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Techno4Ever: TRUST YOUR DJ!

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If you're a fan of Techno, then you will absolutely love T4E. They are based in Germany (I think, their website and DJs are in German), and have the best DJs I have ever heard. You can stream their music via an in-browser player (Real Media, Windows Media, and Winamp formats/AAC and MP3 format). Rolls your mouse over the WMP, RealPlayer, or Winamp icons, and click on the MP3/High Quality (if you have broadband), and a little player will pop up. I listen to this every chance I get. Definitely worth checking out if you love Techno.

(News Übersicht) - Techno4ever - Trust your DJ! - Deutsche Techno Szene Community - 24 Stunden Radio Stream

P.S. they have one DJ who never shuts the %$#@ up...turn it off during that time unless you understand German.
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