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Andi and Brenda Jones drove up to their new home, excited to begin their new life in a new town. The town wasn’t just new to them, but new to everyone. Williamsburg was designed with the latest high-tech in every aspect, and the first residents had moved in less than a year earlier. Each home produced enough power to run itself and supply the surplus to the hub of the city. The only resource which was still lacking: water. The shortage of water threatened to destroy the city, and all the residents knew how precious clean water was, especially out in the Arizona desert.

Brenda’s new job brought them here, and Andi worked from home. They had a three-month-old son named Norman and were working to help reform Greg, their teenage nephew. He’d been arrested twice, and his parents decided he needed a change of venue. Andi and Brenda had agreed to the challenge, becoming his legal guardians.

As they walked toward the front door, it opened for them, and a voice said, “Welcome to your new home.”

“Who said that?” Greg asked as they all walked into the foyer.

“I did,” the voice said from everywhere at once. “You can call me R.A.H.A.B. Residential Automatic Habitat and Biosphere.”

“Rahab?” Andi asked. “I don’t remember there being an audio interface in the brochure.”

“My records indicate you visited the model homes two months ago,” Rahab said.

“That’s right,” Brenda replied.

“Those homes ran on the Smart Home System 1.5,” Rahab said. “I am version 3.2 You’ll find there are a number of upgrades.”

“Such as?” Greg asked.

“Integrated android butlers. Shall I unpack the moving van for you?”

“Sure.” Andi said.

Half a dozen androids came into the small foyer from two different directions. They went around the small family and out into the yard. Andi watched in amazement as the androids carried everything from the moving truck and into the house, then unpacked it and put it away.

“How do you know where everything goes?” Brenda asked.

“I am equipped with detailed files on where these items are typically arranged,” one of the androids said.

“I’m sorry, I thought I was talking to Rahab,” Brenda said to the android.

“You are. My programing controls the house as well as these androids.”

“Why do you need so many?” Andi asked.

“This is a five-bedroom home,” Rahab said. “Six androids is the standard compliment for a home of this size. My droids will handle all the yard-work, cleaning, cooking, gardening, and most repairs. We are even programmed with childcare techniques. I noticed little Norman has a dirty diaper. Would you like me to take care of it?”

“No, I can change him,” Brenda said quickly. “But I ran out of diapers on the way here. I’ll have to run to the store to get some more.”

“There is no need,” Rahab said. “In anticipation of your arrival, I grew a batch of baby diapers for your use.”

“You grew a batch of diapers?” Andi asked. “I didn’t know diapers were grown.”

“It is part of the version 3 upgrade,” Rahab said. “The genetically engineered plants produce flowers in the right shape, size, and materials to make diapers. There is a small supply of them in the nursery.”

“And where is that?” Brenda asked.

“Follow me.”

Brenda did so. Curious about what genetically engineered diapers looked like, Andi and even Greg tagged along.

As they walked up the stairs, Rahab continued the explanation. “Manufactured diapers are a great burden on the landfills, being filled with potentially biohazardous substances and constructed of materials which don’t easily biodegrade. Flower Diapers are completely biodegradable, eliminating the burden on city landfills.”

They arrived in the nursery, which was attached to the Master Suite. Half a dozen green diapers rested on a dresser next to the changing table. Andi picked one up, looking closely at it. The interior was white, soft, and fluffy, just like a diaper was supposed to be. In fact, it was softer than he expected, and smelled slightly of strawberries.

The exterior of the diaper was the color of freshly grown leaves. It was smooth and flexible. If he hadn’t been told this was grown, he would have thought it was a standard baby diaper with a leaf pattern on the outside.

“I’ve never heard of these,” Brenda asked. “Have they been tested on babies?”

Rahab nodded. “Flower Diapers have undergone extensive testing and deemed quite safe. They are twice as absorbent as typical diapers, guaranteed to stay snuggly in place, and keep your baby’s bottom dry and happy, while controlling unwanted odors.”

Brenda set Norman on the changing table, cleaned him up, and put a fresh Flower Diaper on him. She paused when it came time to tape the diaper shut. There were no tapes.

“How is it held in place?” Brenda asked. “I don’t see any tapes.”

“These diapers are designed to excrete one substance on the landing zone, and another on the flap which, when mixed, form a strong bond.”

“Like a binary glue?” Greg asked.

“Exactly,” Rahab said.

“Show me,” Brenda said.

Rahab walked over and pressed the two flaps onto the landing zone. She held them there for five seconds, and then released it. The flaps stayed securely in place.

“Isn’t it a bit overkill to use a binary bonding agent on a diaper?” Andi asked.

Rahab turned to face him while Brenda picked up Norman. “It was the easiest solution.”

“Yeah, but doesn’t that mean once the diaper is on, it can’t be taken off without destroying it?” Andi shot back.

“Yes. The binary solution is designed to keep the diaper in place until the diaper is full. Why would you need to remove it prior to that point?”

“Maybe if it wasn’t put on straight, or if you wanted to check how wet the diaper was.”

“If you are concerned with getting the diaper lined up,” Rahab replied, “I’d be happy to do all the diaper changes for you. I’m also quite adept at knowing how wet the diaper is without having to remove it. Dinner will be ready in ten minutes.”

“Dinner?” Brenda repeated. “We didn’t bring any groceries.”

“Not to worry. This is the city of the future. I will take care of all the meal planning and preparation, supplying you with perfectly balanced nutrition.”

Greg faked gagging. “That sounds disgusting.”

“I think you’ll find my cooking quite delicious.”

They all went down to the kitchen where three of the androids were busy mixing, baking, and cooking. The table was set, so they all took their seats.

“So what do you think?” Brenda asked the others as she put Norman in his high chair.

“This is quite the house,” Andi said. “I feel like we bought half a dozen servants. Are you sure we can afford this?”

“Of course,” Brenda said. “Besides, we aren’t paying for the extra upgrades. We’re part of the beta-test group. “

“You mean we’re lab rats?” Greg asked. “That doesn’t sound very . . .” He stopped speaking as a medium pepperoni pizza was set in front of him. It smelled good.

Andi was served a house salad and half a rack of ribs. Brenda found a steak and mashed potatoes on her plate.

“I’ve prepared all your favorites for your first night,” Rahab said. “I can’t create this much variety every night, but I will try to learn your preferences and adjust accordingly.”

Greg had already downed half a slice.

Andi woke to the sound of screaming. He ran down the hall and flicked on the light in Greg’s room. “What’s wrong? What’s going on?”

It took two seconds for him to take in the scene and all explanations were unnecessary. Greg was wearing one of the Flower Diapers, but in his size.

“Get this off me!” Greg cried.

One of Rahab’s droids came into the room. “Please don’t. I’ll just have to put another one on you.”

“Explain yourself!” Andi shouted at her.

“Please calm down,” Rahab said. “I noted in Greg’s file that he suffers from nocturnal enuresis, detected the signs that he was about to have another accident, and acted to protect the bedding.”

“What?” Greg asked.

“Your file says you wet the bed,” Andi explained. “She somehow knew you were about to have an accident, and so she put a diaper on you.”

“I’m not a baby! I don’t wear diapers!” Greg shouted.

Norman began crying from down the hall.

Andi scowled at Greg. “You woke the baby.”

“I think I’m entitled to a little outrage here!” Greg shouted back.

Norman’s crying stopped, which meant Brenda got to him.

“Look, I didn’t program this machine to do this,” Andi said, “but this is one of the solutions we talked about using if you had another accident.”

“I haven’t had an accident in two weeks!” Greg shot back.

“The stress of a new home often leads to nocturnal enuresis,” Rahab said. “My sensors showed your bladder was full. I did attempt to wake you before taking action.”

“You’re telling me I slept through being diapered?” Greg shot back.

“Obviously,” Andi said.

Greg scowled at him. “I woke up because I have to pee. Can you take this off me? I don’t need it.”

“I beg to differ,” Rahab said. “You’ve already evacuated more than a pint of fluids. Your bladder is nearly full again, but the diaper has plenty of room. I will remove it in the morning.”

Greg reached down and pulled at the flaps. He couldn’t budge them.

“Please don’t remove the diaper,” Rahab said. “You did have quite a bit of soda with dinner. Even if you are allowed to use the bathroom, there is a strong likelihood that you will wet the bed again before morning.”

Greg sighed and rolled over in bed, covering himself with a sheet.

“We’ll talk about it in the morning,” Andi said. “Try and get back to sleep.”

“Easy for you to say,” Greg shot back. “You’re not the one the robot put a diaper on.”

Andi sighed and drug himself back to bed. Brenda and Norman were both already asleep.

At breakfast Brenda asked, “What was all the yelling about last night?”

“You heard that?” Greg asked, his face going red.

“We all heard it,” Brenda replied, nodding to Norman.

“Sorry about that,” Greg said. “This stupid house put a diaper on me while I slept.”

“Did you have another accident?” Brenda asked.

“Depends on how you look at it,” Andi replied.

“What do you mean?” Brenda asked.

“Well, according to Rahab,” Andi explained, “he would have had an accident, which is why she put the diaper on him. He then wet the diaper instead of the bed.”

“I see,” Brenda said. She turned back to Greg. “Well, I guess that means you have a choice.”

“What choice is that?” Greg asked. “Rahab didn’t give me one.”

“You can either let Rahab put you in a diaper at night,” Brenda explained, “or risk waking up in a wet bed in the morning.”

“Let her put a diaper on me?” Greg asked. “No way.”

“Think about it this way,” Brenda went on. “You don’t have to tell us, or anyone else what you choose. Rahab isn’t going to tell us, or anyone else. The house can either put a diaper on you or clean your sheets. She’ll do whichever one you tell her to do.”

“She will?” Greg asked surprised. “Why didn’t she give me that choice last night?”

“That’s a good question,” Brenda asked. “Rahab, do you have an answer?”

“The issue wasn’t discussed prior to bedtime,” Rahab explained. “When I saw the accident was about to happen, I did attempt to wake you. Given the situation, my caregiver function dictated my actions. If you want me to act differently in the future, I am programmed to obey most of your commands.”

“Most?” Greg asked.

“I won’t do anything illegal or harmful,” Rahab explained.

“Fine,” Greg said. “We’ll discuss it later. I’ve got to get to school.”

“And I’ve got to get to work,” Brenda said.

“Me too,” Andi replied. He worked from home, but he had a full day of catching up after the week off he took to move his family to this new town.

The Jones’ settled in to their new home, and everything went great for several weeks. On May 28th, Rahab made an announcement at dinner. This wasn’t unusual, but what she said would have a great impact on the whole family.

“Mayor Gates sent out a memo today, indicating that drought protocols will go into effect on June 1st,” Rahab said.

“What are drought protocols?” Andi asked.

“Water-saving measures,” Brenda said.

“Exactly,” Rahab confirmed. “Showers will be limited to twice per week and baths are prohibited.”

“Can’t you just cut back on watering the lawn?” Andi asked.

“The lawn sprinklers utilize gray water,” Rahab replied. “The supply of gray water is not currently limited.”

“How am I supposed to get by showering only twice a week?” Greg asked. “I’ll smell terrible.”

“Are you still having nighttime accidents?” Brenda asked.

“None of your business,” Greg shot back.

Andi took that as confirmation that he was.

“I am able to grow sanitary wipes,” Rahab replied, “which will be sufficient to deal with most of the typical body odor. Remember, these protocols are being initiated city-wide.”

“Which means all your friends will also be bathing only twice a week,” Andi added.

Greg’s face went red as he admitted, “It’s not the normal body odor I’m worried about. It’s the odor from my particular problem.”

“Have no fear,” Rahab said, “I will ensure you are smelling nice every morning.”

Andi wasn’t sure what she meant by that and didn’t dare to ask.

Greg woke on June 1st like every morning, wearing a thick, wet Flower Diaper. He’d gotten used to wearing them at night, which also meant he slept right through his accidents. They were thick enough to keep the bed dry, holding in all his accidents. He’d gotten so used to wearing them that he was worried he would never overcome his bedwetting woes.

“Good morning, little prince,” Rahab said as the android entered the room. She always knew when he woke up.

“So today’s the first day I can’t shower?” Greg asked.

“That’s correct,” Rahab said. She carefully removed his pajama bottoms.

“How long will the drought protocols be in effect?” Greg asked.

Rahab tore the sides of the diaper before lifting his bottom and removing it. “At least a month. The situation is getting worse. I just hope we don’t have to go to extreme drought protocols.”

“Why? How long would we have to go without bathing then?”

“Showering will be replaced by a sonic shower.” She wiped his bottom before helping him stand up.

“Could I try the sonic shower today?” Greg asked.

“Of course,” Rahab replied.

Greg used the toilet before hopping in the shower. “How do I activate the sonic . . . oh.”

An intense vibration hit him from every angle. It felt like a massage for his whole body. He stood there for several minutes, just letting the sonic vibration hit him everywhere.

When it shut off he asked, “Do I need to towel off?”

“That won’t be necessary,” Rahab replied. A blast of air came down from the ceiling.

“A little warning next time,” Greg said. It was warm air, but still a bit shocking.


Greg took a sniff and decided he smelled clean and fresh, as promised. Not bad for not using a single drop of water. He quickly got dressed, scarfed down his breakfast, and ran to school. As far as he could tell, he was the nicest smelling boy in the school that day.

Three and a half weeks went by without much concern, though most of Greg’s friends were muttering about not being able to shower very often.

“Did you try the sonic shower?” Greg asked one day.

Nadia stared at him. “Your home has a sonic shower?”

Greg nodded. “I thought they all had them.”

“Only the homes built after the 2.0 upgrade,” Victor said. He seemed to have every little fact about the town memorized. “Though they will have all homes upgraded to the full 3.3 protocol by the end of the month.”

“Why the end of the month?” Greg asked.

“That’s only a few days away,” Nadia added.

“There’s a possibility of extreme drought protocols being enforced next month,” Victor replied. “Mayor Gates wants the whole town to be ready to comply, and there’s something about the version 3 update which is required for compliance. What that is, I can’t be sure.”

“You live in a version 3 home,” Nadia said to Greg. “Any idea what that could be?”

“No,” Greg replied. “I just know our house uses gray water for the lawn and garden.”

“Your home has a garden?” Nadia asked.

“I thought they all did,” Greg replied.

“No,” Victor said. “The garden program was part of the 3.0 upgrade. Many of the home essentials are grown instead of being imported.”

“Right,” Greg said. “Like my nephew’s diapers. The house said it grew them in the garden.”

“A house that grows diapers?” Nadia asked. “I didn’t even know diapers could be grown.”

“Something about genetic engineering,” Greg said. “It also grows paper towels, toilet paper, even laundry detergent.”

“Wow,” Victor said. “Do you mind if I come by and see the garden?”

“Sure,” Greg said.

“I’m coming too,” Nadia added. “I want to see a garden that grows paper towels.”

After school they all took a self-driving cab back to Greg’s place.

“Hey, Andi,” Greg said as they entered. “I brought Nadia and Victor over to see the garden.”

“Okay,” Andi said. “Have fun.”

“You call your dad Andi?” Victor asked.

“He’s my uncle,” Greg shot back.

“Besides, he can’t be more than twenty-four,” Nadia added. “Greg is fourteen, like us. There’s no way Andi could be his dad.”

“You’re right again,” Victor said. “Sorry about that.”

“No worries,” Greg said.

An android approached. “Would you and your friends like a snack?” Rahab asked.

“You have a robot butler?” Nadia asked.

“Actually, there are six of her,” Greg replied.

“Six?” Nadia asked. “What version home do they come with?”

“3.0,” Victor said. “They’re needed to tend the garden.”

“They also clean the house, plan and cook the meals, and several other things,” Greg said.

“You’re so lucky to have a 3.0 home,” Nadia said. “I still have to clean my room and do my chores.”

Greg shrugged. “Yeah, I guess. It’s nice. Hey, Rahab, where is the garden?”

“Behind the backyard. Would you like a tour?”

“Sure!” Nadia said.

Rahab led them outside. “All of the water for the garden is recycled, but the food is safe to eat.”

Greg wondered where she was taking them, as the backyard he knew didn’t have any garden In it. They went to the back gate and into the next lot.

All three of them gasped at what they saw. It was a five-acre lot filled with all kinds of plants. There were tomatoes, corn, wheat, bell peppers, beans, strawberries, asparagus, and many others.

“Wow,” Nadia said. “Where do you grow the paper towels?”

Rahab waved them on. “They aren’t technically paper towels, as they aren’t made of paper. We call them Flower Wipes.” She pointed to a plant which stood more than twenty feet tall. The leaves were huge. Several feet wide and ten feet or longer. “This one plant produces enough Flower Wipes for four households. And this one,” she added, pointing to the plant next to it, “grows the Flower Diapers.”

The plant was the same size as the wipes plant, but it was covered in flowers that were the shape of diapers. He noticed the flowers at the top were the right size for baby Norman, while some a little lower down looked like his size. But there were others even larger. Bigger than anyone he knew would ever need.

“Wow. You really can grow diapers,” Nadia said.

“Why are some of them so large?” Victor asked.

“We grow them to the sizes we need,” Rahab explained. “Each flower is specifically programmed for an individual.”

“Who is this one for?” Victor asked, pointing to the largest one near them.

Rahab studied it a moment before saying, “Actually, that one is being grown for your father, Wendel. There is a Flower Diaper plant growing behind your home already, but it will be another couple weeks before it yields diapers large enough for people like Wendel.”

Victor frowned. “My father doesn’t wear diapers.”

“Weather forecasts show an increase in temperature and little chance of rain in the near future,” Rahab said. “Level 2 drought protocols go into effect next month.”

“What do level 2 drought protocols have to do with diapers for my dad?” Victor asked.

Rahab smiled down at him. “Level 2 drought protocols means no running clean water of any kind, except for drinking water.”

“I still don’t see . . .” Victor began.

“You can’t be serious!” Nadia shouted.

“It’s in the town bylaws,” Rahab replied.

“What is it?” Greg asked.

“Toilets use clean running water,” Nadia said.

“So?” Victor said.

“Level 2 drought protocols means no toilets!” Nadia shouted.

“It may not come to that,” Rahab said.

“But you’re already growing the diapers,” Nadia said.

“Of course,” Rahab said. “These things can’t be grown overnight. It takes weeks for a diaper plant to mature to this level. Now that it has, this plant alone should make enough diapers to keep two dozen homes well supplied. We’ve been working overtime on the older plants until the younger plants can produce enough diapers.”

“How long do you think these drought protocols are going to last?” Greg asked.

“Current weather forecasts suggest at least two months,” Rahab said.

“No. Way!” Nadia said. “I won’t wear diapers for two months!” She turned and ran.

Greg followed, calling for her to wait up. She was fast, and he found her crying on the swings in his yard. “What’s wrong?” he asked when he caught his breath.

“You wouldn’t understand,” Nadia said.

“You might be surprised,” Greg said.

“No. Trust me, there’s no way you can possible know how I feel.”

Greg studied her. He had an idea of what might be wrong. He was having the same concerns. It was only seeing Nadia’s panic that prevented him from breaking down in tears at the thought of wearing diapers all day long for weeks on end.

“Come with me. There’s something I want to show you.” He was taking a risk, but he liked Nadia, and she was having a really hard time with this news.

“Where are you going?” Victor asked as he finally caught up with them.

“I need to talk to Nadia alone,” Greg said. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“Oh. No, of course not.”

“I’ll see you in school tomorrow,” Greg said.

“Okay,” Victor said. “I’ll just show myself out.” He looked a bit wounded, but it couldn’t be helped.

Greg led Nadia upstairs, into his room. “Rahab, can you come here, please?”

An android entered the room less than a minute later. “How can I help you?”

“Shut the door, please,” Greg said.

Rahab did so.

“I want you to show Nadia what I wear at night.”

Nadia scowled at him.

Rahab did as she was told. “Here are your pajamas, and your diaper.”

Nadia’s scowl disappeared into shocked surprise. “You wear them at night?”

Greg nodded. “I’ve always had a problem with bedwetting.”

Nadia swallowed. “Me too.”

Greg nodded. “I thought that might be what had you worried. Bedwetting is why I got in those fights, went to jail, and ended up coming to live with my uncle. The thing is, once I started wearing these Flower Diapers, my nighttime problems got worse. I’m guessing you’re worried that if you have to wear them all day, every day, for several months, you aren’t sure if you’ll ever be rid of them.”

Nadia gasped. “How could you possibly know that?”

Greg heaved a sigh. “Because I’m worried about the same thing.”

Nadia took the diaper from Rahab and caressed it like a doll. Then she looked up into Greg’s eyes. “I think I could get through it, knowing that you’ll be struggling with the same fears. Just don’t tell anyone. Ever.”

Greg nodded. “That’s exactly how I feel, too. You can always talk to me about how it’s going, as long as I can do the same.”


Two days later, during dinner, a holographic representation of Mayor Gates stood next to the counter as Andi was about to take a bite of his spaghetti.

“Mayor Gates!” Andi shouted.

“Friends, it is my sad duty to inform you that our conservation efforts have failed,” the hologram said.

It took Andi a moment to realize he must be speaking to the whole town.

“Our plans included a reservoir, which has been delayed due to environmental concerns. Additionally, expansion of the town has happened much more quickly than even our most optimistic projections. As such, even with the basic drought protocols initiated one month ago, our city’s water reserves are nearly gone.” He heaved a huge sigh. “That is why it is my sad duty to inform you that starting immediately, I am initiating level 2 drought protocols. These will be in effect until our city’s water reserves have risen to the levels required to run the city properly.

“I am shutting down all clean running water. Drinking water will be filtered from the gray water. We have the best filtering methods in the world, so you can be sure it will be safe to drink. The most impactful aspect of this level 2 protocol is that the sewer systems will be shut down.”

“What!” Andi shouted. “Does he expect us to use an outhouse?”

“I know many of you will find this difficult to accept, but accommodations have been made. I’ll understand if some of you want to quit your jobs and move to a town that can manage to keep its basic utilities in working order. However, I ask you to consider that we are all in this together. Everyone in town will be enduring the same hardships. Your house A.I.’s will explain in detail the plans for dealing with this crisis. Again, I’m sorry this step is necessary, but it can’t be helped. Thank you.”

The hologram disappeared and four of Rahab’s androids stood there, each holding a Flower Diaper.

“You can’t be serious!” Andi shouted.

“I assure you, the Flower Diapers are quite safe, sanitary, and capable of dealing with this crisis,” Rahab said.

Greg stood up from the table and went upstairs to his room without saying a word, followed by one of the androids.

Andi found it odd that he didn’t complain or scream or shout.

Brenda stared at the stairs as if thinking the same thing. Then she turned to her husband. “Well if he’s not going to complain, neither will I.”

“How can you say that?” Andi asked. “I don’t want to wear diapers again.”

Brenda walked over and took his hand. “I know, honey. You were very brave to tell me about your bedwetting when we were dating. And you haven’t had an accident since you were eighteen. Remember, I went through the same thing.”

Andi huffed for a moment, then looked into her eyes. She loved him, no matter what problems he had. “What if wearing diapers brings the problem back?”

“No one else ever needs to know,” Brenda said. “Believe me, I’m worried about the same thing. I thought Greg would throw a fit, but he’s taking this very calmly. Why don’t we follow his example for once?”

Andi smiled up at her. “Okay. Just one thing.”

“Name it.”

“Let’s make love first.”

Brenda giggled. The meal was forgotten as they went up to their bedroom.

An hour later Andi woke to find himself diapered. He rolled over and saw Brenda was diapered too. He stood up and walked to the bathroom, intent on using the toilet, only to remember that it wasn’t functioning anymore.

He sighed and let it go into the diaper. The warm and calming feeling of peeing in a diaper filled his mind and body. He’d forgotten how good it felt. So comforting and relaxing.

When he was done, he went back to the bedroom and tried to put his pants back on.

They wouldn’t fit.

“Rahab,” he whispered. “My pants won’t fit over this diaper.”

“Not to worry,” Rahab said. “All needs have been anticipated.” She handed him a jumpsuit that would cover him from neck to ankle.

He looked it over, sighed, and started to put it on.

“No, you have it backwards,” Rahab said.

“What? You mean the zipper goes in the back?”

Brenda stirred on the bed.

“Yes,” Rahab said softly. “These suits are designed to go over adult diapers. They are used extensively in adult day care facilities.”

Andi rolled his eyes. He realized what they were designed to do. They were meant to keep people from removing them on their own. Deciding it wasn’t worth fighting over, he put his legs and arms in place and Rahab zipped up the back. There was a small click at the end.

“What was that?”

“I was just securing the zipper with the key,” Rahab said.

Andi scowled. “You’re locking me in?”

“That is the design of this particular garment. I’m sure I got it right.”

Andi sighed and went downstairs to finish his meal. It was waiting for him on the table. Somehow it was still hot. Or perhaps it had been reheated.

Greg sat there, finishing his plate, and wearing a nearly identical jumpsuit. “Your pants wouldn’t fit either?”

Andi shook his head. “I think the A.I.’s got a few lines of code crossed when they ordered these suits for us. They are designed for patients with dementia.”

“Is that why they lock in the back?”

Andi nodded. “I’m sure everything will get straightened out soon and they’ll get us proper clothing that looks more normal.”

The next day at school, all the kids were grumbling and complaining about being forced to wear diapers and locking suits. A few of the girls wore dresses, but they didn’t do much to hide the bulge of the diapers.

“The worst part is,” Victor complained, “the new butler refused to give me a fresh diaper this morning. She said mine wasn’t full yet.”

“Mine said the same thing,” Andi replied.

“My dad said we’re moving as soon as possible, but my mom said that wasn’t going to happen,” Nadia replied.

“Did she say why not?” Victor asked. “I’ve been trying for days to convince my parents to move.”

“Something about being in debt,” Nadia said. “She said we couldn’t afford to move again so quickly.”

“I don’t see anyone missing,” Greg said as he took his seat in their first class. Every assigned seat was filled. No one had left town in the middle of the night.

It wasn’t easy for the teacher to get the class focused, but the fact he was wearing the same kind of jumpsuit as everyone else made it easier.

The real trouble didn’t start until lunch. There was a long line at the nurse’s station, along with some shouting.

“I don’t care what protocol says!” Frank Michaels shouted at the android nurse. “I need to get this thing off, now!”

“Calm down, please,” the android said. “As I told you, my programming won’t allow me to remove your diaper at this time. It isn’t full yet.”

“Why should that matter? I need to use the toilet! I have to . . . to . . .”

“As I’m sure you’re aware, the toilets are not functioning,” the android said. “You’ll just have to use your diaper.”

Frank made a fist and looked like he was going to punch the android. He hesitated, and Andi wondered if he’d already tried the same thing at home. These androids were built pretty tough, and weren’t afraid to restrain someone who got violent. He’d seen it more than once when Frank had bullied one of the smaller kids.

“Then will you give me a fresh one?” Frank asked through gritted teeth.

“Not until your diaper reaches capacity,” the android replied.

Everyone in line groaned.

Frank hit the robot and actually knocked it to the ground.

Two more rushed over to him and grabbed his arms. “Calm down, Mr. Michaels,” one of them said.

“Get me out of this thing, now!” Frank shouted.

He continued to fight the androids until one of them sprayed him in the face. Within seconds he calmed down and then passed out.

“Whoa!” Greg said. “I didn’t know they were equipped with knock-out gas.”

Victor nodded. “I saw them use it on Frank two months ago when he wouldn’t stop kicking me.”

The androids hauled Frank into the nurse’s station and the crowd scattered.

Greg and the rest of the school went back to eating their lunches. Several of the people in line went to a quiet corner of the cafeteria, squatted down, and cried. It was obvious what they were doing, but no one said anything, because they all knew their turn would come soon enough. They only hoped they would be lucky enough not to do it so publicly.

By the end of the school, Greg’s diaper was feeling kind of heavy. He hadn’t pooped in it yet, but it was getting harder to hold it in. When the school bell finally rang, he ran outside, hopped in the first self-driving taxi he could find, and as soon as the door shut, he stood up and let it all flow. The mass flowed into his diaper, offering sweet relief to his stomach.

There was just one problem.

“Please sit down,” the taxi said.

“I’d rather not,” Greg replied.

“Please sit down,” the taxi repeated.

Greg looked out the window and realized they’d stopped just outside the parking lot. “No,” he repeated. “Let me out. I’ll walk from here.”

“I’m sorry. I cannot comply. This roadway is unsafe for pedestrians. Please sit down. I can let you out at the next safe spot.”

“I can’t sit down,” Greg said. “Just drive slowly.”

“I’m sorry. I cannot comply. You must sit down while the vehicle is in motion.”

Greg rolled his eyes and sat down. It wasn’t as bad as he’d feared. Somehow the mass he’d just made didn’t squish all over his bottom like he thought it would. The bulge of the diaper was definitely thicker, lifting him off the seat by a few inches, but he didn’t feel the messy mass. Nor could he smell anything the way he thought he would. The ride home was full of confusion, as well as hope that he’d get a fresh diaper upon arrival.

He walked in the door and went straight up to his room. “Rahab, I’m ready to be changed.”

An android came in. “I’m sorry, little prince, but your diaper hasn’t reached capacity yet.”

“Yes, it has. It’s full of poop.”

Rahab shook her mechanical head. “My sensors show there is still plenty of room left in your diaper. You must use it to full capacity.”


“Despite our best efforts, we haven’t created a surplus of diapers yet. As such, all diapers must be used to their maximum capacity before being changed. Your diaper will probably last through the night.”

Greg’s heart sank, and he plopped down on the bed.

“What’s wrong, Greg?” Andi asked, sticking his head in the door. “You blew right past me without saying a word.”

“This machine won’t give me a fresh diaper,” Greg explained.

“Yeah, I had the same problem about an hour ago,” Andi said. I’ve never heard of diapers thick enough to last thirty-six hours.”

“These diapers are twice as absorptive as standard diapers,” Rahab said. “They feed off human waste.”

“What are you saying? The diaper ate my poop?” Greg asked. He sat up, shrugging off the sinking feeling.

“Exactly,” Rahab said. “You have a visitor at the door.”

“Who is it?” Andi asked.

“Nadia,” Rahab replied.

“Show her in,” Greg said. “Bring her up here.”

“Not in your room you don’t,” Andi said.

“Andi, we’re both locked in these suits. Nothing bad is going to happen, I just need some privacy. To talk.”

Andi eyes him warily. “Take her into the family room. I’ll stay in my office. That should be enough privacy.”

Greg grumbled, “Fine.” He went down the stairs and into the family room. Nadia was already standing there, staring at the pictures on the wall. “Hi, Nadia.”

She jumped as she turned around. “You scared me.” Her face was beet red. Greg took a quick guess that she hadn’t been studying the family photos.

“Sorry about that. Do you need to finish?”

She rolled her eyes. “Why did you run out after school like that?”

“I really had to go. I wanted to get home first but didn’t make it.”

Nadia bit her lower lip. “I know what you mean. I have to go so bad, but I just can’t. I can’t do it.”

“So you came here?”

She nodded.

“Most people want to do it privately.”

“I know, but I’m so scared,” she said. “Will you hold me while I do it?”

Greg stared at her. “How?”

“Sit,” she said, pointing to the couch.

He did so.

She squatted down in front of him and put her head in his lap, and her arms around him. He put his arms around her. They held each other like that for awhile without saying a word. She finally grunted several times, then crawled up onto his lap.

He just held her close while she cried.

Several minutes later she whispered, “Do you think your robot will change me before I go home?”

Greg shook his head. “No. I already tried. Apparently pooping isn’t enough to get changed.”

She turned her head and looked up at him. “What!” Her face was wet with tears and new ones came at this news.

“They don’t have enough diapers to let everyone get changed every day. At least not yet.”

“But . . . But . . . But I . . .”

“I know,” Greg said, “but it isn’t as bad as I imagined.” He patted her bottom.

She squirmed at the touch, but then relaxed. “What? What happened? I thought . . .”

“Rahab told me these are living diapers. Somehow, they ate the poop. It must be in a special pocket or something, because I didn’t feel it squishing around at all.”

“You mean I still can’t get this diaper off?” Nadia asked.

Greg shook his head. “If it was up to me, I’d take your diaper off and give you a new one. But even if I wanted to, we’re both locked in.”

Nadia nodded. “You’re right. Why did we ever move to this town?”

“My aunt Brenda got a really good paying job here.”

“So did my dad,” Nadia agreed. “I guess the money means more to them than the privilege of using a toilet.”

Greg laughed at this. “Yeah, I guess it does. Well, they can’t say the job stinks.”

Nadia laughed. Soon they were both feeling better and got down to the business of doing their homework. It was year-round school here, so summer was no break from learning.


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Interesting concept for a story. I like whereit is going and itis nice that the whole town needs to wear.


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I love scifi stories, especially ones with AI :) can't wait to see what happens. great job on what you've wrote so far.

-just scrolled up and read name of who wrote it. Now I know why it was good lol.


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This is one of my favorite types of story: One or more people forced into diapers for some reason other than punishment or humiliation. The diapers are just simply something they and others have to wear for some reason or another but since everyone is wearing them there is no bullying or abuse about it.


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I love futuristic stories like this. It is a great idea for the story and I hope you write more, please.
You never know, part of that may be in some of our life time. Automatic vacuums, self-driving cars,
home appliances that talk to you or call the repairman and etc. We are not far away as you think.


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Andi laid down in bed next to Brenda. They both still wore the same diapers Rahab put on them the night before, but at least they weren’t locked in the jumpsuits. Andi was horny, but knew he couldn’t do anything about it until their diapers were off. So he spooned up next to Brenda.

“Well someone is feeling a little frisky,” Brenda said.

“I can’t help it. These diapers are turning me on.”

Brenda chuckled and turned around to face him. “I knew I was right to take this job.” She reached inside her own diaper. “Well, mine feels dry, which means yours probably does too. Let me help you out.”

Andi stuck his hand in his diaper. It did feel dry, and soft like flower petals. “Yup. Mine feels dry too.”

They reached inside each others’ diapers and relieved their tensions.

The next morning Andi crawled out of bed and once more went to the bathroom out of habit. He splashed a little water on his face and stared at himself in the mirror. Something didn’t look right.

It took him a moment to realize what it was. There was a red streak running up the middle of his otherwise green diaper. Unsure what it meant, he went back to the bed and pulled the covers off Brenda.

Her diaper had the same red streak.

Brenda blinked up at him. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m not sure,” Andi said. “Maybe nothing. Does a red streak up the middle mean the diapers are finally full?”

Brenda sat up. “Red streak? No, it means . . .” She reached out and touched his diaper, as if unsure it was real. “It means your diaper has gone to fruit.”

“Not just mine,” Andi said, pointing to Brenda’s diaper.

She looked down at her diaper and gasped. “That’s not possible.”

Andi frowned. “What do you mean?”

Rahab came in the room, carrying two fresh diapers. “Who’s ready for a fresh diaper?”

Brenda shook her head. “Not us. You need to call in a code watermelon.”

“Code watermelon,” Rahab repeated. Two other copies of her came in the room. “Let’s get you both ready.”

They were both put back into the jumpsuits and marched downstairs and outside.

“What about breakfast?” Andi asked.

“A code watermelon takes precedence,” Rahab said. “I must take you directly to Mayor Gates.”

“Not without Norman,” Brenda said. She tried to go back into the house to get him, but Rahab held her back.

“You must be taken to Mayor Gates immediately.”

“I know what a code watermelon means,” Brenda said. “I wrote the protocol and I’m not going without Norman!”

Another Rahab unit brought Norman out of the house and put him in Brenda’s arms.

“Thank you,” Brenda said. “Now we can go.”

The three humans and one of the Rahabs got in the cab, leaving the other Rahabs behind.

“Will Greg be okay?” Andi asked.

“Not to worry,” Rahab said. “I’ll make sure he gets to school.”

The cab drove to the center of town and Rahab escorted them into the Spire, a fifty-story building at the heart of town. They went up to the twenty-second floor and into a large empty room. Empty, except for Mayor Gates.

“I hear we have our first code watermelon,” Gates said.

“Actually, our first two watermelons,” Brenda said.

Gates raised one eyebrow. “Two? That’s not supposed to happen.”

“I know,” Brenda said. “But it did.”

“I need to see them to confirm,” Gates said.

Rahab unlocked both their suits and stripped them. Andi stood there in just his diaper while Brenda also wore a sports bra, holding Norman.

“Well that’s definitely visual confirmation,” Gates said. “From the look of these, whatever happened to one happened to the other at the same time. One out of ten thousand might be expected, but two means something triggered it. I need to know everything that you did in the last twelve hours.”

With a lot of blushing, Brenda told him what they did in bed the night before.

“Well, that explains Andi,” Gates said. “He was wearing a female flower diaper.”

“What?” Andi complained. “You put me in a woman’s diaper?”

Gates shook his head. “No, it’s not a diaper for females. It’s a diaper made from a female flower. That means if you just add pollen, you fertilize the flower, and it goes to fruit.”

“But I’m wearing a male flower diaper,” Brenda said. “How did that go to fruit?”

Gates shook his head. “Your diaper may be primarily male, but it still has a small female component. It would only be fertilized by a primarily female flower. We were very careful to make sure they couldn’t self-pollinate.”

“What?” Andi said. “I don’t understand any of this.”

Brenda sighed. “These flower diapers were genetically designed. We didn’t want them to accidentally go to fruit, so we made sure that a single flower diaper couldn’t go to fruit on its own.”

“And you just ignored all that and decided to fertilize your husband’s diaper?” Gates asked.

Brenda shook her head. “I wasn’t thinking.”

“Clearly,” Gates said. “Now we get to talk about what comes next.”

“What do you mean?” Andi asked.

“Well, we’ve been trying to fertilize a flower diaper in the lab,” Gates said, “but we’ve been unable to replicate the human digestive system’s output.”

“What? How did you grow all the diaper plants then?”

“It was a long and very expensive process,” Gates said, “with a low chance of success. We lost more than 90% of the fruits.”

“Which means?” Andi pressed.

“Which means the company is willing to pay us to ensure these flower diapers fully mature as fruit,” Brenda said.

“Fully mature?” Andi asked. “You mean you want me to leave this diaper on?”

They both nodded.

“For how long?”

“They can take anywhere from three to eight months to fully ripen,” Gates said.

“Three to eight months?” Andi repeated. “That’s quite a range.” He paused and thought about what they were saying. “Wait. You want me to stay in this diaper for eight months?”

They both nodded.

“Maybe longer,” Gates said. “We’ve never had a fully successful fruiting.”

“What could possibly entice me to do that?”

“How about $3,000 per seed?” Gates replied.

Andi swallowed hard. “You expect me to stay in one diaper for eight months for a couple thousand dollars?”

“Each fruit can produce anywhere from ten to fifty seeds,” Brenda said.

“Well, it’s a little more involved than that,” Gates said.

“Besides, we aren’t ready for this phase,” Brenda shot back.

“We will be in less than a week,” Gates replied.

“Less than a week?” Brenda asked. “How is that possible?”

Gates smiled. “I’ve been working around the clock to finish the VR coding.”

“Hold on,” Andi said. “Let me make sure I understand this. You want me to leave this diaper on for somewhere between ninety and three hundred days?”

Gates nodded.

“And each day this diaper will get heavier by . . .”

“About a pound a day,” Brenda said.

“Only one pound?” Andi asked. “That seems pretty small.”

“Well, there’s a lot of outgassing as the diaper processes and digests everything,” Gates explained.

“Outgassing,” Andi repeated.

They both nodded.

“So my diaper is going to stink to high heaven?”

Gates laughed. “No. The methane and other noxious gasses are processed into oxygen and water vapor.”

“Okay,” Andi said, trying to process everything. “So this diaper is going to get somewhere between one hundred and three hundred pounds?”

They both nodded.

“A week from now I won’t be able to walk, let alone a month from now.”

“Yes,” Gates said. “That’s where the VR comes in.”

“VR? What does virtual reality have to do with a three hundred-pound diaper?”

“Well, after the first week,” Brenda said slowly, “we have to immobilize you to prevent cracking the fruit.”

“That doesn’t sound healthy,” Andi said, “or fun.”

“Which is why we have designed a special suit to stimulate your muscles,” Brenda said.

“And a virtual environment to stimulate your mind,” Gates said. “It will even adapt to what you want it to be.”

“Wait,” Andi said. “You want me and Brenda to be immersed in this virtual reality simulation for three to eight months? Who is going to take care of Norman?”

“We can incorporate Norman into the virtual environment without him actually being inside the program,” Gates said. “You won’t miss a single day of him growing up.”

Andi sighed. “Brenda, what do you think?”

She swallowed hard. “We need the money to pay off my gambling debt. Besides, these flower diapers are my project. I’d do anything to make sure it is successful.”

Andi thought long and hard. The urge to poo came over him. That urge wasn’t going to go away. If he agreed to this, he’d be pooping in this diaper for months. On the other hand, with the drought, he’d be pooping in diapers for months either way.

He nodded. “Okay. Let’s do this.”


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I'm enjoying this story. I'm a little wary of the direction the story's going with VR however. I was expecting to see more about how everyone in the town having to wear diapers now, how they're adapting and what that's causing.

That being said, I look forward to more anyway. Thanks for writing!