Temporary conditions for needing diapers

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I was just reading the recent posts about someone finding out that one of the members here wears diapers and it got me to thinking. Do you know of any temporary medical conditions besides bed wetting that would require someone to need diapers
Dysentery, parasitic infection?
Stress, UTI.
medical procedures, pregnancy(before and after) new medications....etc
I hope it is temporary, but definitely reactions to medications.

Do not get any ideas!

I had a small routine medical procedure about 3 weeks ago. The first night of my recovery I wet the bed and have wet the bed every night since. The leading theory is a reaction to the prescribed oxycodone, but waiting on a visit to a urologist. At the suggestion of my doctor and a couple of other people, I started keeping a journal of what I eat and drink and how often I go to the bathroom. I have noticed a definite increase in urgency without a lot of volume. . .so there you have it. A, hopefully, temporary case of incontinence.

However, if asked by anyone but someone very close to you, I would just say "medical reasons" and that you are uncomfortable talking about it further.
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