The Brotherhood Saga, Book I: Tommy's Regression


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Hey everybody, hope you're having a nice weekend! So, after writing for several years and being published with a couple of novels, I thought..."why not write and ABDL story?" So, here is my first one ever! Hope you like the prologue, it' s going to be dramatic, and it's going to be cool. It will not only focus on diapers but also in human emotions. This is just part I...

Any suggestion is welcomed! Enjoy the prologue!

The Brotherhood Saga, Part I:
Tommy’s Regression
By Alexandro Lira



There was only Darkness.

Adam Liamson was feeling so in shock, so taken away by sorrow. His whole world had crashed down into a pile of rubble, dust and ashes. There was nothing left to be done. His beloved parents had been killed in a robbery; he had felt the sting of death the moment the thief and murderer pulled the trigger. The stench of evil had left the man, and now Adam, with barely twenty-five years old, was feeling as if he had aged more than he should have. Now he felt like an old man.

He looked at himself in the mirror; he had bags under his eyes. He hadn’t sleep in three nights and was going insane. Of course, the little sleep he got it was filled with nightmares of his parent’s deaths. He wondered how he would carry on without the wise words of his parents, without the kind gestures of his mother.

But he had to move on.

Now, all that mattered was taking care of Thomas, his little brother. Now he was left with the task of taking care of a thirteen year old. Adam wondered if he was up to the task, it was going to be a lot of work to be able to become a suitable parent for a boy who was so sensitive, like his little brother.

Tommy had been the one who paid the highest price. His innocence. What am I supposed to do?


Adam blinked and looked back, he saw his little brother standing beside him with an ashamed look. “I had a nightmare again. I know…I know I’m not supposed to have them. I know I’m old enough to resist them but…I’m…

The older man got closer to him and put a hand over the shoulder of his brother. “Don’t worry, Tommy…I have them too…”

They looked so alike, yet they were different. Adam was tall and slim with brunette hair and green eyes. He had always been a heart breaker, and now he was certainly going to need the help of a woman if he wanted to help his broken family move forward. Tommy, as the younger one was affectionately called, was blond with blue eyes. He was one head and a half shorter than his brother.

Even if they looked alike, they were different personality wise. Adam was outgoing and laid back and mellow while the younger one was more reserved. Even if they had issues back because of their clashing personalities, they were close and now that their parents were gone, they needed to be there for one another.

Tommy stared at his brother with watery eyes. He hugged him and cried. “I miss them so much…”

“I know, Tommy…I know…” said Adam and shed his own share of tears. “But we’re going to pull through, you’ll see…”

What they didn’t know was that it was going to be a rocky road, with lots of changes in it.


it's the Prologue so it's supposed to be short, any comments and ideas of what you'd like to see in this story?


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I already hooked and I want to find out what is in store for Adam and Tommy!
You're off to a great start, im looking forward to the next chapter :smile1:


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Judging by your Author's Note you clearly have found your voice. Do not lose it. The "child forced to grow up" trope is starting to get overused, but has yet to enter the bounds of cliched. I personally would like to see how Adam and Tommy interact because of how different the prologue says they act.