Tena Classic Diapers?

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I'm on a budget and the prices for some Tena diapers on amazon seems to be too good to be true. There are cases of the Tena Classic for $36 for 100 diapers. Can anyone tell me if these diapers are ok? There are other cheap Tena's on Amazon such as the Ultra, but I prefer individual tabs and not those velcro things I think the Ultra has. Really any advice/reviews on the cheaper Tena's on Amazon would be really helpful to me. Also, some reviews said they run small? I have a 32 inch waist, which should easily fit a medium, but will they be too snug?
By what I've heard, they don't have an elastic waistband or anything. They might fit?
Medium on 32" will fit fine. I'm more like 36" and find mediums to be a good fit. If you were 40"+ mediums may be on the small side. I've been really impressed by the US Tena Supers and Ultras, both 2 tab/side and 1 big stretchy tab/side versions, especially for the price. I haven't tried the Classic.
I'm curious about Tena Classic, too. I was just suggested Tena, but I'm not sure which model to choose.
The Classics are okay, but beneath the Ultras and Supers. When you talk about your preference for "individual tabs" I think you're confusing the Ultra Stretch and the Ultras. Only the Stretch versions of Tena's diapers have the single Velcro belt on each side. The standard versions of their diapers have four individual tabs. They're all still Velcro-ey, since the diapers are cloth-like, but they do have four tabs.

Just go to your local pharmacy (such as walgreens or CVS) and buy their store brand diapers. Tena classic are no more absorbent than those brands while looking and feeling almost exactly the same.
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