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Ive been a part of the abdl community since I can remember. Born, assigned male at birth but knew I wasn't left me struggling for more than two decades. When I came out and went through my transition, I started to wonder how many other Trans women are abdl. I find it interesting how my little side has always been female but male as well. I have a baby boy side that I thought would go away when I transitioned but hasn't. I have always had a strong female identity when my adult side is present but never expected my baby boy identity to be concrete. I wonder if it's from how I was raised. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I think a gender poll might be a good idea. 😆 I know there's a substantial sissy community and male identified people who have a little girl side but I'm curious to know how many female identified individuals have a baby boy side. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
I'm transgender and never felt like one of the guys since I was 7 or so but I don't really think about the baby boy part.. but then I'm not much of an AB so that may be why.
Yeah I'm both genders I don't know how but I feel like a male and female.
Also Trans but completely gender binary on this one. Female all the way.
Also Trans but completely gender binary on this one. Female all the way.

I find it fascinating that when I'm little I adhere to the gender binaries & stereotypes. But it's very much the opposite when I'm a big kid :p
Transgender. Wow.
Obviously, if you're going to ask this question on an ABDL forum, your questions will be sorta skewed. That all said, I've introduced at least two trans girls to diapers and have met others IRL who are also very into it. :) That said, while there could be a link between ABDL and Trans, there could also be a differently reason entirely; After changing your gender presentation in public for the rest of your life, ordering diapers for private fun and play PROBABLY isn't a big deal in comparison.

Lol! I have definitely noticed a reduction in stress when I buy diapers now! Tehehe but I'm sure we can write a book on the psychological reasons for that! Hehe

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Transgender. Wow.

It confuses me.
♛I Like being a Girl the most but find the gender line gets distorted lots♛
♛But some times I bend it to be more how I Want it♛
I know heaps of ABDL trans girls, so you're certainly not alone! Personally I'm non-binary but my little side's gender is varied. It tends to be binary either way most of the time, though - either a little boy or a little girl. Mostly a little girl, which I suppose is similar to your situation: I also figured my little side would become less gendered as I explored my identity, and it has, but being treated like a little girl still hits home for me most of the time.

I find it really interesting you say you regress to being a baby boy when you're little, but it's not completely out there. I've met a handful of cis women who feel the same way, and perhaps for you it's a way of nurturing your 'inner child', based on how you would have perceived yourself then? I know some trans woman who feel they've 'become' women or girls rather than having an eternally consistent gender identity - i.e., when they were little, they were boys. In which case it might make sense for you to see yourself as a boy when you're little (if you consider yourself to have been a boy when you were a literal child).

Or it might just be that you've associated feelings of being nurtured and looked after, and maybe childhood in general, with being a 'little boy'. Lots of us enjoy being little in ways that are familiar to us and bring back the comfort of youth.

Or maybe it's something else entirely! :P Whatever the case, it's not that weird! :3
I'm glad I was born a male and don't have to struggle with knowing my gender identity. I know who I am. Thank the Lord.

Also open for questions!

Just as a quick primer on Male to Female Transgender (MtF TG) - All complex mammals are conceived female. If the fetus has XY chromosomes (genetically male), testosterone is released which develops the fetal boy into the male form. If the hormone levels are too low or there is some genetic resistance / insensitivity to testosterone, the body differentiates but the brain either does not or only partially.

Such people then grow up feeling female but having been assigned male at birth on the basis of genitalia, are brought up and expected to function as a male. Result - Gender Dysphoria (and often mental health issues caused by trying to conform).

Best outcome - transition to live and work as a female, testosterone blockers and HRT to start female puberty and change the body shape, surgery to remove the male genitalia and construct female genitalia.

Note - with the hormone imbalance you can also get intersex (look it up). XX Chromosomed fetuses (genetically female) can also develop a male brain (FtM TG). You can also get fetuses with three sets of chromosomes.

In short it is complex but we are born this way but society tries to but us in a gender binary box that does not fit.

Hi there!

BabyDash, I'm sort of happy to hear from you! Although my Little self is less of a separate identity, and is very much female.. but I do understand a bit of what you're talking about.

Now most of what we'll call my "little" interests just are openly just.. "yeah, I'm a princess but I love super heroes and all that I'm going to be as much of a girly girl and a tomboy as a I please, got a problem with it too bad" sort of thing. That's who I am, my identity, and all that.

That being said, if we are talking about pure fantasy ageplay shenanigans, some silly things happen. Sometimes I play brattier girls, girls who are all snobbish and think boys are super gross and have cooties.. and although I thought I would hate it.. playing a goofy game where she was forced to be the Little Boy she thought was so gross has happened. Forced to sort of get a punishment for her casual sexism and brattiness in that way, you know? One of those magical lesson learned sort of things. She got to learn boys weren't so bad after all, it had a bit of that flustered embarrassed sort of fun. So I guess there is a bit of an appeal at being "forced" to play the Little Boy, but it has like.. no place in my identity and I would hate it in any other context. When it's gentle, and the overall theme is that she's a girl no matter what.. it can be a fun thing to explore.

Still, I can totally understand how that would be a thing. I would kind of poke that most of the boyish stuff you enjoy could still be enjoyed by an awesome little girl though.
I find it fascinating that when I'm little I adhere to the gender binaries & stereotypes. But it's very much the opposite when I'm a big kid :p

Haha same here but when not in diapers I go back to my regular old self with only a little bit of my feminine side popping out here and there its hard to keep that side of me down XD
I myself am not transgendered, but I know a few transgendered autistic adults. From my own experiences of my encounters with transgendered autistic adults, is that being on the autism spectrum complicates expressing and coping with being transgendered. At AUTREAT several years ago, I interacted with a MTF transgendered autistic who was gender expression flipping back and forth multiple times during the yearly conference. Sometimes this person was male, and at other times female, and dressed accordingly. Of course, I never noticed if this transgendered autistic friend of mine wore/used diapers.

What you are describing is someone who is Gender Fluid. They can be assigned male or female at birth and their gender Dysphoria is unstable. They often refer to themselves as 'Third Gender' or even 'Agender' although these terms are difficult.

From my perspective, this is a difficult state to be in and most dress somewhat ambiguously trying to find a comfortable mid point. Remember though, gender binary MtF's like me are all different, same with gender binary FtM's but out perception of out gender is stable.

For gender fluid people, their perception of their gender can drift over days / weeks or even swing wildly over hours. Complex and very hard to live with. It does tend to be stabilised a bit with the correct hormone therapy but which hormones? Tricky.

Hi girls. I'm also part of this group.
I have no idea how to place myself.
I am born male, tho don't feel like male sometimes, and don't feel like I be female either.

I never cared for sports or most "manely" things guys are suppose to like.

I put myself into agender and asexual.
Sort of pansexual, cause I care for who a person is and not how they identify themselves as.

Tho as to how anyone feels about themselves, I say be who you are on the inside.
Not what society says you have to be.
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