit card. It is supposed to take cash, but that never seems to work. With the credit card, they won't accept Visa Debit cards. What a bloody hassle!

At my eye specialist's office, you have to pay $4 to lift the gate to drive out. It is supposed to take credit cards but everyone has trouble with it. So much so, that I often bring an extra $4 in coin to help the person in front of us to get out, so that we can get out. Why do we need all this parking hassle?

As I understand it, the machine is rented at a fairly high cost every month. How much do they really gain from this stupid hassle?


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They make bank on parking.

Health clinic in my city uses tricky pricing
12 dollars an hour or 15 for the day
so of course you're going to take the daily rate because odds of being in and out in 1hr is unlikely
few hundred cars a day
easily making 100+ grand a month on parking

on the plus side id rather pay 15 than a bill at the clinic / hospital
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Local hospital is free parking
Childrens hospital is $2 in the garage, or $5 for valet.
University hospital is a crap shoot