The first time you wore in public.

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This is going back about 14 years (long before I became incontinent).

I got up in the morning and changed out of my wet diaper and got a shower. While I was in the shower I decided that I'm going to wear to work. As I got ready to get dressed I pulled out a Molicare (it was blue and thin) and put it on. I decided that this won't do in case I have to go to the bathroom and can't hold it until my lunch break. I took off the diaper and started to have second thoughts. I said to myself "I was going to do this and damn it, I will" and got my night time Molicare (purple) diaper and put it on and got dressed.

As soon as I was dressed I went out my door got in my car and started to drive to work. Reality hadn't kicked in yet and I even forgot that I was wearing. When I got to my office I wanted to turn around and go home and change, but it was too late. I walked up the steps and went through the door and too my cubicle. I thought everyone was looking at my butt and the bulge in my crotch. I sat down in my cubicle and tried to get my breathing under control.

One of the office girls came over to chat and I started to get really nervous. I kept trying to end the conversation so she would go away and that I could just put my attention to my work but she kept talking. I became more nervous and actually started shaking. I felt warm in the front of my diaper and I jumped out of my seat and started to walk to the bathroom. I got into the bathroom and checked to see if I had wet my self and I sure as hell did. Not very much but it was a spot about the size of an apple.

I got so turned on but also couldn't shake the nervousness. I took my diaper halfway off so I could finish peeing but I couldn't or didn't have to go. I walked back to my cubicle and started my work for the morning. About a half hour before my lunch break, I was doing the pee pee dance in my chair. I was trying to hold it because I was afraid that I would smell worse (since I started to smell like pee at that point). I couldn't do it and flooded my diaper.

I felt my front, legs and then my butt get warm. At this point I was shaking so bad and couldn't think of where I left my car keys on my desk. I got up and walked over to my jacket and checked the pockets and found them. I walked back to my desk to get my coffee travel mug and saw two big dark marks on my chair. I leaked. My butt was soaked and I quickly wrapped my jacket around my waist and ran out the door. I got home, changed my pants, put on a fresh diaper, and chain smoked like a friggin steam engine.

I went back to work diapered that day, and made it through with no other problems. I did this 2 more times that week before I finally started to calm down and realized that no one notices that I'm wearing a diaper. That day was magical, fun, and a day I'll never forget. I now don't have the feelings for diapers (not to the same level anyway) that I used to have. I'm incontinent now and they are just a part of normal day-wear for me.
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