The Early Years of Andi


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Chapter 17 - Timple Lorac

17 Timple Lorac
Grayson and Nursy followed closely on Thadduck's heels as he maneuvered through the corridors. They went down the hallway, and through a door which led to another hallway, and finally into a small room with one man sitting behind a desk, and one other door.

"Back to visit her again?" the man behind the desk asked.

"No," Thadduck replied. "I'm here to have her and Gribble released for questioning. Also, I have a volunteer."

"Released?" the man asked. "Has the order been approved?"

"I told you, they are being released for questioning. If I like their answers, I'll bring him back here to get his restraints off. Until then, they stay on."

The man nodded, and handed Thadduck a book. "What kind of volunteer?" he asked.

Thadduck jotted something down in the book and signed it. "A nursemaid who wants to work here."

"Why would anyone volunteer to work here?" he asked.

"She has unique talents," Thadduck said. "Grayson, keep Andi here. Say your goodbye's to your nursemaid. You won't be able to see her again, unless they refuse to change the law. If that happens, you'll see all too much of her."

Grayson handed Andi to Nursy and she pulled him into a big hug.

Andi whispered in her ear, "Thank you. I'm glad we got to be friends."

"So am I," Nursy whispered back. "Thank you. I know what you risked in bringing me here."

Andi went back into Grayson's arms and waved good-bye as Nursy followed Thadduck through the second door. Andi caught a brief glimpse of a large room filled with children of various ages, none looked more than ten. He knew what this was. It was the nursery he'd spent so much time avoiding. Now he was just outside the door, trusting in his grandfather to keep him out of it.

Thadduck returned a few minutes later, with a woman carrying a toddler who looked a little older than Andi. Without so much as a glance at the man behind the desk, Thadduck left through the door they had come, and the four of them followed.

No one said anything as Thadduck walked too briskly for conversation, and Grayson knew he needed to keep up.

Andi assumed the woman next to them was his mother, and he longed to talk to her, but who was the child in her arms? Didn't Thadduck say they were going to get Gribble? Perhaps he was their next stop.

Instead, they left the building and crossed the street, back into the building where they had first appeared in Shamballa; the barracks. Thadduck took the second hallway on his left, and went down to the fourth door. The name plate read "Thadduck Lorac".

Once all five of them were safely inside, Thadduck said, "Andi, this is your mother, Timple. Timple, this is your son, Andi."

Timple set down the child she was holding, nearly dropping him on the floor. "Andi!"

Andi all but leapt from Grayson's arms into his mother's. "Mom." He said it softly, still unsure about so many things.

"Oh, my sweet boy. You've grown so much," Timple said.

"Not as much as I expected, though," the larger child said. "It's been twenty-two years, after all. I thought you'd be at least a little bigger than me."

"I was," Andi said, "but I lost several years when a spell went wrong."

"You're already practicing magic?" Timple asked. "I thought you had to be taught how to do that. And who is this you brought with you? Where is your nursemaid? Father, what's going on here?"

"There is so much to tell you," Thadduck said, "but I don't think we have enough time. I've called for a full hearing of the Council to prove Gribble's innocence, and have you released."

"Thank you," the child said. "Why does it take the full Council for that?"

"Because I want to have the law changed. Otherwise Andi will have to go into the nursery."

"What do you mean?" Gribble asked.

"Patience, Gribble," Thadduck said. "We don't have enough time to answer all your questions. Timple, I know you've been saying it all along, but tell me again, who is Andi's father?"

"His name is Janro."

"Where is he now?"

"I have no idea. He is still an apprentice, but I didn't see who's. Father, why have you waited so long? Why do you believe me now?"

"I have always believed you, Timple. Until now, I didn't have the proof I needed to get your released."

"You always believed?" Gribble repeated. "I've spent eighteen years in diapers, being cared for by my apprentice for something I didn't do, and you've always believed in my innocence?"

"Of course. As Timple's father, my testimony of her character was inadmissible in this case. I wasn't allowed to assist in your defense, or determine your sentence."

"Fifty years," Gribble said. "That was my sentence for something I didn't do. Who invented these diapers, anyway?"

Thadduck frowned, "My grandfather did."

"Why?" Timple asked.

"Because he felt it was best to have a punishment fit the crime, even when it seemed bizarre. You refused to tell the court where Andi was, because you didn't want him to end up in the nursery. So they decided to send you there, instead."

"Why did he invent such a horrible device?" Timple asked.

"They were never intended to be used long-term," Thadduck explained. "He was in charge of the prison, and had to devise a way of eliminating a mage's ability to weave magic."

"How did he come up with the idea of a diaper as a restraint?"

"My own father was guilty of the same crime you've been accused of. He was furious to have his own son commit such a horrible act, and felt that if a man was going to act like a baby, unable to control his passions, he should be reminded of what it feels like to be one. You're the first person since my father to be sentenced to more than a month in them."

"And where is your father?" Timple asked. "You never talk about him. I've never met him."

"That's because he's dead."

"Dead?" Gribble repeated. "How did he die?"

"Old age."

"I thought you said he was a mage," Andi said. "How could he die of old age?"

"How old do you think I am?" Thadduck asked.

"According to the records, you are seven hundred twenty nine years old."

"You have an excellent memory," Thadduck said, "but how did you know that?"

"I've read the official histories of the Mages' Council," Grayson said. "Andi, do you remember me telling you that only one other spell-born in history has regressed in age permanently?"

"Yes," Andi said.

"Well, you're looking at him."

Thadduck nodded. "Indeed you are."

"You're older than Cortiban?" Timple asked. "You never told me that."

"Yes," Thadduck said. "I formed the Mages' Council when he first reappeared. That is why I am a Council leader."

"You were a spell-born, and you allowed the nursery to be formed?" Timple asked.

"Allowed isn't the right word," Thadduck said. "When I regressed, the other mages found it difficult taking orders from a toddler. So they devised a way to unseat me from power, and exiled me to the nursery. That was almost four hundred years ago. Most of the Council Members from that time are dead."

"Why does everything seem to revolve around you?" Gribble asked. "The punishment diapers were your grandfather's invention to retaliate against your father. You are the reason for the nursery. You formed the Council."

"I am the bridge between the old order and the new. I am the last mage alive who lived before the time of Cortiban."

"That can't be right," Andi said. "Mages live almost one thousand years. Yet it's been less than six hundred years."

"The magic of this world didn't change all at once," Thadduck said. "Most of the mages who were alive at the breaking of the world were old men by the time Cortiban returned. We were still trying to understand why so many people were being born without magic, and why some mages seemed to stop aging. It was a time of great confusion in this world when the Black Dragon first appeared. That's why it was so easy for him to conquer."

"But you exiled him to Dragon Island," Timple said.

"Yes, we did. And that took several decades," Thadduck explained. "He appeared in the year 49 A.D. by our current calendar; forty-nine years after the world cracked; forty-nine years after he was made immortal. It wasn't until 98 A.D. that he was banished back to Dragon Island. Five years I had my accident and regressed back to a two-year-old body. But my mind was as clear as ever. That's what disturbed them. That's when I spent more than one hundred and fifty years in that blasted nursery. By the time I left, there were dozens of others, and rules were made about when a person could be tested, and assurances that the women were virgins."

"I thought that was just a stupid ancient rule," Timple said.

"If I knew you were pregnant, I never would have tested you," Thadduck said. "Our traditions have a purpose. No rule stays in place without a cause. I've made sure of that. I tried to get the nursery disbanded more than once, but the number of young mages kept increasing. So instead I wrote the laws that no one could be tested before the age of 14.

"I wrote the laws that a mage must have a Mage Master until they could pass the test. Now there are less young mages in the nursery. It still happens now and then, and I've worked hard to eliminate it completely. That's why it was so galling to see my own daughter sentenced there as punishment for abandoning her child."

"I didn't abandon him!" Timple protested. "I left him in good hands. Speaking of which, where is your nursemaid, and who is this man?"

"You met his nursemaid when I came to the nursery to get you," Thadduck explained.

"That was her? But she hadn't aged a day."

"I told you that would happen," Gribble said. "I guess you didn't listen."

"As for me," Grayson said, "I will show you my true form, before explaining my existence."

With that he shrank into the mouse he was, then three seconds later he transformed back into the man Andi had made him into.

"Your son needed help, a friend, and a guide. He called for me using a rather advanced spell for summoning animals. Then he performed an equally impressive spell of intelligence, allowing me to read any book in the room, and have perfect recollection. Then, in a stunning move, he transformed me into a man."

"You mean it's not an illusion?" Gribble asked.

"Could a mouse carry Andi or keep up with that fast pace?" Grayson retorted. "No, I am no illusion."

"But then, won't you return to being a mouse at sundown?" Timple asked.

"No," Grayson said. "I've been a man for months now, all from a single spell."

"You did that?" Timple asked Andi.

"Yes, I did."

"Is that the spell that cost you seven years of growth?" Thadduck asked.

"No," Andi said. "Grayson told you before, it was copying the magic pouch spell, without preparing for the drain of Spirit."

"I'm sorry, did you say you copied a spell?" Gribble asked.

"Yes," Andi said. "I've copied several spells."

"Your son is quite impressive," Thadduck said, "assuming everything he has told me is true. It must be, though, because he came out of your quarters, Gribble."

"My quarters? How did you get into my quarters? They don't admit anyone when I'm not there."

"We came through a teleport, linked to your anchor point," Grayson said.

"That's impossible. You can't use another mage's anchor point," Gribble argued.

"He can, and he has," Grayson said.

"Now you can see why I want to change the law," Thadduck said. "Speaking of which, we should be receiving the summons any minute now. I'd hoped to spend this time preparing, but as it is, you'll just have to follow my lead."

There was a knock at the door. "The Mages' Council is summoned," Betzy said.

"Good," Thadduck said. "Let's go."

They left as a group and went to the Mages' Council chambers. The Council sat in three rows, with the back two raised up, so they could see all, and be seen by all. These seats formed one-third of a circle, with a podium at the center of the circle, and several rows, presumably for spectators or witnesses, and two tables in front of those. All the seats for spectators were full. Mages of every age were there, from new apprentices, to elderly-looking men and women. As it was, no one's age in the room could be taken for granted.

Thadduck took a seat at one of the two tables, and the other four sat with him. No one sat at the other table.

"Thadduck Lorac," a woman in a yellow dress said, "you have summoned us here with a request to change the law. I see you have brought your daughter and her former Mage Master with you. Please explain yourself."

Thadduck approached the podium where a book stood on top, recording every word.

"I, Thadduck Lorac, stand in this circle of truth, to bear witness in defense of my daughter and her Mage Master, as well as to request a change in the law."

"You wrote many of the laws," a man in green said. "You must have good reason for changing one of them."

"I do," Thadduck said, "but first I wish to present the long-awaited evidence of Gribble's innocence. The only thing he is guilty of is hiding this evidence, and I believe eighteen years of being forced to be a baby, should be sufficient to this crime."

"Gribble has been tried, convicted, and sentenced for sleeping with his apprentice," the woman in yellow said. "Yet you ask us to overturn his sentence?"

"Yes, Tonlay, I do," Thadduck said. "Today my grandson, Andirick Lorac has been found. I can now offer conclusive evidence that Gribble is not his father."

"Present them together in the circle, that we may see this truth."

Thadduck stepped back, making room for Gribble and Andi to waddle into place.

"In this circle of truth," Tonlay said, "is there any blood relationship between these two?"

A red light filled the circle, then faded.

"Timple come forward."

Timple replaced Gribble in the circle.

"In this circle of truth," Tonlay repeated, "is there any blood relationship between these two?"

A green light filled the circle, then shrank to center on Timple and Andi. The light around Timple glowed blue, while the light around Andi glowed yellow.

"It has been established that this is Timple's son, and that Gribble cannot be the father. One more question. Why is Andirick still so young? Even a spell-born should be older than this after twenty-two years."

Andi tried not to speak, but something compelled him to. "I lost control of a spell, and I was drained of Spirit until I was nearly a newborn. I am recovered as much as I will be, but I have lost seven years of growth as a result."

"You performed a spell that required that much Spirit?" Tonlay pressed. "Which spell was this?"

"It is known as the journeyman's bag," Andi said. "I cast the spell once, and it took me a couple months to recover. Then I divided the spell into three, and was drained by it."

"You have created a journeyman's bag?" Tonlay asked. "With three pockets?"

"Yes," Andi said.

"Who taught you how to do this?"

"I learned the theory from books," Andi explained.

"And how many attempts did it take to get it right?"

"Just one."

A gasp came from the crowd.

"What is your innate ability? What allows you to work such advanced magic without a Mage Master?"

"I can see the threads of magic," Andi said. "Somehow that has also given me an instinct for how the threads and the weaves are supposed to fit together."

"You are dismissed," Tonlay said.

"Wait, I have more questions for him," a mage in purple said.

"Not now, Hankle," Tonlay rebuffed. She gave him such a severe look that he sat back in his chair, as did four other Councilmen who apparently also had more questions.

"Your evidence is accepted. Gribble is to be released and restored to the position of Mage Master of Timple at once."

"Thank you very much," Gribble said. He waddled back to the table.

"Thadduck, do you object to the rest of this hearing being classified?" Tonlay asked.

"That seems appropriate," he said.

"The room will be cleared," Tonlay commanded.

"Without discussion?" Hankle asked.

"We can discuss it once the room has been cleared," Tonlay said. "Now be silent."

Everyone left except the Mages' Council, Grayson, and Andi.

"I want to stay," Timple said.

"You need to get Gribble a change of clothing," Thadduck said. "And Gribble, there may be side effects. I hope you're prepared for them.

"Side effects? Like what?"

Thadduck whispered in his ear, "How long has it been since you controlled your own bladder or bowels?"

Gribble swallowed.

Grayson walked over and offered Gribble a diaper and cover. "These are yours, if you want them back. Just make sure you can get out of them before you put them on."

Gribble sighed and took them. "Looks like I have to be potty trained all over again."

"Also," Thadduck said, "we don't know how quickly you will return to your proper age. No one's ever been in these diapers for this long."


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Chapter 18 - Secret Council

18 Secret Council
Once the room was cleared, Tonlay came down from the risers and knelt in front of Andi. He saw a weave of magic come from her and pass through him.

"You really can see the threads," she said.

He copied the weave, which included quite a bit of Spirit, and when he completed it, he saw the world through her eyes. There were no threads of magic dancing about, but he had a sense of the power of each person in the room, their ability to use magic, and found his own abilities were far beyond anyone in the room. He pulled his weave back in and dismantled it.

Tonlay was staring at hin. "What did you just do?"

"I wanted to know what you were doing," Andi replied, "so I copied your spell. Very interesting. Do you see all mages like that all the time?"

"Strike the last ten minutes from the record and transfer to the secret meeting notes."

At her command, the book closed and dropped through the podium. Another book took its place and opened up. Andi could see the Earth and Water weaving the words onto the page.

"You copied my spell?" Tonlay asked. "How did you do that so quickly?"

"I could see the weave," Andi said. "It was a bit of a risk, because it involved so much Spirit, but I took them back in when I was done."

"What happens when you don't take the threads of Spirit back in?"

"I regress," Andi said. "I was told all spell-born do it."

"Very few achieve the level of mastery that you have in their first two centuries," Tonlay said. "May I hold you?"

Andi nodded and she picked him up. It was easy to see the book now, and the words on it. The script was tiny, so that the last fifteen minutes fit onto three lines.

"You asked to change the law." Tonlay said. "Which law specifically?"

"I want to allow some of the spell-born, Andi in particular, to take on a Master Mage, if both parties are willing."

"According to the law," Hankle said, "Andi should be in the nursery until he looks like an apprentice."

"That's the law I want to change," Thadduck said. "I want to take Andi as my apprentice."

"No Councilmember has ever been a Mage Master before," Hankle said loudly.

"But there is no law prohibiting it," Thadduck said.

"Why do you want this so badly?" Tonlay asked.

"You've seen a little of what Andi can do," Thadduck explained. "I believe I can learn from him as much as he can learn from me. I'd like to take a secret archive book along, to record what I learn. No one has ever seen the threads before. He could teach us so much. It would be a waste to put him in the nursery."

"He copied a spell," Hankle said. "So what. What else has he done?"

"Keep in mind that Andi has had no tutor, only books to learn from," Thadduck said. "Andi, can you show us what you have done?"

"All of it?" Andi asked.

"Yes," Thadduck said. "I want them to know everything you have accomplished."

"Grayson, will you please?" Andi began.

Grayson anticipated him, and transformed into a mouse. Then, just as quickly he returned to human size. "That was not the first spell Andi cast upon me, it was the third."

"Turning a man into a mouse is easy. Every apprentice learns to do that," Hankle said.

"But I am a mouse who has been transformed into a man," Grayson said.

Hankle went white. "Did he do that earlier today?"

"No," Grayson said. "It's been months. The spell has not worn off."

"Months?" Tonlay repeated. "No one has ever done that in recorded history. I didn't think it was possible."

"Much of our history has been lost over the last ten millennia," Thadduck said, "especially during the last six hundred years. Andi didn't know it was impossible, so he just did it."

"In addition to my transformation," Grayson said, "he has given me the ability to read every book in the room. For instance, I now know everything in the secret meeting notes in the book before me."

"How dare you!" Hankle said.

"It was not a choice I made," Grayson said. "I did not know you would be bringing the secret archive into the room, and you did not know that would allow me to read it."

"This mouse now possesses classified information," Hankle shouted. "I don't trust him."

"I do," Thadduck said.

"Why?" Tonlay asked. "What has he done to earn your trust in a single day?"

"Grayson, how did you find Andi?" Thadduck asked.

"He cast a seeking spell. I chose to be what he needs me to be. I knew he would practice his magic on me, and I took that risk. I knew he needed a friend, so once I could talk I became that as well. I know he needs a mentor, so I have done what I can, helping him research all the spells he's had to cast to get here. I am completely devoted to him."

"Then why should I trust this little spell-born?" Hankle asked.

"That's why I want to be his Mage Master," Thadduck said. "I will discover if he is loyal to the Mages' Council, what he can do, and what he can teach us about magic."

"If you need further evidence," Grayson said, "we can all go to the cottage where Andi spent the first twenty-two years of his life."

"Why would we do that?" Tonlay asked.

"He has created an eternal flame, and an everlasting raincloud, to give him enough threads to work with for the spells he has done."

"Why didn't he mention this before?" Tonlay asked.

"He is shy, and does not yet understand this council the way I do," Grayson said.

"How do you know us?" Tonlay asked.

"I have read every book publicly available on this council, as well as the most recent books, both public and secret, of your dealings. From this I know your names, how you have voted, and who is the most outspoken. Hankle, for example, always asks for proof, and questions every piece of evidence brought before him. Janick and Perli haven't said anything outside of voting in the last six months, and they have always voted with the majority in that time."

"Enough," Hankle said. "You've made your point. Are there any left who object to Thadduck taking his grandson as his apprentice?"

No one spoke.

"Is there anyone who rejects changing the law as Thadduck has suggested?" Tonlay asked.

"I request that this particular loophole is known only to the Mages' Council," Janick said.

"Why?" Tonlay asked.

"We don't want too many spell-born babies in the world," Janick said, "so the Mages' Council should approve each one, to ensure the Mage Master is fully aware of the need to keep the spell-born from acting beyond their apparent age."

"It will also keep the requests to a minimum," Perli said. "Thank you, Grayson. I hadn't realized how little of my opinion this council has heard."

Grayson nodded.

"All in favor of a secret loophole, allowing the Mages' Council to approve a Mage Master for a child-like spell-born," Tonlay said.

Every hand shot up and there was a resounding, "Aye."

"All opposed," Tonlay said.

None spoke.

"Then let it be recorded this is the first unanimous decision this body has made since its inception," Tonlay added. "You may go," she said to Andi and Thadduck.

"If the Council is dismissed," Hankle said, "I would like to see this eternal flame and endless rain."

Several others murmured their assent.

Thadduck bent down to Andi. "Is that okay with you?"

"On one condition," Grayson said. "None of you are permitted to stay long enough to set your own anchor point."

"How dare you put such a condition on Council Members," Hankle said.

"It's fine," Andi said with a smile. "I can undo them if anyone leaves them behind."

"You can do that?" Perli asked.

Andi nodded. "Remember, I can see every spell, even the dormant ones, if I focus."

"All who want to come, follow me," Thadduck said as he carried Andi out of the room, and out of the building.

Everyone followed.


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Chapter 19 - Return to the Cottage

19 Return to the Cottage
Andi took only a few moments to locate his anchor point. Even from thousands of miles away, it was easy to find, and he instinctively knew which anchor it was, and where it led, even though he only possessed one. He could tell from having seen the others how much information they contained and how loudly they spoke to their owner when called.

The portal opened and several of them gasped.

"It's so big," they said.

"As you go through, please exit on the door to your right," Grayson said. "Remember how many of us are coming through."

He went in first, and the rest followed slowly, in groups as wide as the portal, and pausing a few seconds between each group.

As Thadduck stepped toward the portal, someone called out, "Wait! Where are you going?" It was a teenage boy, with Timple close behind.

"You're looking well, Gribble," Thadduck said. "You two can come with us, if you like. We're going to the cottage."

"Oh yes, please come," Andi said.

Without hesitation, they both walked through the portal, with Thadduck close behind.

The portal closed behind them in the cottage, and they were the only four in the room. The front door was open, and there were gasps and ooohs quite audible.

"I thought I would never see this place again," Timple said. "Please, can I hold my baby?"

Thadduck handed Andi over, and he gripped her tight in a hug. The swell of emotion inside him was something he'd been missing for so long. He didn't recognize it, but he guessed what it was; love.

"Mommy, do you still have milk?" Andi asked.

Timple started crying and nodded. She didn't need to be told twice what Andi was asking.

An hour later, Andi, Timple, and Grayson came out of the cottage together.

"How did you do this?" Hankle asked. "And how long have they been here?"

"Almost a year," Andi said. "As for how, I balanced the Air and Water threads to make a cloud, heavy with rain. I made the spell to renew itself with the water it produced, and a sprinkling of Earth to prevent an escalating feedback loop. Then I tethered it in place with a weave of Earth."

"And the eternal flame?" Tonlay asked.

"That was almost the same process, but with Fire and Air, with Water to prevent the escalating feedback loop."

"You have an amazing vocabulary, for someone who is only twenty-two," Tonlay added.

"I've had an amazing tutor, even if I did make him myself," Andi said with a smile.

"I knew it was possible," Perli said. "After all, the ancient planet builders did the same thing to make the rivers that keep our land green and growing."

"Don't forget the mountains that never crumble to dust," Janick said. "And the lands that are never eroded by the rivers."

"Thank you for sharing this with us," Tonlay said. "Grayson showed me your Journeyman's Bag, and I would almost approve you to be a Journeyman, but I think for now, you have a lot to learn from Thadduck."

Andi nodded. "I'm looking forward to it."

"Now, you know the rules," Tonlay added. "Don't talk in front of others until you are big enough to say those things. Don't perform magic where others can see, except in extreme circumstances, and do what your Mage Master says. Most apprenticeships are only fifty years, but in your case, I'm afraid it's going to be more like two hundred."

"It's better than being confined to a nursery," Andi said. "I accept the terms."

"When your apprenticeship is over, I recommend you apply to become a member of the Mages' Council. We need someone with your skills."

"Thank you," Andi said. "That's a real compliment."

"You're welcome. I have other business to attend to, so I expect I'll see you around."

"Bye," Andi said.

Tonlay opened a portal and disappeared. One by one the other Council Members did the same; some said farewell, a few others encouraged him to apply for a Councilmember position, and the rest simply left.

When they were all gone, Andi did a sweep of the area, looking for any leftover spells. He found three, and he undid them all, without figuring out what they were meant to do.

Andi spent a week with his mother, nursing twice a day, despite not being hungry. He grew a couple of inches, and gained about a month's worth of growth in the first several days, but then stopped. He found he had more Spirit to add to the diamonds than before, and gave them a good charge.

Gribble's age stopped at about fourteen, and he was most aggrieved. Not because of losing twenty years of age, but because he still had no control over his bladder or bowels. He was able to return to solid food, which made him happy; but later he realized that meant solid waste, which he still had no control or awareness over. Since the diaper cover contained the smell, he wasn't aware of what he'd done until he sat down.

When the week was up, both Gribble and Thadduck received assignments, taking them to different parts of the world. It was a tearful goodbye, with the promise of meeting up when they could.


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I'm continuing the story in a new thread. It is titled: The Adventures of Andirick Lorac