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Hey Everyone,

A few days ago I made a post in the free samples sticky that I received a free sample of the Tena Underwear and I said that I would write a review when I had some free time. Well, I have some free time so here it is.

The Good:

-Fits very much like regular underwear
-Cover is significantly softer than other adult pullups, such as depends
-VERY discreet under clothes - virtually invisible
-Looks more like regular underwear than other adult pullups

The Bad:

-Absorbent area does not come up very high, seems to be more designed for women, though the website claims that they are unisex
-No standing leak guards
-Very low absorbency - less so than other pullups that I regularly wear, less absorbent than depends and significantly less absorbent than my favorite adult pullup - the Rite Aid Overnight protection.
-Seem to run on the small side. (Not sure if this is good or bad). I normally wear size medium pullups, these were the large size and they were a tad small.

The Ugly:

-Leaked halfway through first wetting
-Not suitable heavy urine loss
-Wouldn't even consider using these for bowel problems


Well, they are comfortable, discreet and fit snugly - all pluses to me. However, absorbency is significantly lacking. It is barely more absorbent than male guards and it seems that they are also less absorbent than belted undergarments. They cannot compare to proper briefs - it makes Depend Maximum Fitted Briefs look like Abena X-Plus in comparison to these. I can't imagine that the Tena Underwear would work for anyone with bedwetting issues. They seem to be designed mostly for women, but men can wear them, however they are really only effective in holding slight drippage and they are only about as capable as a pad, or guard for men.

On a personal note, many of you know that I do wear a guard during the day to deal with some slight leakage, and the tena underwear works well for this. However since the tena pullup is only about as absorbent as a guard, I see no point in using the pullup when a guard placed in regular underwear (briefs or boxer briefs - won't work in boxers) will accomplish an almost identical level of protection, and placing a guard in regular underwear is clearly more discreet than wearing the tena underwear.

At least it was a free sample, it took about a month to get here. I will not be purchasing them at stores.

P.S. If someone thinks this is worthy of being in the Wiki, please feel free to add it. I would have done it myself, but I don't really know how to make a new category as there aren't any reviews for Tena's yet.
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You make a new category like this: [[Category:Category Name]] in the the first page in the category. You can then visit the link and add more text if you have something to add.


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Personally, I think most adult pullups look like granny panties - underwear 80+ year old women would wear. That's the worst aspect of them in my eyes, even worse than the lack of absorbency.
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