TENA Stretch Ultra Briefs

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Are type design diaper any good paired to normal one with normal multiple tapes adult diapers have.
I think I understand the question.

Are the "tapes" any good on the tena stretch diapers? I love them! They are Velcro which means you can adjust them an unlimited number of times, and the sides are super stretchy! I feel they are the best fitting diaper made! I feel very comfortable wearing them. The ' premium ' brands do absorb a lot more, but for a comfy fit they are my favorites.
I tried a sample of them - not bad. I did find them to be very comfortable, but the sides are VERY stretchy so you can't get them as snug as you do with a typical diaper. They also felt a little clinical, being more bariatric in design.

Overall though, I do enjoy the Tena briefs overall for what they are - a cheap, easily accessible, reasonably absorbant, fabric-backed, velcro-tab drugstore diaper. I greatly prefer them to the plastic backed drugstore brands which feel terribly cheap. And I don't feel guilty disposing of a barely used Tena when I know I won't have the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy a more expensive diaper.
Hi Poohbearboy, I have used the Tena Stretch Ultra as well as the Tena Stretch Super and I really like them both!
I guess what does it for me is the fact that they have a single tape(velcro) on each side and the fact that the sides are stretchy which in my demented mind equates with the same features on baby diapers rather than the sticky adhesive type of tape found on most adult diapers.
I use them with prefold cloth diapers and find them to fit nicely and absorb a good deal when used in this manner. I have noticed that the stretch supers seem to contain more absorbant filling than the stretch ultras thoug which seems to me to be a bit of a mis-nomer given their brand names HA!:eek: I just wish that they both came in plain white rather than one style in green and the other in white.
Hope that this information has been helpful.:biggrin:
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