Tena Confusion II

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I like to keep a supply of a decent inexpensive diaper for short term and other uses, and I had liked something called "Tena Ultra Adult Diaper" from Amazon cost 45 cents us dollers. They are no longer available.

So I am sorting through the confusion and looking through old posts and on what is on Amazon. Amazon has a Tena 67200 Ultra Briefs Medium Moderate/Heavy at $.40/per. Can this be the same quality? It's a white diaper with some blue strips on the side.
Then there are 2 others 67401 Super Medium Maximum Absorbancy at $.64/per. (this is a green diaper) and a Tena Classic Brief Medium (also at 40 cents (these may be a new diaper, not many reviews). The classic does not have a model number but on Tena's website it shows these 67720, 67740, 67750. Oddly Tena's website does not have the 67200 mentioned above so I wonder if this is discontinued.

Anyone have experience with these? I am inclined to go with the first one at 40 cents if they are fairly good. I found the ones I had bought before that are no longer available a pretty good diaper for its cost.
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