Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi

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Usually for travel and wear under clothes in public places I will use Attends Active Slip or Tena Flex.

By accident I brought with myself Tena Active Fit Maxi. They are very good and holding quite well ,but never wore them prolonged period during intense travel, walk and movement.
With some maybe different taping ( I stick upper and bottom tapes very close to each other and quite high on landing zone) I got I front of diaper in a shape of upside down triangle which contributed greatly to easier and faster movement.

They save the day because i spent all they in travel, waiting lines, busy toilets and surrounded with lot of angry passengers.
Diapers were on my for 11 hours and they performed well. ( 3 wetting). Just before to reach a toilet (finally!!) I was not able ( I said to myself: F..k it, I have diapers on my and get to toilet in 15 mintes,let it go) to hold any more and use them for N0. 2. They hold well. Cleanup in disabled toilet for 10 min. Very satisfied with performance.
Someone else similar experince 9good or bad)???


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I actually bought these lately when i saw Abuniverse started selling them. I was a little surprised by how thin they were but they actually fit very nicely for the shape of my body. Which seems to be an issue for me. They also hold quite a decent amount and swell ALOT compared to how thin they are dry. Glad i finally got to try them. I've been wanting to for many years but shipping them from europe is pretty expensive so im glad abuniverse has started importing them.
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