Finished The American Dragon Story: The Beginning (Part 2) by DragonFire04534


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Chapter 4
So I carried Spike to the other window to the left of the window that ate Petey. I flew into the window and went outside where the rain was pouring down, so heavy that it was hard to keep a grip on Spike, but I couldn't let him slip away so I kept my grasp tightly on him. When we arrived at our destination, which was a door outside the janitor room, I broke into it and went inside. The janitor’s room was a dark, hot, and dry place to leave a rhino at.
So I set Spike down at a chair to rest in the room. I went to the other side to turn the knob of the other door that led into the storm trooper catwalk where you can see the storm troopers walking or biking. I also saw a storm trooper guarding the other side of the door, so I grabbed him and took all of his clothes and guns. The name tag that he was wearing said “Storm-trooper #99”.
The other storm-troopers that I saw were firing at cardboard cutouts of dragons that moved from side to side and breathed fire. One of the commanders of the shooting arena came up to me and picked a place for me to fire at. The place was in front of a very black room, where Pup and his co-executive Sophia, the dog, were watching all the shooting going on making marks on paper to decide who is going to be on the roster.
Sophia asked, “Does that storm trooper seem familiar to you, Pup?”
Pup replied, “Yes, yes he does I think I might know him.”
So I gave Pup and Sophia my all as I started to shoot all the ammo at the cut outs of the dragons. I dodged all the fire that they breathed and fired at the head, arms, and legs of the dragons. All the commanders saw me taking care of the cut outs of the dragons and were whispering to one another and started to point at me.
When I was done with my practice, the commander that was watching me asked me to come with him. So I followed him to the room that Pup and Sophia were in. He led me around the shooting area and I noticed that one of the dragons from the south was watching all the firing that was going on. I guess he was in a jail of some sort; I couldn’t see from the distance I was walking.
When we arrived at the building where the commander led me to, he told me to sit down, where another window sat up right in front of me.
Then a voice said to me. “Who are you?”
I replied, “My name is…Pablo Inco.”
I made that name up because I thought that the voice might be Pup and I didn’t want him to find out my secret.
I asked, “Why do you want to know my?”
The voice replied, “Because I want to be sure that you are not the American dragon hunter that was last seen at the graveyard.”
I asked, “How do you know that he was last seen at the graveyard?”
“Because if you’re not I would like you to find him and kill him. Do you understand?” The voice questioned.
I said suspiciously, “Yes, I understand I will go kill him and bring back his head for you sir.”
“Excellent!!” The voice said.
I left the room after he said that. I didn’t know what to do. If I go they might find out that I’m a coward and send somebody else to go kill me. But if I don’t go I might have a chance to kill Pup when he is asleep. Will I make the right choice?
Chapter 5
I went back to the room where I left Spike at. All the storm-troopers were starting to crowd around me, so I started to dart for the door. When I got there, there was another guard at the door. So I killed him and threw his body over the station into the glass, and into the darkness of the outside world.
I went into the doorway and saw that Spike had called his girlfriend, Rhinolina to come into the room.
“Spike, what is she doing here?” I asked.
Spike replied, “I think Rhinolina can help us out with breaking into the area. She is a professional rhino thinker. She can find out ideas to break into areas that are locked, and I didn’t want to be alone in this dark and steamy room.”
I asked Rhinolina what her idea was.
She said. “ Well I was thinking if we could use one of the bikes that Sophia has we could get into the room that Pup was in and move up above him and then we can kill him and safely get your staff if he’s dead. Do you think that’s a good plan?”
I said, “Maybe. We could also steal one of the machines that Pup uses for battles and use that to kill some of the storm troopers, while I go and kill Pup myself. Is that a better plan?”
Rhinolina replied, “That’s a perfect plan, but where are we going to get a machine like that?” She questioned.
Patrick said, “We can get one of the machines at the machine factory, when all the storm-troopers and civilians are asleep.”
So we slept in that room all night; dreaming of a plan that would work out perfectly.
Chapter 6
That morning Rhinolina, Spike, and I left the janitor room when all the stormtroopers and civilians were asleep. They did not know what was coming for them. We walked to the machine factory and I saw that the factory was closed. So Rhinolina, Spike, and I broke in and stole one of the Dog Walkers, who go very slowly. We wanted to steal one of the Dog Walkers, because we did not want to wake any of the civilians up or Pup. Rhinolina and Spike went on one of the Dog Walkers, while I took one of the faster size cars that could go 25 mph.
We walked all the way into the arena when I heard a mini-sized alarm clock go off right next to Pup’s bed.
Pup said, “Good morning world. Now, let’s see what the entire ruckus is all about outside,” As he was opening the blinds up to see he saw my gang on his machines.
Then, Pup started to call all the storm-troopers to wake up. I saw hundreds of storm troopers on the floor protecting Pup from the battle. I also saw the storm troopers that were at the arena aiming their guns at me. Suddenly, I saw a paw and a tail come out of the ground. The unknown creature had whiskers, four paws, and of course a tail. I then realized the unknown creature was my cat Petey, who I guess defeated the dogs and escaped the water that was coming at him. Then, at the door came 101 dragon hunters armed with weapons.
Pup yelled, “Wow, you really expect you can defeat me. Well, if you think you’re going to win then you’re wrong. Because I will defeat you, Pablo Inca. If that’s your real name that I should call you by? Fire all weapons men, at the Dragon hunters!!”
The storm troopers started to fire at the dragon hunters, while Spike and Rhinolina fired at the storm-troopers who were firing from planes above my head. Then Pup attacked me, pinned me down to the ground and then threw me up towards the roof. Petey, all of a sudden, got his claws out and clawed Pup right in the face. Pup was full of shock when he noticed who hit him in the face. He knew that nobody who was thrown into the window of death would ever come out alive again, but Petey did. Petey was full of rage so he attacked some of the storm troopers with his claws that were firing at the dragon hunters and killed them.
When I came down to the hard ground, I gathered my strength and turned into a dragon and attacked Pup, who already turned into a dragon.
There were dead bodies of storm troopers everywhere I looked. My team of people had 30 left, while Pup’s team had 60 or more people left. I started to attack Pup’s legs, but he countered attacked me with a throw to the windows that were cracked and I was hanging on to the window seal for dear life. Then, Pup walked over to me and said, “Any last words before you die?”
I yelled, “Why you little dog of dogs,”
As I got up from the window ledge.
I grabbed the other ledge and put Pup in a headlock and I asked him, “Were you the person who killed my father?”
Pup replied, “Yes I was and I will also kill you once and for all. Hahaha!!” He said.
Right then he threw me down and I got up and then I kicked him off balanced and blew fire right into his face.
Then Pup fell backwards off the window sill and fell into the pitch black raining darkness. I looked over my shoulder and saw Sophia fire a gun at my head and I passed out right then and there. I heard sounds of the battle going on in the distance as my eyes started to see blackness.
Chapter 7
When I regained consciousness, I saw Rhinolina and Spike standing over me and they were happy to see me alive.
I said to Rhinolina, “What happened to the battle?”
Spike said, “We killed all the storm-troopers and the storm-trooper arena and saw that you were passed out. So we carried you to a hospital right next to the graveyard. I guess that’s where all the injured people were taken to be helped out.”
I asked Spike, “What happened to Sophia?”
Rhinolina replied, “The police took her away in the police car. I called them up and asked them to come over here and take care of some unfinished business. I gave them doughnuts after they took her away. I got them from the local doughnut shop across the street. You know how rhino police men like their donuts.” She said.
Spike added, “I can agree to that.”
I asked Rhinolina a question, “Where did you put my ball of wisdom at?” I asked as I started to look around the room.
Spike answered, “I have it right here.” Spike gave it to me. I asked Spike, “How long am I to be here for?”
Rhinolina replied, “As long as you need to feel better and regain some strength. Then you are free to go.”
I left the hospital about a week after being injured from the battle, but Rhinolina and Spike did not because Rhinolina was giving birth to a new baby rhino. They were happy to have a new rhino in the family. I went back to my room and closed the windows because I knew that I had a new mission to handle: To kill Floppy the American Dragon of Seattle once and for all.