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I posted earlier today with a list of diapers I'm interested in buying. While I'm really interested in a lot of the diapers on the list, I've went totally of course and decided to get either bambino Bellissimos or bambino Biancos. Most of my time spent diapered is at night/overnight and Alone, so I am a Okay with getting some Massive diapers for extended wear.
But strictly out of curiosity, could these be worn in public? I've worn very wet tranquility atn's and M4's around my college campus, and no one seemed to bat an eye. So it wouldn't be impossible to be discrete with these, would it?
I absolutely love wearing a Bellisimo to the movies! The Belisimos have to be my all time favorite diaper they are a little thicker then the m4's but it's not a huge difference, the main difference will come when it gets very wet.
I've never been able to wear a Bellisimo while out and about, simply because I find it sort of impossible to walk normally/unnoticeable in one. They are a brilliant nighttime diaper though.

For a daytime diaper, I've found a newish diaper called the DC Idyl to be utterly amazing for wearing around in the daytime. It could easily substitute as an overnight diaper--but primarily I've been in love with them during the day, as their so darn 'sturdy' in their build, and are ridiculously comfortable.

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I wear bellisimo and space in public all the time no issues

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I've worn bambinos out in public a few times, never had a problem in them. Granted that was just my experience, yours maybe different.
Bambino is getting out there with crotch width, it starts getting difficult to walk normally in them. If you force it, you'll start to rub harder on your inner thighs, and depending on your skin, that could cause a rash. Sweat, higher outside temps, and swelling from being wet make things worse. My skin's sensitive enough to be a problem if I "abuse it" like that. It'll get revenge on me and that's NOT fun.

So it's not impossible to do, wearing a wide diaper just increases the chances of problems quite a bit. If you're not doing too much walking, it's not going to be too hot out, and expect to stay reasonably dry, you'll probably be OK. If you have tougher skin, that'll give you a little more leeway.

Somewhat to my surprise, I've discovered that ABU's new SDK/Cushies are a nice alternative for active/daytime wear. They are still pretty thick, but the crotch isn't as wide as many, yet still has good leak guards. The sap content is just at the right point to have good capacity and front absorption while not swelling out the crotch too much until you've wet several times.

I've settled on wearing my Teddy overnight, they work better than the SDK/Cushies for that. There are currently a lot more good choices for overnight wear than for daytime wear. There is no one universally good diaper out there. (the DC Amore Kitten/Idyl are also thick with a narrower crotch, they're basically a narrower Teddy) Don't try to use a screwdriver to pound in a nail.
I bought a case of Bellisimos a year or two ago. They were great!

I used them as my day & night diaper while I was wearing 24/7 and they sure kept me dry. Long walks or exercise was tough for a few reasons, but compression shorts rid me of nearly any complications. I'm not even that into the prints, but they were extremely conventional for someone who didn't use the toilet. The price was the only factor that deterred me from wearing them too often after that.
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