Telling potential girlfriend about my diapers

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Hey guys! So without me rambling too much im just wondering how i should word my speech when i tell my online partner about my liking of diapers?

we have been chatting for a couple months now and she is moving back to ontario soon, she says she is kinky but that could just mean alot of things.

We have skyped lots and sent each other pics and videos so she knows me fairly well now

the only reason why i want to come out before we even meet is because wearing diapers for me is pretty important and i dont want to get into a commitment and then waste a year of her life by hiding it.

So how should i go about bringing it up or how to word it in a way that makes it sound as normal as possible?
Be truthful while chatting with her, if you do meet don't wear a diaper, let her see you vanilla, after a few meets or dates and when she gets to know you and a true friendship develops then intro the whole diaper thing, but be prepared for anything once she physically see's it, the most important thing is do be honest about your kinks if the conversation online starts back up

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I'll add with an experiance I had, I met a girl a few years ago and we would go out 2-3 times a week, then we started to get more serious and a relationship developed, we would text multiple times a day and have weird conversations, finally while in one of those weird conversations I dropped the diaper bomb, she said it was no big deal and liked me for me, a few weeks later I was outside doing work in the yard (wearing a diaper under my jeans of course) and she dropped by my house unannounced, we hung out and I had to go inside to change, she followed in tow, well I went into my room and open my draw and got a new diaper out, wipes and powder, I was preparing to change myself and she saw the clean diaper in my hand, our kind friendly relationship changed right there, she said it didn't bother her, but it did bother her and we soon went our separate ways a few weeks later. What I'm trying to say is don't go in hot and heavy, be truthful, and the 1st physical time she see's you although she maybe cool with it verbally expect the unexpected
It's probably best to say something before the relationship gets too serious. Maybe you can get her to spill her own kinky beans. Then you can share some of yours, then when the moment is right, put it out for her.
with my first boyfriend I told him after a month. 1 or 2 months later hes made me decide on my little side and him. haven hear form him since

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hehe kinky beans
lol love that term kinky beans......seriously i would slip it in now while you are talking to her via pms...if you are sending pics etc to each other send her one of someone wearing diapers..see what her reaction is. At this stage you arent intimate in the sense of in reality its just a cyber affair which is nice and feels real but once in reality its a totally different kettle of need to both lay down what you like now...once you establish that you can both then move on to a real life relationship if thats where its going but to wait till later will only result in hurt if she is not accepting of it. Ive spent many years in a relationship where ive had to stop what i love doing and its the worse thing you can do to deny yourself being who you eats away at you until it becomes unbearable and the chances are teh relationship will end anyway and that hurts even find out now before you start to get emotionally attached to this lady as it will jsut get harder and harder as time goes on..if she doesnt like it then at least you know you need to move on to somebody accepting ..good luck..hugs xxxx
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