Terry Nappy wetting


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As the title suggests i'm looking for some advice.
As someone who was brought up in Terry nappies and successfully trained at that time of life.
Fast forward to now a person who is in their 40's I would like to know what methods some might suggest to be able to wet successfully.
Now with disposable nappies I can successfully wet before i've even taped them up if i'm busting to relieve myself wetting wise.
I will also add that pleasure/fun times is associated with terry nappies this may also be why I can't wet in them easily.
For three nights in a row I have used the toilet prior to pinning on the terry and have been dry the next morning but needing to relieve one's self.

Hope this makes sense and someone can give some helpful advice.

Thanks and look forward to reading what works what doesn't.
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I personally have never had an issue with wetting a cloth nappy since I first got used to wetting protection again some years ago.

I did, like I expect we (pleasure wearers) all do, struggle initially to let go due to years of using the lavatory but the more I did it, the easier it got.

I suspect the same will happen with your ‘struggle’
Practice makes perfect 😉
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