Ten Short Tips For Newbies

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Here is a list of tips based on both official, and unofficial rules, which should make your entrance into the community go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

1. Make a decent introduction – Don’t just tell us about nappies, we know that or you wouldn’t likely be here. Tell us about your other hobbies and interests, and what you like to do in your free time. Your introduction is how we first get to see who you are, so try to make a good first impression.

2. Use the search function before making a new thread – If you’re going to make a common thread such as “I have an X inch waist, will nappy Z fit me?” or “Where can I find nappies in [place]?” the chances are it’s been asked fairly recently. If you can find something that answers your question, read that, if not then you can make a new thread.

3. Try to only make posts that actually contribute something – This is not a forum where respect relies on post count, so posts that consist of only a few words such as “me too” are generally frowned upon. If something has no discussion value and is more suited to a blog, then put it there instead. Lastly, if you have forgotten a small thing from a post, use the edit button instead of making a new one.

4. Ensure your avatar and username are appropriate – Your picture is something that will be associated with you, so make it something nice such as your favourite pet, hobby or plushie. Pictures of you and baby items can be viewed as creepy if you’re a newbie, and crotch shots are a definite no no. If you signed up with a user name such as ‘poopydiapies456’ then you should change your user name to something else.

5. Respect other members – If you disagree with someone, then reply in a pleasant manner. Do not insult other members, or call them stupid because you disagree with them. You should also aim to be open to others’ beliefs and views: respect them even if they are different from your own.

6. Don’t lie – Lying about your age is grounds for an immediate ban, and other forms of lying are not tolerated either. This is not a fap site, so please don’t try to pass off your fantasies as reality. Any obvious BS is likely to severely harm your reputation.

7. Use reasonable English – While you won’t get flamed for misusing a semicolon or not knowing what the subjunctive is, basic grammar and punctuation such as capital letters, full stops, commas and spelling are greatly appreciated. Also, try to use paragraphs so that your posts aren’t a solid wall of text. If you have difficulties, use a spellchecker.

8. Don’t ask to meet up or see pictures of people – This is not a dating site, and doing this when you are new (if at all) comes across very creepy.

9. Check out the whole site – You may find something in a sub forum that interests you, the articles section could provide some helpful advice or reviews and the wiki has helpful information on a wide range of topics. Additionally checking out the blogs and the IRC can help you get to know people quicker.

10. Have fun! – The idea is that you should make friends and enjoy yourself here. The life of any forum is its members, so contribute and have a good time. Finally, if you need any help, ask a staff member, and they should be able to assist you.
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