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Part 6:

Becky put her hands on her hips. "I don't think I need to explain anything to YOU, Melanie."

"Oh yeah? Well then perhaps you'll LOVE to explain why you were harassing a lower level girl in the principles office instead."

Her eyes went wide. "You wouldn't... Besides! She challenged me! I had every right too..."She put on a confident face but her voice was shaky.

"Oh? Did she? You think they'd agree with that? All those spanks? All that gloating and taunting? Sitting on her? Humiliating someone isn't a fair punishment."

"Well, I uhh..."

"You know the normal thing here is to make you go through the same thing, so you learn your lesson."

She went pale.

"They'd probably also remove your ability to punish."

"They wouldn't...Besides, you couldn't. I'm almost graduating. She's basically a pre-schooler level. No one would believe you."

Melanie put a finger on her chin as if she was thinking. "Oh yeah? You are near graduating, aren't you? Finished your sports, academics, independence, caretaking, toilet training...?"

"Yes, just about."

"Oh?" she sniffed the air. "Because I think I smell another stinky diaper."


"I'm a fully qualified caretaker. You have to tell me when you mess or else you lose the right to self judge. So you wouldn't have a messy diaper you aren't telling me about, would you? And you wouldn't want to tell me that, when you were sitting on her, you were messy? That wouldn't be good for you at all."

"WHAT!? You can't do that!" She looked around at the other cheerleaders for help, but they all looked away.

"Did you mess your pampers?"

"NO! And they aren't pampers! They aren't even printed."

Melanie walked up to Becky, and to the shock of the later, pulled up her skirt and put a hand on her bottom. Becky gasped and screamed as she pushed the mess into her.

"Did you mess your pampers, Becky?"

She put her hands on her face. "Yes."

"And you lied about it, or you couldn't tell?"


"Tell me!"

"I'm sorry! I won't do it again! I'll let her on the team! She can... she can carry bags and practice in the off season," she pleaded, becoming more and more desperate.

Jessica looked at Melanie hopefully.

"No, we both know she wouldn't be capable of that." Jessica sighed. Another road to passing closed. "Your lack of emotional control now certainly says something too. We'll see what happens to you." Melanie wiggled a finger in the larger woman's face, then turned around. Becky sighed with her head in her hands as the other's came to comfort her.

"Come on Jessica," she said. She grabbed her hand and pulled her away. Jessica followed along happily.

Once they were out of ear shot, Melanie stopped and faced Jessica.

"Thank you SO MUCH! You really!"

Melanie reached around and smacked her bottom. Jessica squealed, both from the pain and the shock. It squished against her, and she shivered at the feel. "Hey that is full!'

Melanie put a finger in her face. "Don't talk with your pacifier! You know the rules." She said angrily.

Jessica squirmed backwards as Melanie got in closer. "I can't believe you did that! Who gave you permission to run off like that? Don't you know what could have happens? You could have gotten hurt, or lost!"

Jessica looked down in shame. She would have argued, but not only was she gagged, she knew the result was exactly what Melanie said.

"Now lunch is almost done, and you haven't eaten yet, and now I need to get you changed." Jessica blushed.

"I'm sorry Jessica, we are going to have to talk about that with the Principal."

Jessica shook her head. "No!"

Melanie sighed and put her head down in her hands. "We already said no talking with the pacifier."

"I'm sorr.. eep!" Jessica started and stopped.

"Its alright, we'll find you something easier to deal with. But for now," she took out a large leather harness and leash. Jessica's eyes went wide. "I'm sorry Jessica, you can't be trusted to walk on your own. We'll have to find someone to walk you home."

Jessica felt her eyes tearing. "MM MM!" she shook her head no.

"Again, but I'm sorry Jessica, its that or a stroller, and really you are barely above that."

Jessica sighed as Melanie attached the leash and harness. It made no effort to hide how childish it was- it was bright, and had a chest panel with a teddy bear on it, and 'pampers' written in block lettering. It wrapped around her shoulders and stomach, with an extra strap passing between her legs and under her skirt. She squealed as it was tightened between under her diaper and squished the mess into her. The leash attached to the chest, and the final click at it was all locked together drove her fate home. She felt herself beginning to sob, and didn't even complain as Melanie put a teddy bear in her arms. She sucked her pacifier, finding it surprisingly, and embarrassingly, soothing.


Jessica buried her face in her teddy bear as she was lead down the hallways. People stared. A lot of people. Being one of the oldest in school was odd, and still wearing a school girl's outfit and a thick diaper was worse. Being lead on a leash, cuddling a bear, sucking a pacifier, and waddling in a noticeably messy diaper was a first. When she first left the principles office, a few stared. Then they began to laugh.

Worse, walking through the halls and dodging the crowds caused the massive mess still in her diaper to shift back and forth. Each step made her want to shiver, and the motion let the smell escape. She almost gagged at it, and more people began to notice. Some commented or gagged audibly, others put their hands to heir noses, and soon everyone they passed realized the state of her diaper.

Jessica tried to ignore them and kept walking. Having her new instructions worked out in front of her while she had no say, and hearing the results, was far worse.

Melanie rubbed a hand on her arm, soothing her. "Its ok Jessica. You still have academics, even if history wasn't the best. You can work your way up."

Jessica nodded, though she knew it probably wasn't true. If history was that much different, what else had changed?

Melanie opened a large double door, and lead Jessica into a massive gymnasium with chairs and tables lined up through it. Rowdy students were eating at them, talking loudly and throwing things over heads and tables. In the corner, a door was open leading to a cafeteria stand, and students lined up outside of it.

"What are we doing?" Jessica asked. She was supposed to be getting changed, then going to class. The middle of a crowded lunch room was the last place she wanted to be.

Melanie sighed and tapped a finger on her pacifier. Jessica blushed and nodded. "We can't have a little one like you not eating. Because of you're little escapade, you missed your own time, so we are going to eat here now. Some of the caretaking students are going to help feed you, then we'll take you to the care taking class so they can try changing your diaper."

Jessica wanted to argue but didn't want to tempt fate by speaking out of turn. She was lead through the tables and sat in a high chair. Melanie finally removed her pacifier.

"Do we have to do it this way? Everyone can see me up here!"

"Well get used to it, this is how you'll be fed every day." He put a box in front of Jessica and opened it up. Jessica saw it was full of meat and vegetables that had been sliced into tiny pieces.

Jessica groaned but didn't argue as she was fed. A trio of other students came up, and began taking turns spooning food into her mouth as Melanie coached. She ate as quickly as she could, wanting to be out of the situation.

She began to feel a new sensation. Her bottom, still stuck in the mushy pile in her diaper, began to itch. She shuffled around, hoping to scratch it, but that only made it worse. Oh god, she thought, I'm getting a diaper rash. Since when did people her age have to worry about diaper rash? She squirmed as the feeling got worse and worse, but that did nothing to solve the pain and only the smell from it stronger around her, which became unbearable as she was forced to eat.

"Melanie," she whispered.

Melanie ignored her and coached another student to feed her.

"Melanie, please?"

"Yes Jessica?" Melanie said out loud.

Jessica looked back and forth to her and the other students. "Can you come closer so I just say it to you?"

"No. They are going to be caretakers too, they have to hear."


"No buts! I'm tiered of your silly modesty. This is the stage you are at, you will need to accept it if you ever want to progress."


Melanie folded her arms.

Jessica sighed and sank down. "Never mind."

"Say it. I can see how you're squirming. I know what you are going to say, but you need to say it."

Jessica whined, but the itch was getting unbearable. "Please change my diaper," she said finally. A few people around her giggled.


"Please change my diaper," she said again, desperate.


"Because its starting to itch!"

"You mean you are getting a diaper rash inside that diaper you soiled?"

"Yes!" Jessica wondered why she was being so mean about it.

"Good. It won't be the last. Since you decided to run away and put yourself in a situation where you wouldn't get changed, this will be a good lesson for you. Keep feeding her."

Jessica pouted, and kept eating. She was soon finished, and helped down from the dreaded high chair.

The four of them lead Jessica back through the halls and into the care taking class. There were different students this time, and the room was filled with infantile toys and equipment- diapers, high chairs, and playpens- of varying sizes. Jessica closed her eyes and tried to picture herself somewhere else.

"Good afternoon class. Today you are going to get first hand experience changing a messy diaper. First, is how to tell a baby needs a change, aside from the obvious odor..."

Jessica closed her eyes. Melanie lectured the class as she was poked and prodded and her diaper examined by various students. She felt herself get lifted and lain on a table. She heard the tapes of her diaper get undone, then felt her cheeks flush redder then ever as different hands reached out to help clean her. She imagined herself back home, in her real world.

Soon Jessica was sitting in another class, in a clean diaper butt bottom still sore from the rash and the spanking. It was a match class. The room was identical to the last class room but with the historical quotes on the walls replaced with numbers, symbols and equations. The students talked among each other and fiddled with calculators. The teacher began handing out sheets at each row. Jessica was handed a pile, took one, and gave it to the person behind her.

She looked down at it. There were definitely symbols she didn't recognize. She looked back at the front of the class, and her eyes were drawn to the chart at the top of the wall where the numbers and letters were listed.

There weren't 10 numbers listed. There were 12. She didn't need to count the letters to realize there were more then she was used to there as well. How had she not noticed this before? It was another thing she had told herself would be easy.

She looked down at the form. There wasn't a single question she knew how to answer.

She sank into her chair. She'd find something she'd could do. Anything.


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Can't wait for the next chapter I'm glued to this story


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Jessica squirmed.

"Can you answer any of these questions?"

She didn't answer.

"Can you?"

The questions were all simple. Or, at least, they should have been, if Jessica understood any of the writing. She recognized some of the symbols, and could even make out a few words. However, the rest remained a mystery.

The principle sighed. "You know, you said you had finished your academic education."

She flung herself forward on the massive wooden desk, arms pleading. "I did! But the numbers were different! There were ten of them! And 26 letters, and they looked different too! It was all different."

He rolled his eyes. 'I've told you, no one believes this. There is no such thing as a ten digit number system. You don't need to make excuses, and if you keep lying you'll be punished again."

She jumped back from the desk.

"That is what I thought."

She bit down on her pacifier. Leaning over the desk was a position she was all too accustomed too, though under much different circumstances. She was sure she had felt each of the belts and straps pinned to the wall behind him.

"I'm not lying!" she tried again.

"Even if it were true, you've been in more then long enough to learn. How long have you been here for?"

Jessica's mouth hung open as she struggled for an answer. How long had it been? Time seemed to blur when there were no clear holidays she recognized, and school went all year long. People she had known had gotten bigger, and some had graduated. She really had no idea how long, or even if the years were the same length here.

"Whatever. I'm not getting into that by now," he said. "I think we over estimated you by putting you into final grade. You still have a way to go before you reach that."

Jessica's eyes went wide. "No, please..."

He shook his head. "No more arguing. Anyway, Melanie will be graduating soon, and we need a place where you can be supervised more. We are going to give you one more shot before its back to kindergarten."


"Don't worry, we have someone who can help you. Melanie?"

The door opened, and Melanie came in, along with someone shorter. Jessica's mouth went wide when she saw who was standing beside her."

"Hello big sister," Marianne said, holding up a romper that matched her own. "I'm going to help you pass middle academics!"

"No! PLease, not her," Jessica pleaded.

"Now now," the principle said. "There is no shame here. Melanie will help take care of you outside of class, and Marianne will instruct you inside. Now lets get you dressed into your new uniform."

Jessica wanted to protest, but knew better. She whined as Melanie and the principle undressed her down into her diapers, then put her into the yellow romper. They tied her hair in pigtails, as most of the younger female students had.

"Now, isn't that better? More fitting, anyway. It will do much better to hold your diapers in when you mess," the principle said encouragingly, and Jessica pouted. "Now, off to class."

Jessica hid her face in her hands as she was led by her leash through the halls in her elementary school uniform. "Elementary school," here was different, of course, and seemed to last much longer, but she still stood out like a sore thumb. She heard the chuckles, though, and realized there was no point. There was only one student who might end up in this situation, and they all knew who it was. THey had all seen, heard, and smelled, the evidence.

She was lead into another wing of the school. The walls, normally bare, became covered with school made art and displays. Some of it was what she would have expected, and some was far more advanced then even she could do. Another thing she'd fail at, she counted.

She was lead into a brightly painted class room. Half the ground was carpet, and the chalk board was filled with basic math questions. The teacher, a tall woman in a grey suit, tapped her desk.

"Attention class," she said. The students all stopped and ran to stand in a line. "We have a new student here, a very special student. Everyone please welcome Jessica."

"High Jessica!" they said, and Jesicca blushed.

She felt a nudge. It was Marianne. "Do your curtsy, silly. The no skirt version."

Jessica blushed at being corrected by someone younger then her, and did her best imitation, then announced herself.

SHe felt a hand on her head, ruffling her hair.

"Hey!" she shouted.

It was Marianne. "Sorry, couldn't resist. I LOVE your hair in pigtails. Anyway, I have to go. Call me if you need anything. Bye bye!"

Soon they were seated, and Jessica was beside Marianne. The teacher started asking the class questions, going down the rows student by student. The questions being asked seemed the kind Jessica had in junior high or high school, but she couldn't answer them at all. She didn't even know what type of question they were.

The teacher came to her. "What is the square of zinon?" the teacher asked.

Jessica's mind was a blank. Was it a history question? Something from a book? Politics?

"Well?" she asked. A few students giggled.

Perhaps zinon was a number. "Square" could mean it squared, or square root here...

"Well? its an easy question."

"Five?" Jessica said, and the class erupted in laughter.

"Yes, a VERY special student," the teacher said, and the class laughed again.

"Hey!" Jesicca said. "That was mean!" She felt herself beginning to tear.

"Oh, don't complain. Marianne, want to help her out? I think she needs her pacifier too."

"The answer is zelda," Marianne said. "Here," she whispered to Jessica, handing her the pacifier. "Its ok. You'll learn."

"NO! I don't want to! This isn't fair!" Jessica shouted, slamming her hands on her desk.

"Jessica," the teacher said. "You know this is your last shot. Don't mess it up on your first day."

"Why are you making fun of me!? I'm trying my best!" she said.

"Oh are you? What is eight times eran?"


"Who lead the failed assault on the Athenians?"


The class laughed. "Don't make stuff up. Who is the president of Eumeles?"

"I don't..."

"Who wrote "The Islands of the Sun?"

"I..." the class was laughing. Jessica's vision blurred as her eyes watered over.

"How many days in a fornite?"

"I don't... please, no more..."

"Can you demonstrate a proper bull dance? Draw a picture for me? Write a melody?"


"Anyone else here can."

"PLease! I'm sorry! Just don't do this! I'll try."

The teacher shook her head. "YOu've been saying that a while now. One more question."


"Can you keep your diaper dry for five minutes?"

The class laughed again.


"Someone please check her. I'm sure she wet and can't tell. Perhaps that is what you need to focus on."

"I... NO!" someone reached for the buckle of her romper. She didn't even know who it was, but the thought of being treated as an infant by someone clearly younger then her was too much. She looked around at the laughing faces of the class, back at the teacher, and ran out the door.

"JESSICA!" the teacher shouted.

She ran down the hall. She heard footsteps behind herself, and looked back to see the teacher chasing. She turned another hall, then went into a door.

She collapsed on the inside, trying to keep her voice down. She heard the foot steps pass by.

She sighed, then put her head between her legs.

The entire situation was horrible. She had thought her treatment before was humiliating, but this was so much worse. Struggling and failing and each humiliating task, then being laughed at as the teacher made fun of her... Worse still, the teacher was right. After so long being denied toilet use, she wasn't sure if she was wet or not. She reached down to press her hand against the padding, but stopped herself, not wanting to know. Her eyes watered.

"Awww, who is this?" a friendly female voice said.

Jessica looked up, startled. Of course there were people in the room she had turned into. Why would she assume it was empty?

"Its that poor girl who needs the baby diapers," someone said. "And she's crying!" The woman speaking, a short, stocky, and short haired woman in a long white apron said.

Lunch ladies, Jessica thought. They were lunch ladies. This must be their break room. The room was filled with couches and tables covered with cards.

The woman walked to Jessica and leaned over her. She wiped a tear away. "What's your name little one?"

"Jessica," she sniffed.

"Aww what a pretty name. And what is wrong?"

"I'm just... I don't know."

"I bet your just hungry. You want something to eat?"

Jessica sniffed. She'd have taken any comfort at that point. "Mhmm," she nodded.

"Come here," the woman said, and led Jessica by the hand. She took her to the couch, then sat down.

"What are...WHOAH!" Jessica began to ask, but was cut off as she was picked up off her feet. The woman lifted her easily, then deposited her in her lap.

"What are you doing?" Jessica asked.

"Shhh little one, just quiet down and drink," the woman said. She unbuttoned her apron.

"No, NO NO!" Jessica shouted.

The woman ignored her. She pulled out a breast and shoved Jessica's face into it.

"MMPH!" Jessica said, trying to push away.

"Now now," she said. "Be a good girl. I don't want to have to spank a poor sobbing girl."

Jessica moaned, and began to suck. Warm liquid filled her mouth. The taste wasn't bad, but the thought of what she was doing made Jessica nauseas.

"There is a good girl," the woman cooed, patting her bottom. "Clean diaper too it seems! Might be a little wet though, we'll check later." There was THAT question answered.

Jessica kept sucking. She was glad when the liquid finally slowed, and her head was pulled away. She hoped to be set down. Instead, she was picked up, and put in another woman's lap.

Jessica tried to push away. Once was bad enough, but she couldn't let them think she was used to this.

The woman held on tight as Jessica struggled. She smacked her hard on the rear, making her yelp, then pushed her head into her breast hard.

Jessica squirmed. Her face was full of the woman's chest, and she couldn't breath. "MMM MMMPH!" she said.

"There there, we know your still almost a baby, but you are a big one. You'll need more then that. Keep drinking and I'll let you out a bit," she said.

Jessica stopped struggling and began drinking. The woman cooed and stroked her hair as she drank. Jessica was passed around from lap to lap, feeling her stomach fill with the heavy fluid. It rumbled ominously, a feeling Jessica had learned would soon mean an embarrassingly long diaper change.

"Yes, she's right in here. We kept her occupied while we called you," the first lunch lady said. Jessica turned her head. The principle and Melanie were standing side by side. Both had their hands on there hips, and both were glaring. Melanie held a leash, and the principle a long paddle.

"That was your one shot, Jessica," the principle said. "Its back to kindergarten."

Melanie approached, hooked her leash on, and took her to a table where she was bent over. She began crying before the first blow landed on her diaper, which Jessica finally knew for certain was very, very full.


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Jessica sat grumpily in her high chair.

"Well you have to eat something!" Mrs. Jeffreyson said.

Jessica turned away. The food she was getting now was always mush, and always spoon fed. She couldn't stand the taste or the humiliation at the moment.

"Come on! I have to eat to you know!" she said, forcing a spoon toward Jessica. Jessica turned and it spilled over her cheek. Mrs. Jeffreyson sighed and wiped it off.

The doctor watched carefully. He looked at the girl in the high chair, and at the younger girl who now sat independently, feeding herself. The later was finishing, and carefully lay her knife and fork beside the plate, then wiped herself with the napkin and put it down. She sat patiently for the other's to finish. The former was pushing herself back in the high chair as more food dripped down her shirt and onto her thick, exposed diaper.

"Sweetie," he said.

"Yes dear?" she replied.

"Why don't you sit down a moment."

She looked at him. "But, who will feed the baby?" she asked. Jessica banged her fist on the table. She still wasn't used to being 'the baby."

"I have an idea," the doctor replied. His wife, who Jessica had heard called "Elizabeth" and "Elise" but was only ever allowed to refer to as "Mrs. Jeffreyson" or "Mommy," sat down.

"Marianne honey?"

"Yes Dad," she replied promptly, using the name she was allowed to use at her station, and he smiled.

"You've passed all your basic behaviors classes, right?"

"Yes Dad."

"And basic manners?"

"Yes Dad."

"Very good. And tell me, how are your caretaking classes going?"

"Very well Dad."

"Good. Why don't you show us," he said, and pointed at Jessica.

"Wha..." Jessica said, glancing back and forth between the two.

"Sure! Thank you Dad!" Marianne exclaimed, bolting out of her chair.

"She can't feed me! She's a kid!" Jessica complained.

"Now now, don't whine. She has passed all her basic skills and is more then qualified to take care of someone in your station. And she is far from a kid now."

Jessica tried to complain, but didn't know what to say. He was right. Marianne wasn't a kid any more, she had grown, and the difference only drove home how long Jessica had been in the strange world without any progress. Marianne had flown through the grades and was almost in pull ups. Jessica was still in kindergarten and getting her diapers changed in class. However, the thought of someone she once knew as a kid, saw as so much below her, and had looked down on now feeding her was horrfying to Jessica, and she pushed the offered spoon away.

"Bad girl!" Marianne said.

"Yes, and what do we do with bad girls, Marianne?" the doctor asked.

"No! You can't let her! Not her please, you do it!"

"Jessica if you complain you'll only make it worse. Marianne, proceed."

Marianne undid the latch on her high chair, dragged her out, and foced her over her lap.

SMACK! The blow came down. Of all the spanks she had received, it was by far the most humiliating.

SMACK! She didn't bother to struggle. The situation was clear, and she knew there was no way around it.

SMACK! Even if it didn't hurt, it was still the most effective punishment she had been given. Each blow reminded her of how far she had sank. She sobbed.

SMACK SMACK SMACK! The spanking continued, and Jessica lay still.

"Good girl. Now, back in the high chair," the younger girl, herself still wearing a diaper, if a much thinner one, ordered.

Jessica climbed back in, and let herself be fed.


Jessica kept her head down. There was laughter again, but she ignored it.

Marianne, now in a school girl's uniform, the kind Jessica had first been in, led Jessica, now in a preschooler's outfit with a thick diaper bulging through, by the leash through the town and toward the school. Her defeat seemed final. She passed by the nursery and was glad there was at least one other level behind her.

She was lead into the smaller, brightly colored halls and past rooms filled with carpets and toys. Even among children a third her size, she was one of few who sucked a pacifier on command, with no right to speak, and one of few in the thick, printed diapers that marked her as nearly completely incompetent, and only one level above the lowest.

She was led to a group of older students standing in a circle. They wore a mixture of school girl dresses, nurses uniforms, and maid's outifts.

"These are the more advanced caretaking students," Melanie said, looking closely at Jessica. "You remember your last caretaker, Sarah?" Jessica thought. She had had a few now, and they all blurred. "She moved around, so you are being assigned a new one. They are working on their work classifications. One of them will help you with your potty training. I need to go to my class. Will you be ok with them?"

Jessica nodded, and she left. She looked at the students. Two of them, both together, stood out. One wore a maid's dress, the other a school girl's, and both were slight. However, they looked different then the others.

One noticed her staring and blushed. "They, uh... decided we were better off as girls," he said.

Jessica turned away and tried not to stare.

A teacher came by and began assigning roles. Jessica remained still, knowing better then to move when no one held her leash. Finally someone took it, and Jessica followed her. It was a muscular, brown haired woman.

"Hello Jessica!" she said, stopping to face her.

Jessica waved.

The woman leaned in close to her and smiled. "Aww you don't remember me, do you?"

Jessica shook her head.

She ruffled her hair. "Didn't think so. Poor, dumb baby. Here, this will help."

She opened a door and lead Jessica in. Instantly Jessica gagged and plugged her nose.

It was the diaper disposal room. Stark white ceramic walls went around large plastic barrows, all filled with used diapers. Stacks of clean ones in different thicknesses and colors went along side one wall.

"Remember this?" the woman said, pointing to one of the barrows. "I had to push that for five years because of what you did to me. You know how far you set me back? Head cheerleader to having to be changed by a teacher?"

"No!" Jessica shouted, realizing. The pacifier dropped to the ground.

"That is right, its Becky, the girl whose cheerleading career you ruined. I'm only now close to starting it again. Now, its my turn."

"Please, I'm sorry, I didn't mean too..." she was silenced as Becky pushed the pacifier back in her mouth. They locked them, and held up the keys, showing Jessica.

"I don't care what you meant to do. Its payback time." Becky walked over to the stack of diapers. She held up one that was identical to the one Jessica wore. "You know they keep these here just for you? You are the only one in the school who needs them in this size." She chuckled, and Jessica blushed, ashamed. "And now, my goal is to get you into this one."

She held up another diaper in her other hand. It was far thicker and completely covered in an all over print. "BABY" was written in block lettering across the front.

"No please!" Jessica said. It was the final, lowest level of diapers, where she wouldn't be trusted on her own word if she messed, and even punished for trying, when anyone at all was treated as more mature then the wearer. From what she had heard, no one her age went into them and got out. She turned around, but the door was blocked by two more girls, one of whom held up a key. They grabbed Jessica by either arm.

"But first, you are going to see a bit of what its like to have to push a diaper barrel for five years. I took it as an extra job in my final year, you know. Its your fault it went on so long."

"I'm sorry!" Jessica said.

"Ah ah ah, you are already going to be spanked, don't make me punish you for speaking out of turn too. Now, Jacob, Jillian, would you mind?"

The two lifted her up, carried her to an open barrel, and dropped the screaming, squirming girl inside.