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so i created an account on the fediverse for roughly 2 weeks ago, and it's an amazing place for lgbtq people (including kinksters and fetishists) so i wanted to share this with you all in hopes to get more people on the platform. but before anything, let me explain what the fediverse is.

the federated universe, or fediverse for short, is a collection of servers that interacts with each other to provide a complete and decentralized service. the idea is that you pick an instance (mine is, which is a misskey instance) and create an account there, and then you can interact with not only the people on the same instance but also across other instances, too. an example of such an interaction can look like this:
if you press "show content" or "show more" (depending on which link you pressed), you can view the message content. however, notice that it's the same message, despite the general layout looking very different from each other. this is because these are two completely different servers communicating with each other to federate messages between users; the only difference is depending on which server you are viewing it from will change how things look.

with that said, it would be awesome if there were more people around to talk and converse with, abdl or not, so if it sounds interesting, go ahead and give it a shot! i'd recommend everyone here to join if you intend to post abdl stuff, otherwise you might want to search for a different instance that might be of interest (that's also why i'm on; i only post abdl stuff occationally). if you want to join a different instance, there's always which lists countless instances that you can join, so feel free to look around and see if you can find anything you might want to join.

once you have joined, you can find me at, and feel free to follow me if you want (and regardless if you follow me or not, don't forget to post a link to your account in this thread so others around here can follow you, too). and remember: we don't have to be on the same instance to talk to each other, so find the instance that fits you best!