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So, this is the first story I've ever actually finished writing, so I thought I would share it with everyone. It isn't very long, but I'm open to feedback, though I'm not sure if anything will change from this original format. Enjoy and Happy Halloween (a few days early) to all the little ones out there!


The Halloween Party - A Short Story

Amy excitedly ran around her room putting things together for the party later that night. It was Halloween and the most popular boy in her high school had announced earlier that week he was throwing a huge Halloween party and everyone was invited as long as they came in costume. Mark was handsome, wicked smart and rich, and Amy had a huge crush on him. They flirted from time to time at school, but since Amy was only a sophomore and Mark was a senior, it had never amounted to more. Amy did not think there was any way that Mark would ever ask her out. She was excited for the party though and held on to a little thread of hope that she might get Mark to ask her out tonight or if she got really lucky, steal a kiss.

As Amy looked down at everything on her bed, she began to wonder if what she was about to do was a bad idea. Recently Amy had come to realize that she was a teenbaby and had taken to enjoying wearing diapers and acting like a baby in the privacy of her bedroom. In the last couple weeks she had become braver and had secretly started wearing diapers under her clothes at home around her family and even started carrying a pacifier with her everywhere, including to school. At school she had even sucked on the pacifier a few times this past week and no one seemed to care. She was already viewed as a little goth, so she just figured most people associated the pacifier with that. But, what she was planning to do tonight was just plain crazy.

Laying on the bed were two very thick diapers and her favorite black onesie which she had attached a pumpkin patch to for the party. The idea had struck her as soon as she had heard about Mark's party. Tonight would be the perfect opportunity to get to be a baby in public and no one would be any wiser. The idea alone thrilled her and she couldn’t wait to actually do it. She would just claim it was her Halloween costume if anyone gave her a hard time about the outfit. This was the perfect opportunity to enjoy being a TB in public without anyone being the wiser. She had been super excited about it all week but was beginning to doubt her sanity a little bit as the time drew near to actually do it. Could she really go through with this? At that moment though, there was a knock at the door which interrupted her thoughts. The door swung open before she could even react.

"Amy, I just wanted to let you know..." her mother started to say, then her eyes fell on what was laying on the bed. Amy just stood there with a shocked look on her face.

"Oh sweety, this is just adorable. Is it your costume for tonight? You're really going to wear a diaper with it? I just thought you were putting your hair in pigtails or something. And where did you find such a cute onesie in your size?"

The questions were delivered quickly and Amy shook her head to get it back in gear so she could answer her mom without giving herself away.

"Yes Mom, this is my costume, “she said rolling her eyes at her mom, like any typical 15 year old girl would, ”I told you I wanted the costume to look realistic. And I found everything online, you'd be surprised what you could find on there.”

Her mother smiled at her and said “Well make sure you find me before you leave, I want a picture of you in this costume for when you get older. You’ll want to remember this one. Oh, and I had come up to let you know Lacy was here. Are you ready for her to come up so you guys can get ready?”

“Mom! Why didn’t you say Lacy was here sooner, of course she can come up,” Amy said, then turning to her bedroom door, she hollered “Lacy, just come up already!”

At that point her mother left the bedroom to return to whatever she was doing and a moment later, Amy’s best friend Lacy appeared in her door. Amy looked at her and smiled, but Lacy just frowned in return.

“I cannot believe you’re making me go to this party dressed like a baby,” Lacy half pouted and half protested. She was a shy girl who only had a few friends. Amy and her had been friends since kindergarten and had done just about everything together since. It was quite often that Amy would strong arm Lacy into doing something that she really did not want to. Tonight was really no different than usual.

“Oh no, you’re not backing out now,” Amy said sternly, “you already agreed to go with me and there is no way that I am going alone.” Then she added quietly, “Plus, you know how much I really want go to the party dressed like this.” Amy had shared her secret, just like every other secret she had, with Lacy soon after she discovered how much she liked being a teenbaby. Lacy didn’t really understand it, but like a good friend, she didn’t raise a big stink. She had not been surprised when Amy suggested they attend the party as a pair of babies, but that didn’t mean she was in love with the idea the way Amy was. She had agreed to it though, so at this point there was really nothing she could do.

“Alright, fine...then let’s just get ready go to. The party starts in an hour and we don’t want to get there too late” Lacy said, walking over the the bed and sitting next to the diapers and onesie. Finally taking note of what was on the bed she asked “if you’re wearing the onesie, what am I wearing?”

At this question, Amy smiled, then went over to her bedroom door and closed it. After that she headed to her dresser and opened the bottom drawer up. She turned to Lacy as she said “you get to choose what you want to wear!”
Lacy walked over to where Amy was and looked into the drawer she had opened. It was filled with baby clothes that were sized to fit her and Amy.

“Holy cow Amy, I didn’t realize you had bought all this stuff already. You’ve only been into this for a couple of months.” Amy shrugged after Lacy said this and walked back over to the bed. Lacy began shifting through the drawer until she found a pink pair of corduroy shortalls. These seemed like the least offensive outfit in the drawer. She also grabbed a white t-shirt with butterflies on it to go underneath. As she turned around to walk back to Amy’s bed, she was surprised to see that Amy had stripped naked already and was putting her diaper on. Lacy was just amazed by how much Amy had taken to being a teenbaby in such a short time. She would have sworn that six months ago Amy would have never been interested in anything like this, it had really come out of nowhere. But the smile that was displayed on Amy’s fact told Lacy that she truly did enjoy what she was doing.

Lacy walked over to the bed as Amy finished taping her diaper on. She realized that she had no idea how to put a diaper on herself and blushed at the thought of having to ask Amy for help.

“Wow, you’ve gotten pretty good at that, you’re probably...umm..going to need me out,” Lacy said shyly. Amy just flashed her a big grin and jumped up wearing only the diaper. She had already expected this to be the case, but she found it adorable how Lacy had asked her to help her put the diaper on.

“Of course I’ll help you silly,” Amy said with a bit too much excitement for Lacy’s taste “just take your clothes off and lay down on the bed and I’ll get you diapered in a flash.” Lacy did as she was told and laid down on the bed after she had removed her clothes. The two had been friends for so long that seeing each other naked was second nature to them. That part didn’t really bother Lacy, but seeing Amy standing over her with what looked like a giant babies diaper made Lacy blush once again.

Amy was quick about it and soon Lacy was wearing the first diaper she had since she actually needed them as a small child. Lacy took a moment to get used to the bulk and feel of the diaper. It wasn’t as horrible as she expected, but she couldn’t see why Amy was so attracted to them. Not wanting to be laying there in just a diaper any more, she quickly finished putting on her outfit while Amy did the same. After they were both dressed in their respective baby outfits, they sat down at Amy’s vanity and did their hair and makeup. Both of them decided to do their hair in pigtails, though with Lacy’s short brown hair, the pigtails were very small and stood mostly straight up, but the effect worked with their outfits. Being typical teenage girls, they also made sure to put plenty of makeup on. Lacy’s was more typical of a teenager, but Amy had apparently had some practice using her makeup to make her look younger. The effect had made her look both extremely attractive but unbelievably adorable at the same time. Lacy was sure all the boys would fawn over Amy while she just blended into the background like normal.

“We look great!” said Amy excitedly as the two checked looked them both over one last time in the mirror on the back of the door. Lacy had to agree with her, the two of them did look really good, though quite odd. Amy’s diaper was far more visible than her own, sticking out around the bottom of the onesie, but she had added a pair of cute shoes that somehow worked with the outfit without looking completely bizarre. Lacy’s own diaper was only visible as a little bit of a puffy butt, so she hoped that no one would even noticed she was wearing it at the party. She thought about asking Amy if she could take it off, since it wouldn’t be visible, but she knew that Amy would never go for that.

The pair left the bedroom and went into the kitchen to find Amy’s mom before they left. Amy’s mom had not realized that Lacy would be joining Amy in this crazy costuming, and gave a big laugh as the two of them walked in. She spent a few minutes futzing with the two of them before she walked over to grab her camera.

“All you two need are pacifiers and bottles and you would really look like overgrown toddlers,” Amy’s mom said as she was about to take the first picture. At this remark, Amy gasped and took off running out of the kitchen. Lacy and Amy’s mother had no idea what was going on, but Amy quickly returned with two pacifiers and two baby bottles in hand. She clipped on a pacifier clip to the strap of Lacy’s shortalls then stuck the pacifier itself into Lacy’s mouth. Lacy was so shocked that she just let it sit there as Amy handed her a bottle and then did the same with the pacifier.

“Otay, naw we are weady” Amy said awkwardly around the pacifier in her mouth. Her mom just began laughing again and started snapping away with the camera, making sure to get plenty of pictures of the two of them.

After the barrage of pictures were done, the two girls headed out to the garage and got into Amy’s Camaro. The car was her pride and joy, and she had only just been able to start driving it a short time ago. She backed out of the garage, and the two girls we off to the party.

The driveway to Mark’s house was huge and the driveway was really long, but it was also filled with tons of cars from all of the high school students that were in attendance. It looked like the entire school had turned up for this party. This wasn’t really all that surprising, as most, if not all of high school kids had never been any closer to the house then driving by it on the way to school. The house itself was huge, with lots of windows and glass walls that must have allowed tons of light into the house. No one knew what Mark’s parents did for a living, as he never talked about it, but it was obvious they did extremely well for themselves, or had inherited a lot of money.

Amy parked her car and both her and Lacy got out and headed up the long driveway to the front door. As they were walking, Amy held out her car keys and a small ID case with her license to Lacy.

“Hold on to these for me. Your outfit has pockets and mine doesn’t” she giggled. She stuck the pacifier hanging on her shirt into her mouth, and continued the walk up to the front door. As expected, the two girls got several odd looks as they headed into the party from some of the other students, but no one actually said a word to them. It appeared that everyone had followed Mark’s requirement of a costume for entrance, however, some had not been quite enthusiastic as others. As they walked through the front door, one of the football players stood with a group of friends, wearing his pads and his jersey. Amy shot him a dirty look as they walked by.

“That’s not even a costume” she scoffed to Lacy, “he shouldn’t even be allowed in the door!”

“It doesn’t even look like anyone is actually checking for costumes Amy, I’m sure you could walk in with street clothes on without any issue” Lacy pointed out. Amy just glared back at her.

The pair made their way into what could only be described as a “Great Room”, where the main party was raging on. The ceiling had to be at least 30’ high, the exterior wall was composed of mostly windows and there was enough room for a large dance floor and a band on one end. The band played on, at an amazingly reasonable level, so that it wasn’t impossible to still hear one another, but in a way that filled the listeners with their music. As the girls stopped to take a moment and listen to the band, they didn’t notice as someone on the second level of the house picked them out and started watching them like a hawk.

The girls made some casual conversation with some of their friends while making their way through the crowd, and eventually over to the bar area. As they got to the front of the line, Lacy looked unsurely at the bottles that lined the counter and the table behind the bartender. She had never had any alcohol in her life, and was fairly certain Amy had not either. However, she could tell from the look in Amy’s eye that that was about to change. When they reached the bartender, he smiled at the two.

“Aren’t you guys a little young to be at a party like this? I hear the daycare down the street throws a pretty wicked party, maybe you should head over there” the bartender commented with a smile. It was obvious that he was joking around, but Lacy blushed any ways. Amy however seemed to be ready for a comment like this.

“Aww, we big giwls, we wike ta party wid the big boys. Will you fill our ba ba’s wif sometem tasty?” she flashed a huge smile around her pacifier and batted her eyelashes. The bartender, obviously stunned by this adorably sexy “little” girl, just shook his head and took both Amy’s and Lacy’s bottles. A moment later he handed them back to both girls with some concoction in them.

“Here you go ladies...I mean babies. If you need a refill, you just come right back here and I’ll take care of you. Oh, and if you need someone to help you with those bottles…” He let the end of that statement trail off with a smile.

Amy smiled back and started to walk away while Lacy’s mouth just dropped. This had to be the strangest night of her life, without question.

As the night progressed, the party only got better. The girls both agreed that it was, without a doubt, the best party they had ever been too. There was dancing, drinking, gossiping and boy watching. Though, for Lacy, she mostly just sat to the side and watched as Amy enjoyed herself. Parties were not really her thing, but she knew how much Amy enjoyed them and did not want to let her friend down.

It was well past midnight when Lacy finally started to get tired and uncomfortable. She had been putting off the inevitable all night long, trying to limit how much she had to drink, though somehow she had still drank a lot as she was also feeling pretty buzzed. Now she was desperate for a rest room though. She had also lost track of Amy about a half hour before and was starting to get worried, so she got up and started to look around through the party for both Amy and a bathroom. She hoped to find the bathroom first, as she was afraid if she found Amy and mentioned her current need, she might not like her friends answer to how to deal with it. As she made her way back through the main party room, she ran into a few friends and asked if they had seen Amy, or knew were a bathroom was. She was hard pressed to find anyone who knew the answer to her first inquiry, but a few people seemed to indicate there was a bathroom at the top of the stairs.

She made her way to the second floor of the stairs, taking a moment to look at over the party. Even though it had already been going for several hours, there did not look to be much chance that it was going to wind down. In fact, it looked like there were even more people here now than earlier. When she got to the top of the stairs, due to her distraction of the party downstairs, she didn’t notice the person at the top of the stairs, and ran right into them.

The sudden jolt of walking into the chest of Zeus was enough to make Lacy blush on its own, but to make matters worse, she also lost the battle with her bladder and started to soak the thirsty diaper she was wearing. Her face immediately turned red while she looked at the face of the person she had run into. It turned out that Zeus was actually Mark and he was smiling a huge welcoming smile at her.

“Good evening to you Lacy, are you having a nice time?” he asked, flashing a million dollar smile at her. It took her a moment to answer, between the buzz she had from the alcohol, and the shock that she had just pissed herself like a true toddler, but finally she managed to stammer a response.

“Um...yeth, its a weally gweat party Mark…” she started before realized that she was talking with the pacifier in her mouth. When had she put that back in, she wondered? She shook her head, spit out the pacifier and continued.

“Thanks again for inviting everyone, it’s a really great party” she managed to get out a little more intelligently this time. Mark smiled at her again, but this time it seemed a little more mischievous.

“I must say,” he began “that I truly love your costume and Amy’s as well. I was so surprised to see that she managed to get you to dress up as a little one too. I’ve been watching the two of you all evening from up here.” He made a sweeping gesture with his arm, showing that he could see the whole party from the vantage point.

As Lacy looked out over the crowd, she blushed again at this comment. The most popular boy in school had been watching her and Amy all night? She wasn’t quite sure what to do with that information, as she had never had any boy take that much interest in her. Suddenly though she realized that Mark might know where Amy was since he said that he was watching them.

“Have you seen Amy lately? I lost track of her a little while ago, and no one else seems to have seen her. I’m getting a bit worried about her” Lacy asked. In response, Mark smiled wickedly at her. Then he said,

“Yes, I know right where she is. She’s right where I left her. She came and found me about half an hour ago. Turns out she needed a fresh diaper and to be put to bed. Poor thing had a bit too much to drink I think, so I took care of her, just like a good Daddy should. I can take you to see her if you like.” Mark offered his hand to her. Lacy wasn’t sure what to do though.

“Wait, you did what?” she asked. Mark offered his hand again.

“Come on, I’ll show you and explain everything. I think it is only right that you know what is going on before you leave for the evening.”

Lacy slowly took his hand though she was obviously very confused about what was going on. Mark lead her down a side hallway and they walked to a different section of the house that wasn’t being used for the party. They stopped out front of a door and Lacy looked curiously at the cute little sign on the door that said “Amy’s Nursery”. Mark took out a key and unlocked the door, opened it and allowed Lacy to walk in first.

Lacy stood there in a stunned, confused silence as she took in everything in the room. It was decorated exactly like a young girls nursery, except everything was much too large to be for an actual baby. In fact, everything was sized to fit someone her size. As she looked closer, she saw a figured in the oversize crib. She moved over to it, and could see Amy fast asleep in a very thick diaper that wasn’t the one she was wearing before and a little pink t-shirt. Lacy quickly looked back over at Mark, just catching him locking the door. She started talking frantically, her voice getting louder as she went on.

“What is going on here Mark? What is the room? Why do you even have a place like this? Why is Amy sleeping in this crib? Why is she wearing different clothes? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!?!” she was almost shouting by the time Mark interrupted her.

“Hush and put your pacifier back in your mouth” Mark said in a velvety voice that Lacy had never heard him use before. Without realizing what she was doing she immediately quieted and put the pacifier back in her mouth. Mark smiled as Lacy stood there in front of him. Then he began.

“Lacy, I’m sorry that you had to get involved in this, it was an unforeseen side effect of what I’ve done. I guess I at least owe you an explanation. The best place to start is with what I really am. I am not not a high school student, nor am I actually 18. In fact, I am several centuries old at this point. You see, I am an immortal, forever stuck looking like you see me now. Actually, in this costume I more closely look like what you might expect of someone like me.

In addition to the fact that I am immortal, I am also extremely lucky in that I have a talent that very few immortals have. And yes, there are others like me, though not that many. I run into another immortal every few decades, but we always wind up parting ways, preferring to keep to ourselves.

Now, if you have not guessed it yet, my talent is that I can control people through speech and have them do anything I want.” At this statement Lacy raised her eyebrows in an obvious sign of disbelief, though she continued to listen to him silently. Mark chuckled and continued on.

“I guess the fact that you currently aren’t able to speak isn’t enough, so lets see if a more obvious demonstration of my talent helps you to believe. Remove your shortalls and sit on the floor for me little baby” he smiled and said this last part in the same velvety voice he had used before. Lacy started to think about the fact that she didn’t seem to be able to talk at the moment but also realized that she was now sitting on the floor looking up at Mark, wearing only a very obviously wet diaper and the t-shirt. Her shortalls now sat in a heap on the floor next to her. Mark’s grin grew even wider now as he could see the realization hit Lacy that she was completely under his control.

“You believe me now, don’t you little girl?” he asked. In response, Lacy just nodded her head up and down.

“Good, now I can better explain to you how you ended up in this little situation. You see, for several decades now, I have wanted a child. Unfortunately, I am not able to create one myself. A few decades ago, I came across a young woman who had a very unusual interest. She wanted to be treated like a young girl. We grew close and I spent much of my time taking care of her and treating her to her wildest fantasies. I was even able to help her enjoy herself completely with my little talent. However, as happens, she grew older and no longer had the same desires she once did, so we parted ways.

I moved on and settled into a new location a few years later. I decided to spend some time as a teenager in high school. It wasn’t a part I had played in some times, and I felt it might fun. Well, one day while sitting in class, a conversation began between two girls next to me the rekindled my longing to be a father again. I had enjoyed my time playing that part quite a bit and greatly missed it. It was at this point that I decided to look for another young lady to play the part for me.

Unfortunately, my search did not go well, and after several frustrating encounters, I found myself at home with a young lady that had no interest in anything but having extreme amounts of sex with me. In my frustration, and without truly thinking about what I was doing, I told her that she should act the way I wanted her to and to act as my baby. The next thing I knew, I had another little girl to take care of.

You see, that encounter made me realize that I didn’t need to wait for someone to come along to play the part. I could turn anyone I wanted into my little one. And so, every few years, I select a very special individual, and they become my child for a time.”

Through this whole explanation Lacy just sat, staring up at Mark in disbelief as he paced around the room, telling his story. When he had finally got to the end, her eyes were wide in terror. What had she got involved with? What was she going to do? How could she get out of here?

Mark could see Lacy working through a ton of questions in her head and smiled at the discomfort she was feeling. As with most people with power over others, Mark had grown more and more devious over the years and truly loved taking away anyones free will to bend it to his own. He had not planned on things happening the way they had this evening, but this entire interaction with Lacy was for pure enjoyment and his amusement. He looked over to the crib briefly and smiled. Then he looked back at Lacy.

“I guess that brings us to the present. You know some of the obvious things, I’m new to town, just moving here this past summer and I started school with you this year. However, this is actually my house and I do live here all by myself, contrary to what everyone believes. Although, that is about to change. You see, when I started school with you this year, I was on a quest to find a new little one. It just so happened that your friend Amy over there was the one I choose.

About six months ago, I started planting little thoughts in her head. Just very subtle things to see how she would react. A simple liking for sucking on a pacifier. A curiosity about wearing a diaper. The rest happened on her own, which I was very pleased to see. I could see the subtle changes as she got more and more bold. I’ve also been watching her internet traffic and have been getting updates directly from her, though she didn’t realize. And tonight was the culmination of my hard work. She has now come home to daddy and will be spending the next while living as my little girl.

I however, did not foresee your involvement with all of this. I did not expect her to tell you about her new found interests, and you see, I cannot have you clueing in anyone to what is going on. This is why I’ve decided to step in. I planted the idea for her to come here tonight as a baby, and to also bring you, dressed as you are. I have to say, if Amy had not worked out, you would have made the perfect little girl as well. But alas, I can only care for one little girl at a time, so I’ll be sending you home tonight, though with my own little twist. Now, why don’t you get up on the changing table for daddy so I can get you out of the wet diaper.”

Again, without realizing what she was doing, Lacy got up off the floor and laid down on the changing table. Her mind was racing, trying to figure out what to do. How could she save Amy from whatever this crazed guy was going to do to her. She still couldn’t even manage to talk though, as hard as she may try. She just laid there, helpless as a baby, sucking her pacifier.

Mark followed Lacy over to the changing table, and slowly removed her very wet diaper, cleaned her up and replaced it with a fresh one, though this one was much thicker and he also added a cute pair of plastic pants with ruffles on the bottom. Once finished, he helped her to stand, then looked her right in the eyes while he spoke in the same velvety voice.

“Lacy, when you exit this room, you will go straight to Amy’s car and drive it home to your house. On the way there, you will loose all control of your bladder and bowels and will never regain control of them again. You will make sure you wet and soil yourself and then find your mommy and ask her to change you when you get home. As for everything I have told you here tonight, you will remember it all, but never be able to speak about it to anyone. You will always know where Amy is, but never be able to tell or show anyone, and will never be able to come back here without me bringing you. When Amy returns home, you will be there to comfort her and take care of her, however she needs.”

Lacy looked up at Mark, her eyes as wide as saucers. This couldn’t be happening. He couldn’t be serious. There was no way she could leave Amy here like this. There was no way she could let any of this happen. But while she was thinking all of this through, Mark ushered her over to the door, opened it for her, and gave her a gentle nudge. Before she even knew what was happening, she was walking back through the party in only the diaper Mark had put on her and her t-shirt, with Amy’s keys in hand. See got right into Amy’s car and headed home. Once she got to her house, she parked the car and let herself into the house. She walked to her parents room, knocked on the door and said, “Mommy, I need you to change my diaper.”

Lacy’s mother, not knowing quite what to make of this statement got up and walked towards her daughter. Amy’s mother had called her earlier and told her what the two girls were up to, so she knew they were dressed up as some sort of babies for the party, but she didn’t know what to make of Lacy’s last statement. As she got closer to her daughter, she couldn’t believe that Lacy would have worn just a diaper and a t-shirt all night. Kids these days, she just didn’t understand them. However, standing next to her daughter, she could start to smell something awful. Curious, and playing along with her daughters little escapade, she pulled back the rear of her daughters diaper, and gasped. Lacy repeated, “Mommy, I need a clean diaper, I’m messy.”

Epilogue - 5 Years Later

Lacy finished up her last class for the day and began the drive back home. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Her diaper was soaked, and she didn’t have a change left with her, so she’d have to wait till she got home to clean up. Not her preference, but she had gone through more diapers then usual today, and didn’t have enough with her for one more change.

Life had been a little strange for her after that fateful night that Amy had disappeared from the party at Mark’s house. It has also been the night that she had suddenly become completely incontinent. She had tried for a couple days after that night to return to normal underwear, but it was pretty obvious that she had no control left, so she had been in diapers ever since.

When she returned home from the party without Amy, her mother at first thought nothing of it, thinking that Amy had just dropped her off and went home. Besides, her mother had been distraught trying to figure out why her 16 year old daughter was in a wet and messy diaper asking to change her. When they got up the next morning, Lacy’s mom saw Amy’s car outside, and that’s when the questions started. Amy’s mom had just assumed that the girls had crashed as Lacy’s after the party, and only seemed to realize she was missing when Lacy’s mother called her the next morning, wondering where Amy was.

The police were called in and everyone was looking for her, but no one was ever able to figure out what happened. From what everyone reported at the party, one minute Amy had been there partying it up, the next she was gone, but no one knew when she had left or where she went. Everyone also thought it was quite curious that Lacy had come home in her car after they had all seen her leave wearing that very thick diaper.

Lacy of course had been the one questioned the most, since they had been there together and Lacy was found with Amy’s car. But she hadn’t been able to tell anyone anything. According to the police reports, the last thing she remembered was looking for a bathroom, then being at home with her mom in a wet and messy diaper. The police said the lapses in her memory were due to alcohol consumption.

Mark was also questioned since the party was at his house and that was the last place Amy was seen, and his house supposedly searched from top to bottom looking for Amy, but no evidence was ever found that helped anyone figure out what had happened to her. The police were completely baffled as to what had happened, and for the last five years, the case had never been solved. It was assumed that she had either run away or been kidnapped from the party some how. There was very little hope that she would ever return.

Of course, Lacy lived with the constant torment of knowing exactly what happened to Amy. But she had never once been able to say anything to anyone, though in the beginning she had tried desperately to do just that. The few weeks that followed at school were very hard for her. Everyone seemed to blame her for Amy being missing, though over time, people began to believe she truly knew nothing, as she had never been able to tell anyone anything that they didn’t already know.

In the time that followed, Lacy had many doctor visits to help her with the depression that ensued after losing her best friend and also with the fact of her sudden onset incontinence. She had been doing remarkably well the last year, finally getting her life back into a normal routine. She had just moved out of her parents house and was now living in an apartment of her own, though she wasn’t that far away from her mom and dad. She was doing well in school and had a great group of new friends. She had adjusted to living with being incontinent and for the most part it barely affected her life any more.

Lacy parked her car in front of her apartment building and headed in. She immediately went into her bedroom and changed out of the soaking diaper she was wearing. She had been lucky and it hadn’t leaked all over the pants she was wearing, but it had been a close call. She grabbed her school bag and settled down at her desk, set to finish up some homework before she made dinner. Just as she was opening a text book, her doorbell rang. She looked over her shoulder at the door and wondered who could be there. She got up, and pulled open the door.

As the door opened, she saw a young women clad only in a black onesie with a pumpkin patch on the front, with an obvious diaper underneath standing in front of her. Before she could even speak, the girl walked right into her apartment and started jabbering on.

“There you are Lacy! I’ve been looking all over for you! You are never going to believe what happened. Mark kissed me! It was AMAZING, I can’t believe it. I’m just SOO excited. We should probably get going though, I know it is pretty late and my mom is going to be worried if we don’t get back to the house before too long. Plus, I think I managed to wet my diaper at some point, it feels super wet, and I didn’t think to bring a change. That’s okay though, I really don’t mind the feeling, but I should change before too long, I don’t want to get a rash. Wait a minute, why aren’t you wearing your costume any more? And where the heck are we? I don’t remember seeing a room like this in Mark’s house any where. Lacy?? Hello? Earth to Lacy? You okay there?”

Lacy just stood there, dumbfounded. Down the hall, she thought she saw the back of Mark’s head as he walked away, but she just grabbed Amy and pulled her into a huge hug.


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Amazing fictional fantasy story. Im reminded of the Percy Jackson books and "charm speak". I kinda wish it would have been longer. But it was a great short story.