The day is just dragging.....ugh!


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I'm at work right now, nothing to do so basically the day is just dragging on.
I got my LFB diaper order in on Wed and I'm just itching to get home and try one on. The clock is ticking ever so slowly. One and a half hrs to go and it'll be the longest hr and a half of my life. On top of that I still have a 20 minute ride home.
The worst. It just haunts you. All. Day.
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It always seems to me that the busier that I am the faster the time goes. If you’re doing something that you really don’t enjoy this doesn’t seem to apply, but for anything at least tolerable it makes the job at hand pass quickly.
Try turning the lights on and off really fast while yelling, as loud as you possibly can so that everyone will hear you, "GHOST! GHOST! GHOST!"

I bet you wont feel bored any longer!

I feel your pain, I had a rather long work week craving a diapered evening watching a movie and doing a lot of nothing, the wife and I have been texting back and fourth all day.. nothing is making time speed up