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Ever since I sobered up (again, recently), I've found myself involved in thinking more about the AB side of things. I guess I use them more for comfort now, and not using them for my DL stuff makes me feel...little, I guess. Interesting. Thoughts?
I think enjoying being AB is a lot better than drinking to access. I had to stop drinking in 1985 when I blew out my stomach lining to a nasty ulcer.
I think being AB is an excellent way of relieving stress, since alchohol can sometimes be used for the same thing, it would make sense for you to seek for a replacement. I think being AB is a very healthy replacement so long as it doesn't interfere with anybody who you have made commitments too. I'd say, enjoy the fun, AB life is awesome.
I think if it helps it's way better then drinking congrats on sobriety kep up the good work!
I really think I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. To me it's a watered down form of addiction. I've got to wonder if that's typical of most of us. I seem to dive way too deep into whatever is interesting at the time. It would be REALLY easy to get lost in booze. Fortunately alcohol makes me way too sick if I drink in excess. Otherwise I'd be trying desperately to get it under control. I have found my ab side helps greatly in controlling my compulsions. It seems the more I accept my little side the less I feel the other drives pulling at me. At 62 yrs old I've come to accept my ab side . It's such a core part of that it ate me alive to deny it. Alcoholism would have been the avenue I'd have taken had I not accepted my little side...
GO BABY GO !!! :)
I think the major thing is what are your thoughts about it? How do you feel about becoming more of an AB? Are you happy?
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