Telling your secrets to good friends

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So I'm not the kind of person that puts a major importance on being popular and trying to make a lot of friends; I have had lots of "school friends" at many different points in my young life.

but I never really kept in touch with them in real life or hung out with anyone, until I decided to hang out with one of my coworkers at my last job, we have a lot in common; the biggest thing being a shared love in video games, well I recently had been at his place and when it was just me and him I had revealed that I like diapers and explained it to him and he seemed curious and said he think it is "cool and interesting" and I answered a few questions he had.

most people in my life don't know I'm ABDL or even have the slightest clue about that side of me, besides a few family members (and even if they remember it nobody besides my mom thinks it's a big deal), but I felt like since this friend is the only guy I have hung out with outside of work (and I never had relationships like that in school, and we both have different jobs at different companies now) and it felt like one of those moments where you could share anything (outside of being a violent criminal or a Pedophile or anything like that) it just felt safe.

Of course I'm not expecting much to come of it and I could always play it off as a joke if I felt I had to (since it's not like anyone else was around to hear us talking and I didn't show him any papers or material to serve as physical evidence), but really we are just good friends anyways and when you really know someone you know if you can trust them with things you tell nobody else.

I guess its just good to share something like this with a real person and expect nothing bad to happen because of it (because some people will take something they don't like and try to ruin your life over it)
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