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I kept my head down, so it appeared that I was focussed on the iPad, but at the same time I tried to keep an eye on Sabine to see what she was doing. I watched as she first got Emma to put on a painting gown, which would keep her clothes protected from the paint. She then got her some paper, a collection of brushes and sponges, a cup of water and finally a set of paints. I couldn’t really see Emma’s face, but from her body language she seemed excited. As soon as Sabine had put the brushes down Emma hurriedly picked one and was extremely keen to start.

Once Emma was all set up and had commenced her painting, I saw that Sabine had started to make her way over towards where I was sat. I immediately felt my heartbeat start to increase, as I still hadn’t figured out what to do about my current situation. Sabine knelt right in front of me and waited patiently for me to look up from my iPad.

“Hello Amy. Are you ok?” She asked cheerfully.

“Yes fine thank you.” I replied politely.

“Great. Well I promised your mummy that I would make sure you are happy and comfortable so I think we should go and get you changed too.” Sabine suddenly announced.

What did she mean get me changed? I wondered if she meant get me changed into a painting gown like Emma. Or maybe she actually meant get my nappy changed. If it was the latter, how did she know? I was puzzled and I felt my cheeks start to flush quickly, whilst my mind raced as I tried to think what to say in reply.

“I am fine thank you”. Was all I could think to reply, in the hope that it would deter her from whatever she had in mind.

“Amy it’s absolutely ok. There is no need to be embarrassed at all, I can see that you are wet and so it’s best that we get you all nice and dry. You will feel much better afterwards.” Sabine continued, clearly undeterred.

I was again puzzled as to how she knew, so I looked down at myself to see if there were any telltale signs. What I saw shocked me and I was annoyed at myself. I quickly realised that not only were my legs a little bit apart, but my skirt had ridden up, most likely as a result of how I had slumped back into the seat. On top of that with my bum having sunk so low into the bean bag chair, the way my legs were raised Sabine must have had a pretty clear view of my sodden nappy between my legs.

Despite what she in attempt to make me feel at ease, there was hiding the fact that I was embarrassed and even though I didn’t like the feeling of being wet, I wasn’t sure I was comfortable with letting Sabine change me.

“When will my mum be back?” I asked, in the hope that it was likely to be very soon and maybe we could wait until she was back.

“Probably not for a while yet. Maybe half and hour or 45 minutes. Can we get you changed pleased. It will be really quick I promise and then you can carry on playing.” Sabine encouraged, before she held out her hands towards me, in an offer to help me up.

I was still quite unsure, but as I looked into her eyes, there was again something about Sabine that made me feel a more at ease. There was a real kindness to her and even though we had only just met, I did feel a real level of trust. It was hard to explain.

It took me a moment to decide, but eventually I put the iPad down and offered my hands up which Sabine quickly grabbed. This time, with Sabine’s help, it was much easier to get up and once I was upright I pulled the hem of my skirt down to where it should have been.

“Oops. Looks like we have got a little wet on the chair. But it’s really ok, I promise, this is why we test. “ Sabine remarked.

I looked back at the chair and sure enough there was a dark blue patch, right where I had been sat, which contrasted against the rest of the light blue chair material. My face flushed again, for the second time in as many minutes. But at least Sabine didn’t seem at all angry about it.

“Your skirt is a little wet too, but it’s no problem. Don’t worry. This happens sometimes when we test products so we have plenty of clothes for you to change into while we wash your skirt.” Sabine added as I felt her check the back of my skirt for dampness.

I started to feel a little emotional and thought I might cry.

“I absolutely love this skirt. Do you know where you got it from, I would love to try and get one too.” Sabine announced cheerfully. The question caught me by surprise and briefly broke my out of my increasingly emotional state of mind.

I really liked the fact that she said liked my skirt. Sabine was so pretty, it was nice to think that she thought my clothes were cool. I wracked my brain and tried to think were we got it from, but I couldn’t remember.

“I can’t remember sorry” I replied as Sabine took my hand and gently ushered me towards the door where she had taken Emma.

“I love that top too. Harry Potter is one of my favourites. I have seen all of them. Which is your favourite film?” She asked further.

It took me a moment to think as I always struggled to pick as there were a few that were my favourites.

“Deathly Hallows part 2 I think” came my reply.

“That’s a really good one. I like that one too, but I also like the Goblet of Fire.” Added Sabine enthusiastically.

I had no idea Sabine was such a big Harry Potter fan. It was cool we had something in common. I wanted to carry on the conversation with her about it, but we were interrupted by the fact that we were now already at the door. Sabine pressed a green button that was reasonably high up on the wall next to the door, there was a click after which she pushed the door open and led me inside. I hadn’t noticed these buttons before and wondered if they were on all the doors in the playroom.

Once inside I looked around and took everything in. The room was bigger than I expected and brightly lit. On the far wall there were two large grey bins. Next to the bins there was a large desk. I couldn’t really tell what was on the desk but there appeared to be a variety for things, including writing pads, pens and various small pieces of equipment.

Above the desk and hung on the wall was a large television screen. On the tv screen there looked like what appeared to be a live video feed of the main playroom. The picture on the screen was split into two halves which showed the room from two different angles. I could see Emma sat at her table, as she continued to paint happily. I could also see the blue bean bag chair where I had been sat a moment earlier and it suddenly dawned on me that Sabine may have been watching me, while she was in here changing Emma. I guessed that the tv was there so the people looking after the kids can keep an eye on things while they are briefly out of the room.

On each of the walls on my left and my right there were what I guess you would call some kind of changing station. There were two on the left hand wall next to each other and one on the right hand wall. The two on the left were smaller and seemed to be designed to accommodate smaller children and babies. These changing stations all comprised a set of steps on the right side which came forward into the room. The steps led up to a thick blue changing mat on the top. Around the edge of the mat there were raised sides to stop kids rolling off and a storage cabinet underneath. Above and spanning both stations there was a large wall mounted unit that had square chubby holes. From what I could see each cubby hole was filled with nappies of various types and sizes. There was a little label under each which i figured must have indicated which size it was.

The set up on the right hand side of the room was similar, only this time there was just one changing station. The design was broadly the same, but it was much bigger and was clearly intended to be used for bigger children. There was the same wall mounted unit, but the cubby holes were larger and there weren’t quite as many. The nappies were also noticeably bigger and there appeared again to be a range of types and sizes. To the left of the changing station there was a large set of drawers, but it wasn’t obvious to me as to what was in them.

“Please can you take off your skirt and your shoes, I will get the skirt washed. You should be able to get it back a little later today. I will find some trousers for you to wear until then. They are nice trousers, but not as nice or as cool as your skirt.” Sabine commented light heartedly. I wasn’t quite sure how to take her comment, on one hand she again was complimentary about my skirt which I liked, but she did so by emphasising that the trousers wouldn’t be as nice.

I figured I didn’t have much to gain by not cooperating at that point, so I kicked off my shoes and started to take off my skirt. As I did so I noticed Sabine head over to the larger changing unit and opened the cabinet underneath. There were all sorts of changing supplies in there, but she just removed a pack of wipes and a set of disposable gloves. She opened the lid on the wipes and pulled one out slightly, before she placed the pack in the top right hand corner of the changing mat.

I had taken my skirt off now and I could feel that it was actually quite wet at the back. I had secretly held out hope that it was only slightly dark and I would be able to convince Sabine to let me keep it, but that Hope was largely dashed by how wet it felt. I also couldn’t help but feel quite self conscious to be stood there with my nappy, which sagged noticeably, completely on display in such a large and brightly lit room, while I waited for Sabine.

“Thank you Amy. Please would you jump up and lay on the table for me.” Sabine asked politely, as she took my skirt and placed it on top of the chest of drawers.

It felt a little strange to climb up on the changing table, I had never seen such a thing before. I wasn’t convinced I would fit, but I did as I was asked and gingerly climbed the short set of steps. Once at the top I knelt on the soft mat and crawled along a little before I rolled over and laid down on my back, which is what I assumed I was supposed to do. I was actually quite surprised to find that I did fit and I fit relatively comfortably. There wasn’t much for me to do but wait. I looked up towards the ceiling and saw they it was covered with pictures of animals, something I hadn’t noticed at all when I first came into the room.

“Thank you for being such a good girl. This won’t take a minute.” Sabine commented as she approached the station where I lay and put on the gloves.

Sabine paused for a moment and scanned the wall unit above me. I couldn’t really see, or read any of the labels, but eventually she must have found what she was looking for. She took one of the nappies from the chosen cubby hole and quickly placed it somewhere down by my legs. I thought about trying to watch what she was doing, but there was no pillow on the mat and rather than strain my neck I decided it was easier to just look at the animal pictures on the ceiling and tried not to focus on what was about to happen.

I felt her pull my top up slightly so my belly showed a little and then I heard a noise which sounded like the rustling of material, which I assumed was Sabine opening out the new nappy. There was then a second or two pause before I felt her get to work on the tapes. After a quick double rip I felt cool air hit my skin as the front was pulled down. I immediately felt Sabine grab my ankles and lift my legs into the air. However she did it in such a way that, rather than my legs point straight verticality up with my knees together, she held my ankles in such a way that my knees were slightly bent apart and pushed back towards my chest. She expertly held me in that position with one hand whilst she wiped me clean with the other. She wiped me quickly and comprehensively with what I guessed may have been three separate wipes, but she was so quick that I couldn’t be sure. I felt my legs get lowered back down. She must have already put the new nappy under my bottom, because as soon as my legs hit the mat I could feel her pull it up between my legs. With two quick, successive rip noises the tapes were in place and it was all over as quickly as it had begun.

“All done! If you want to jump down I will get you some trousers” Sabine quipped, as she picked up the used nappy and took it over towards the table at the end of the room.

To be fair to Sabine she said it would be quick and she didn’t lie. She was so, so much faster than my mum it was was untrue. I couldn’t say how long the whole thing took from start to finish, but it felt like from one nappy being untaped to the new one being secured felt little more than 10 seconds. It was clear that she must have had lots of practice.

I sat up and shuffled down the mat towards the steps before I descended backwards back down to the floor. Sabine was still over by the table, she strangely had put my used nappy into a plastic tray and was making some notes on one of the notepads. It was at that point that I looked down to see what type of nappy I had been put in. I knew as soon as it had been taped on and I started to move that it wasn’t one of the active fit. It instantly felt more snug, not as loose fitting and the padding felt noticeably thicker. My eyes confirmed what my body had felt and I recognised the now familiar design and colouring of the Night Dry Plus.

Whilst I admit Sabine was correct that I felt much better to dry, over all I wasn’t sure what to think at that point and I had mixed feelings. I wasn’t sure that I liked the fact that Sabine felt I needed even more protection in case I had another accident. But one thing I had pretty much decided was that I didn’t much care for the Active Fit nappies. I did like the fact that they were thinner and therefore probably easier to hide under clothes, but I hated the fact that the one time I accidentally used one I ended up leaking all over my skirt and the chair and now I had lost my skirt for maybe the rest of the day.

The design of the night dry was much plainer and less colourful than the active fit, which again I think I preferred. The active fit looked too much like the Baby Dry nappies for toddlers and babies. So to me the Active Fit seemed more childish. As I looked down I also saw that not only was Sabine super fast, but both tapes were perfectly symmetrical as they hugged the light purple coloured landing zone. I definitely also preferred the purple colouring as opposed to the turquoise green that is the most common colour you would associate with Pampers and much more evident on the Active Fit.

“Sabine.....”. I asked tentatively.

“Yes Amy. Is everything ok?” She replied with a warm smile.

“Yes. But could I have some more clothes please?” I enquired nervously.

“Oh yes of course. I am sorry. Here let’s see what we have.” Sabine replied, before she headed over towards the chest of drawers.

“I think the larger sizes are in the bottom, let’s see. If I remember this one has the girls clothes in.” She commented as she opened the large bottom drawer.

I looked inside and saw a sizeable collection of t-shirts and what looked like leggings. She grabbed a couple of pairs of pink leggings and inspected the labels, I assumed to check for the size.

“I am afraid these are the only ones I think we have in your size, but they are really cute so hopefully you like them.

Hmmm I think these should fit perfect, but if you could try them on we can see.” Sabine announced as she handed me what she decided were the right size.

When she said she would get me some trousers I didn’t think she meant leggings. I suddenly remembered how the outline of Emma’s nappy was noticeable under her leggings when she climbed into the car ahead of me that morning. As a consequence i couldn’t help but be worried that mine may also be noticeable in a similar way. Whilst I didn’t want to cause Sabine any more trouble, I was also keen to see if there was something else could wear that may help hide things a little better.

“Do you have any other clothes please?” I asked, having plucked up some additional courage, but I stopped short of explaining why.

“Oh you don’t like the trousers. I am sorry I don’t think we have anything else in your size. They are really comfortable and I think the colour will really suit you.” Sabine answered apologetically.

All of a sudden I felt bad for asking and now Sabine seemed a little upset that I didn’t like the ‘trousers’.

“It’s ok. They will be fine. Thank you.” I added sheepishly, in an attempt to make Sabine feel less bad.

“Ok great. I am just gong to check on Emma. Why don’t you try them on and I will be back in a minute.” Sabine replied before she headed back out into the playroom.

I looked at the leggings she had handed to me and the thing was that secretly I did actually quite like them. They had 2 black stripes down each leg so they sort of looked like they were made by Adidas. In any other circumstances I would have been really quite happy to wear them.

I stepped into each leg and pulled them up until they reached my thighs. I reached down and made sure they had been pulled over my feet properly before I pulled the waist the rest of the way up. The front pulled up ok, but the back seemed to get stuck stubbornly. I had to pull the waistband out a little in the back before I could get them all the way up.

I lifted the front of my t-shirt and could see quite a bit of the waistband of my nappy sticking up above the top of the leggings. I tried to pull the leggings up a bit further, but there still was a bit that showed and I struggled to see how it could be avoided. It wasn’t that the leggings didn’t come up as far as they normally should, it was more that the waistband of the nappy came up really quite high on my tummy.

The other thing I did while my t-shirt was raised was to assess how noticeable the nappy was under the leggings. My mum would probably argue that I was being super-sensitive to it, but to me there was no escaping the definite and distinctive bulge that was evident in the front of my leggings. In fairness I had imagined in my mind that it would look quite a bit worse, but I thought it was still fairly obvious, which made me feel a little anxious.

I lowered my top, pulled it down as far as I could at the front and was happy to see that it did at least partially cover the area and I tried to content myself that as long as held it down slightly people hopefully wouldn’t notice.

I heard the door click and then open as Sabine re-entered the room, which startled me slightly.

“Wow they look great and they go really great with your Harry Potter t-shirt.” Sabine commented enthusiastically, as she approached where I was stood. She then knelt down in front of me and lifted the front of my t-shirt.

“Do they fit you ok? Are they not too tight.” She asked whilst simultaneously putting her fingers into the waistband of the leggings and pulled. The leggings material and elastic stretched generously as she did so.

Sabine turned me round to my right hand side so that I mostly faced away from her and she repeated the process with the waistband at the back. She seemed happy with the fact that they didn’t seem too tight, but did pull the waist higher in the back, before she concluded her inspection with a couple of pats to my bum.

“I think they fit great. What do you think? Do they feel ok?” She asked, clearly after some kind of confirmation that I was happy.

“Yes they fit fine thank you.” I answered quietly.

“Wonderful. Why don’t you come back into the playroom and have a look to see if there is anything you want to do. I just need to do a couple more things in here and I will join you in a minute.


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Thank you for this super fast update :love:

“Great. Well I promised your mummy that I would make sure you are happy and comfortable so I think we should go and get you changed too.” Sabine suddenly announced.
I am really getting to like Sabine. Even if this promise was made by Allison :geek:

Sabine pressed a green button that was reasonably high up on the wall next to the door, there was a click after which she pushed the door open and led me inside. I hadn’t noticed these buttons before and wondered if they were on all the doors in the playroom.
I would guess: “Yes, they are”. But are they also out of Amy’s reach? 🤔

I absolutely love the description of the changing room. The details, like the different sizes of the changing tables and cubicles, the ladders, the animal pictures at the ceiling and so on 🐒🦜🦚🦇🐞🐺🐵🐨🦁🐮🐷

…descended backwards back down to the floor…
I have the feeling that Amy isn’t so sure on ladders 🐧

After this big leak with only one wetting, I also would put Amy back into the diaper with the next higher capacity, like the “Night Dry Plus”. The pink leggings over this kind of diaper are just perfect within the pampers test facility. The pink will discolor nicely when wet 👖

I believe this:
…then you can carry on playing.
in addition with this:
Why don’t you come back into the playroom and have a look to see if there is anything you want to do. I just need to do a couple more things in here and I will join you in a minute.
is the End of Amy’s iPad time📱

This updates was a pleasure to read and I hope you update soon again.;)


Fast turnaround. I hope you enjoy writing them as much as we enjoy reading them. The physical details are a nice touch. The softness of the pad, the animals on the ceiling, and so on. Thanks for a nice story.


Again a very nice chapter. The way you describe all the little details in the changing room is just amazing.

I was wondering though about Amy’s reacting towards being diapered again. She only wore the thin active fit to make her mom happy. She doesn’t really wear diapers during the day. I expected her to make a little bit of a fuss, trying to argue that she doesn’t need them during the day (while wearing a wet one).

Anyway can’t wait to read more. I check back every day in hope of a new chapter. Thank you!


Yet more interesting twists and turns, looking forward to how the story develops.


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Again a really great chapter. It's a pleasure to reread your story multiple times.
thanks a lot.


Latest little installment. Hope you like it. As always please comment and tell me your thoughts and what you like. The more comments I get the more likely I am to write more. It’s my motivation fuel lol.


I headed back towards the door and pushed to get it to open, but it wouldn’t budge. After a moment of confusion I remembered way hung how Sabine had done it earlier and that the doors had to be opened by pressing a button. There was a round, green button on the wall near the door, so I figured that must be it. I pressed the button and heard a click, after which I tried to push on the door again and this time it opened.

As I stepped into the playroom I felt the texture of the floor change. At that point I noticed that I had forgotten to put my shoes back on. I turned around to go and grab them from the changing room, but the door had already closed and locked itself again. I knew what to do by this stage, so I looked for the green door release button. I found what I was looking for, as the button on the outside was exactly the same size and shape as the one on the inside. The only difference was that this one was much higher on the wall. So high in fact that even I couldn’t reach it. I thought about knocking to get Sabine to let me back in, but I decided I didn’t desperately need my shoes anyway at that point.

Instead I went to find where I had left my IPad, which was still next to the bean bag chair. As I approached I couldn’t help but feel a degree of embarrassment as I could see the wet patch in the chair was still very evident. I picked up the IPad and went to find somewhere else to sit.

There were some tables and chairs on the other side of the room. They were slightly bigger than the ones where Emma sat, still happily painting and by the looks of things had made quite a mess.

I pulled out one of the chairs and sat down. As my bottom made contact with the chair, the additional thickness of the Night Dry Plus became immediately evident. It wasn’t uncomfortable, it was just felt more noticeable and different to the Active Fit. Where the Active Fit felt thinner and looser fitting to the point I would almost call it slightly baggy. The Night Dry by contrast definitely had a little thicker padding, but it was also the way that it sort of hugged my bottom more. It was hard to explain.

Whilst I sat there on my own, I reflected for a moment about what just happened. I thought about how it all happened seemed to happen so fast. Firstly I was extremely annoyed with myself for letting it get so far that I ended up having an accident. Then before I could think what to do Sabine was in front of me. It’s like she almost knew what had just happened, like she could almost sense it, but that couldn’t be possible. Maybe I should have said something to Sabine, I thought, but what would I have said. She had clearly already spotted that my nappy was soaked and I didn’t have a very good excuse for why.

On one hand I wished mum was back quickly so I could talk to her, but I also knew that when she did come back she will be with Julia and Allison and everyone will immediately notice that I have changed clothes. There wasn’t much I could do about it now so I decided to just try and forget about it and do stuff on the IPad.

I pressed the home button with the intention to go straight to the YouTube app, but as soon as the iPad came alive it took me automatically to the Pampers app. I was sure I hadn’t pressed anything to make it do that, so I was really puzzled as to what had just happened. The app opened up on the screen, but it didn’t look the same as it had before when I had explored it earlier. It looked like it had opened the adult app, without me touching it and now asked me for a PIN number. I tried to press the home button to escape, but it didn’t work, it just stayed stuck on the pin entry screen.

I saw Sabine enter the room, with my shoes in her hand. She put them down outside the changing room door before she headed over to where Emma was painting and started to talk to her. I could just about overhear what she said and she told her how good her picture was. She generally praised her for being such a good girl, which Emma seemed to like. She didn’t say anything but I could see she had a big smile on her face as she looked up at Sabine.

“Sabine. Could you help me please”. I asked loudly, in the hope that I could catch her attention.

“Of course” Sabine answered with a broad smile.

“My iPad won’t work and it says I need a PIN number.” I explained.

“Ah yes. Maybe no one has explained yet. As you have joined our test team and this is one of our test team computers, you have an account. This is how you tell us about what you are testing and how it’s going. The good things and the not so good things, so we find out how to make things better.” She explained. All stuff I basically already knew and none of which explained why the iPad had locked me out.
“So we ask that parents tell us as much as possible and this includes keep a log of nappy changes. There is actually a computer in the changing room here as well, where we can make a note of who gets changed and when, which is really useful when we have lots of children at the same time and it gets busy.

I added an entry in your log on your account. So the app knows this and would like the parent to add some feedback. So we need to do this before you can carry on using the iPad.” Sabine further explained. This was super annoying. Plus my mum wasn’t here and I guessed she had the pin, so that sounded like it meant I couldn’t use the iPad anymore, which got me even more mad.

“Does that mean I can’t use it until my mum gets here?” I enquired.

“No actually. I can unlock it and add some feedback and you will be able to use it normally again.” Sabine offered. I accepted her offer as it seemed the only way to get the stupid thing unlocked, so I handed the iPad to her.

“Ok let me see. There we go, we just need to answer some of these questions, then it’s done.” Sabine commented, as she set the iPad down on the table in between us. I didn’t manage to make a note of the PIN number that she entered and I was also puzzled as to how she knew what it was, as it was supposed to be our tablet. I also didn’t really understand why she put the iPad down in between us. Overall I just wanted her to hurry up and sort it out so I can carry on watching some videos.

With little other option I sat and watched her start to answer the questions. The first one asked why the nappy has been changed. Sabine ticked wet, which opened up a set of further questions. She ticked the box which identified that the nappy had leaked and again further questions opened. Sabine paused for a moment before she turned and looked at me.

“Amy, would you be able to tell me when you last had your nappy changed?” She asked, which caused me quite a lot of confusion. Surely she knew that, as she had only just done it. She must have noticed the look of confusion on my face and so asked the question a different way.

“I am guessing your mum put the nappy I just changed on after you got up got up this morning and you haven’t been changed until just now. Is that correct?” She clarified. I simply nodded.

“Ok great. Thank you. You don’t know what time this was..... don’t worry it’s not so important” Sabine interrupted herself. I watched as she picked 3 hours from the drop down menu.

“This question is about fit and comfort. Before you were wet, would you say the nappy fit well and felt comfortable to wear, or not so comfortable. If you could give me a number between 1 and 10 with 10 being the best fit and 1 being least comfortable, that would be really great?” Sabine probed further. This had started to get annoying and I had begun to wonder how many questions there were going to be and more importantly how many Sabine would want me to help answer.

“5” I answered simply, not really knowing what to answer.

“Great thank you. Is there any reason why you scored it 5 and not higher. Was it too tight, did it rub against your skin? Or something else?” Sabine enquired further.

“I don’t know. Just felt a bit loose and a bit baggy.” I answered. Sabine seemed particularly pleased when I answered her question, so decided I would at least try to answer any other questions if I could.

“Ok I see. Do you mean it was a bit sagging between your legs?” She questioned furthers, to which I nodded.

“Ok would you be able to answer the same question, but this time think about how it felt after you were wet. What score would you give it this time?” Sabine asked, again with a kind smile on her face.

“Errrrmm. 2 maybe or 1.” I answered. A little bit worried that a really low score might not have been the answer she wanted to hear, but I thought it best to be honest.

“Ok thank you. Would you be able to tell me what was the most uncomfortable thing about it?” Sabine asked, with a renewed look of genuine interest in her face.

“Errrrm. I don’t know. I didn’t like it. I felt wet and it was very saggy. I didn’t like how it felt when I walked or when I sat down.” I answered as honestly as I could.

“This is wonderful Amy thank you. It’s all really useful information for us. Thank you.

So do you mean your skin felt wet?” She continued.

I nodded and Sabine started to type lots of things into one of the boxes. There were a few more questions about colours and design. I told her I didn’t really like the design and how I thought the Active fit looked too much like the ones for small children and babies. By the end, whilst I didn’t really want to have to go through all that, Sabine genuinely seemed super happy with what I told her and she made me feel like I had really been a big help, which felt oddly quite good.

We were finally finished and i Iooked forward to the opportunity to re-commence YouTube surfing. But it turned out that Sabine had another suggestion. She suggested that I join Emma and do some painting too, with an extra incentive being that I would get to use the more adult paint kit as opposed to having to use the one that Emma has been using. I found myself surprisingly torn. On one hand I wanted to shun an idea as childish as painting, but on the other hand I was strangely drawn to Sabine and felt an eagerness to spend some more time with her. So I even shocked myself when I decided that I ultimately chose to paint and put the iPad down.

Time flew past and I secretly really enjoyed the painting. Sabine showed my how to do a sketch first in pencil and then to paint on top. This worked really well and I even surprised myself as to how well my picture turned out. I wasn’t sure actually sure how long we had been painting when suddenly my mum, Alison and Julia arrived. I felt an unexpected emotion as I was actually slightly disappointed that mum had arrived and I would no doubt have to stop. Emma had even started to open up with me and we had fun.

“Hi everyone. Looks like you are all having fun and wow look at those amazing pictures” Allison announced loudly.

The mums joined in too and perhaps a little over enthusiastically in reality commented on our artistic prowess.

“I hope Emma has been a good girl.” Julia questioned. I may have been imagining it, but I sensed a tiny bit of tension in Julia’s voice as she maybe wasn’t sure what sort of answer she would get.

“Emma has been a super good girl. She has done some colouring and as you can see has done lots of painting.

Amy has also been wonderful and she has also done some amazing pictures. I think she may be an artist in the future. They have both played together really nicely.

Ok girls I think it’s time for lunch so we need to get these painting aprons off. Amy here are your shoes.” Sabine commented.

“Does Emma need a nappy change before lunch?” Julia blurted out matter of factly.

“Both girls have been changed not so long ago, so I think they should be ok for now.

I am sorry to say Amy had a little bit of a leak, so I had to give her a change of clothes, but it’s absolutely not a problem. This happens sometimes so please don’t worry. We will wash her skirt and you can get it back before you go home today.” Sabine replied.

I felt my face flush with embarks as I felt all eyes suddenly point in my direction. My mum looked at me with a slight look of worry in her eyes and came over to put her arm around me. Fortunately my painting apron covered me up pretty well.

“But I must also say, Amy was really great. I explained that this is why the testing is so important and people like Amy are so important so we learn how to make things better. Amy was absolutely wonderful at helping to answer the feedback report questions. You should be really proud to have such a clever daughter.” Sabine added.

“That’s really nice to hear thank you. And well done Amy I am very proud of you.” My mum commented, as she gave me an even tighter squeeze.

I had been dreading that part when the mums came back and my accident was exposed, but it actually wasn’t as bad as I had expected. Deep down the overwhelming praise was nice to hear and made me feel good inside.

I took off my apron which I handed to Sabine. I immediately pulled my top down at the front as I had practiced earlier. Sabine handed me my shoes and so I sat down on the floor to put them on. I was grateful to see that the adults weren’t paying too much attention to me whilst I did that.

Once we were all ready we headed to the restaurant that was in the Pampers facility which took about 5 minutes to walk. I tried to find an opportunity to talk to my mum about what happened, but she was completely pre-occupied with talking to Allison. So in the end I gave up for the time being and walked with Sabine and Emma, while the mums and Allison followed behind. Sabine held Emma’s hand and it appeared that it wasn’t just me who had taken a bit of a shine to Sabine.

When we reached the restaurant it wasn’t really what I was expecting. I thought it would look something like the canteen at my school where there was a self service station and you took trays to get what you wanted. This looked more like a little restaurant with tables and chairs neatly arranged, with tablecloths and cutlery already in place. There were a few other people in there already which I assumed were staff members as we were the only children.

We were shown to a table which had a reserved sign on it. I noticed immediately that there were two chairs that were different to all the others. It’s a little hard to describe what they looked like. They appeared to be chairs that were designed for children, but they weren’t like a high chair that I was used to seeing in UK restaurants. When you looked at the chair from the side, it looked like an L shape but the vertical part of the L sloped backwards. There was a back rest and then a little bench seat. As there were only enough adult seats for the mums, Allison and Sabine it was clear that the two additional chairs were for Emma and myself. I then noticed that the seat was not the same height on each of the chairs and one was distinctly higher than the other. I figured the lower one must have been for me and the higher one for Emma.

Not for the first time that day I couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed about the fact that it had been decided that I wasn’t able to sit in a normal adult chair. But once I sat in the chair I actually found the seat to be reasonably comfortable and I also found I was at the perfect height to sit at the table.

There was a small choice of food on offer. There was a salad, pizza or some kind of fish dish. Not surprisingly both Emma and I picked pizza. I didn’t like salad, or anything remotely green for that matter and pizza was one of my favourites, so it was a really easy decision.

Someone came to take our order. The lady then said something in German and pointed towards Emma and I. I had no idea what she had said and by the look on my mums face she didn’t either.

“Would you like something for the children to protect their clothes.” Sabine translated, slightly clumsily.

“Yes please that would be great.” Julia replied quickly.

My mum looked at me and I did my best to give her a look that said no, I didn’t need anything. The look my mum gave me back didn’t fill me with confidence that she got the message.

“Erm no I think we will be ok. Thank you” mum replied. I was relieved to see that she finally took the hint and trusted me to do something, without treating me like I am a toddler.

When the lady returned she had what looked to be a disposable bib. I actually remembered the type from when I was younger. We always used to wear them at dinner when we were on holiday.

The bib was made from a sort of paper material. The lady expertly folded the bottom side up which created a bit of a scoop, or pocket to catch any food. She fixed it around Emma’s neck and it attached with sticky tab at the back. Emma didn’t put up any kind of fuss, which suggested to me that this was something she was probably used to having to wear at dinner time.

The food finally came and the pizza was ok, but not the best I have had and no where near as good as Pizza Hut. On a positive note I was pleased that the conversation over dinner was, for once, not related to nappies, bedwetting or anything else toileting rated. They mainly talked about the jobs they each did, how long they have been working and stuff like that. I was also pleased to see the apple drink was also available in the restaurant, which I ordered. Emma decided she wanted some too. I felt she had decided to copy me a little, as she only seemed to want it after I said I wanted it. But at the end of the day that was ok and I thought that was quite cute that she wanted to be like me.

When the lady brought us the drinks she placed two bottles of the apple drink, one for me and one for Emma. The waitress then took away our glasses which initially confused me. When she returned she replaced them with what appeared to be plastic ones instead, similar to what I had been given in the play room, but not quite the same. These ones were taller and were plain white in colour, with the pampers logo on the side.

The bottles of apple drink were also slightly different and quite big, probably too much for us both. Not least because I was a little alarmed out how much I wet earlier and how it came on so strongly, so I consciously decided that it may be best to try to limit how much I had. Which proved surprisingly difficult as the drink was extremely more’ish.

When the pizza arrived Julia got up and helped Emma by cutting up her pizza for her into more bite size pieces. My mum looked at me and asked if I wanted mine to be cut up too. I hesitated initially, but then more out of laziness than anything else I agreed to let her cut mine up too.

I was really keen to tuck in to the food as soon as possible as I was really hungry, but nearly burnt my mouth in my haste. I also tried to use good table manners as mum always told me off if I didn’t, so whilst Emma ate mostly with her fingers, I tried to use my fork as much as possible. Although this wasn’t always easy and I found it hard to pick some of the pieces up with just my fork. So in the end I got frustrated and resorted to using my fingers too.

The highlight of the meal for Emma was clearly the ice cream desert which she promptly devoured, whilst also clearly demonstrating why the bib had been deemed necessary. There were drip stains all down the bib, which would have otherwise been all over her clothes. Her face was also covered and needed at least 3 wet wipes to clean. With more wipes needed for her hands. All of which I found quite amusing.

“Please could I borrow the wipes.” Mum suddenly asked. Julia handed her the pack and before I knew it she had come over to me and started to clean my hands in a similar manner.

“Ok girls I have some exciting news. We have arranged for you to go and spend some time this afternoon at an adventure play centre. Doesn’t that sound fun?” Allison announced excitedly.

Emma’s face lit up and I must admit that I had to my best to not show my level of excitement. I felt internally conflicted. On one hand I felt that I should demonstrate maturity and perhaps show that I was a little too old for such things. But at the same time the idea unquestionably sounded fun.

“Would it be ok if I came with you while your mummies stay here and do boring things with Allison?” Sabine asked, the question clearly was aimed at us. Whilst my initial gut reaction was that the idea of an adventure play centre with Sabine and Emma sounded really good. I couldn’t help but feel a bit of anxiety about being away from my mum again. Especially as I hadn’t had chance to talk to her.

I hoped that there would be a chance straight after lunch, so I could ask her to let me change back into knickers for the trip to the adventure play centre. Mum only mentioned me trying the Active Fit this morning, which I had done, so in my mind it was clear that there should be no reason for her not to let me change!


Adult Baby, Diaper Lover
Again thank you a lot for this delightful chapter (y)

I liked the interaction between Amy and Sabine and how Amy’s getting better in responding to the questions, with Sabine’s coaxing and support. Also that Emma and Amy did get closer in the combined painting activity and that they
… have both played together really nicely.

When you looked at the chair from the side, it looked like an L shape but the vertical part of the L sloped backwards.
You surely mean this kind of chair:

I didn’t like salad, or anything remotely green
I can so directly relate to Amy, I didn’t eat anything green well into my teen years 🥗 :sick: (we had quite often carrot salad)🥕

I really start to like Sabine’s way of interacting with the kids:
Would it be ok if I came with you….
I hope you update real soon because I want to read what happens at the adventure play centre 🤹‍♀️


Diaper Lover
Thanks for a fast update. If Pizza Hut is considered good, either Amy terrible taste, or the UK has terrible pizza. She's definitely sliding down a slope into daytime diapers. I look forward to the park and the evening.