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OK, so it finally happened, what i had been wishing for for many years, i won.. imagine the surprise, when you see those balls drop into the rollers, all six of them, 2.4 Million Euro.. I couldn't believe my eyes, my heart pounding like the clarity clack of the train as it hurtles at 150mph down the track.

It took a while to decide what i would do with the cash, but i finally made my decision, that was 2 months ago. I was going to live my life the way i wanted.. but how..

i didn't know exactly what i was going to do, or how i was going to manage it, but i started on the long road, my first task was placing an add, for a family to take care of me.. I labeled it "family needed for adult with "Special" requirements". I posted everywhere.. and to my surprise ended up with over 250 different applications, from people all over the world.

it would take me a month of sunday's to sort through them all, so i devised another plan, i created a questionnaire, with some silly questions ( well silly to most people who didn't know the job exactly ) Questions like.

do you have children? Have you ever changed a dirty adult diaper? What are you thoughts on discipline? how would you discipline a child?

i sent an email to all 250 applicants, to fill in the form, and i assigned points based on the results that i was looking for..

I then decided to take the top 15 applications based on points.. i then witted these down, through close observation to 5, who were each invited to attend a location near their homes.

I met with each of the families, 4 of whom were more than accepting of the situation, and one that never really went any further.. of the four i picked two..

i offered for their services, 2000 euro each to the man and the woman, All expenses paid, whilst in my services, PLUS, i was going to buy a 500,000 euro house, which at the end of 5 years service, i would give to them as a bonus. Each of the families were happy with that arrangement.

as it happened both chosen families lived in Germany, and i didn't speak a word of German, (which was great) so i purchased a huge house in a small village.. as well as a load of furniture, and disability aids, including lifts and cranes, and invited both family's to come and stay over a weekend. This was to be the final interview..

The rules of the interview were quite simple.. Firstly they would arrive on the Friday evening.. where we would discuss any questions and answer anything they needed, We would go over rules, i had a few i had laid out, like bedtimes, nap times, and the fact that i wanted them to speak to me in German (Yes i know, i don't understand the language, But babies don't understand language either until taught...) etc.. and from the Saturday morning i would be a baby, through to the Sunday night, Monday morning they would leave, after another discussion.

so anyway the first family was Susan and Simon Jones, both in their mid 40's, Simon was an ex scaffold er, and Susan was a house wife, They had 2 daughters both grown up and living on their own with children of their own. Here is how the weekend went.

Saturday 31st October 2015
I was woken up at 8am by Susan, who came into the room with a smile on her face, dressed in her dressing gown, she leaned over the cot and stroked her finger down my cheek.. "Guten Morgen, Schlafmütze"..

i smiled, my dummy was laid beside me, she reached over and picked it up, checked it for hair and placed it gently in my mouth..

It took me a few moments before i started to move... Realising that i had a damp feeling at the base of my diaper.. but as a baby it didnt bother me, My penguin sleeper showed slowly from under the covers as she pulled them away.

she placed her hands on the front of my diaper, and shook her hand, "komm schon Liebling, Lass uns dich auf ... Mama und Papa haben eine Überraschung für Sie".

"Sanitäter meiner kleinen Prinzen nassen ..". she said as she felt between my legs. she then walked to the cupboard, and proceeded to pull out a new diaper, wipes and some clothing, she chose a onsie that was covered in pirates, a green tshirtt, with Thomas the tank engine print, and my white dungarees, with the Thomas tank logo on the front, and placed then all besides the changing table...

After a couple more minutes, she returned to me in the crib, i was sat up now, rubbing my eyes, a little weepy from being woken from a deep sleep. but her hand rubbing over my hair, soon stopped that. she proceeded to lower the crane, before wrapping the harness around my upper torso, and then attaching the two knee straps.

She proceeded to lift me from the cot, and placed me on the changing table, where she began to change me.

i would like to point out that everything in this house has been tailored so that my carers do not need to do any lifting..etc

it took her about 15 minutes to get me ready, which for someone new to the role i found quite impressive.. Before using the hoist again to sit me in my adult stroller.

To be continued......

My appologies to any germans, who read this post, and find my german appauling.. :)

Let me know what you think
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